Two of a Kind

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Two of a Kind

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The show aired as part of ABC's TGIF. The show is about a single father, Kevin Burke (Christopher Sieber), and his twin daughters, Mary-Kate & Ashley Burke (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen). The girls have a sitter, Carrie (Sally Wheeler), which happens to be a student of Kevin's. The show focuses mostly on the misadventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, but the real draw to the show was the relationship between Kevin and Carrie. As the season finale (which was the series finale) came around, we saw a possible spark between Kevin and Carrie, but the show was cancelled and we were left to wonder...
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  • A cool show i enjoyed it but wanted to see more seasons

    It was good and the twins are great actresses. I really thought they would carry on with it because loads of young girls watched it. Im dissapointed that its never shown in the UK anymore. The series was rerun on Nickolodeon in August but only once. The show was good at dealing with things like sisterly fights, parent and child relationships and teenage problems. I like this better than Full House or So Little Time because Mary-kate and Ashley are portrayed more like themselves. I say they should have brought it back a long time ago and show it more often in the UK!moreless
  • My childhood tv show.

    I used to love this show when I was a kind. It was my favourite show to be honest. I used to really like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when I was a kind, I still do now but not as much. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played Mary-Kate Burke and Ashley Burke in the show. I can't really remember much about this show because it was like 5 years or something when I watched it last, but I loved it and I'm not sure which episode it was but I loved the Halloween one. I don't know why they cancled this show because when I was little i loved it, if I watched it now my opinion will change because I'm alot older but I loved it when I was a child.moreless
  • Why the heck did they cancel this? It was great.

    This show was great. It had corny comedy and kiddy love and even some grown up love. And because of that, there should have been more seasons and so many more episodes. Why this show got canceled and why there were low ratings is beyond me. What I will say is that if they kept all the crappy shows that they used to have on tv, why would they cancel the only good shows that we had left? I mean, why in the world would they allow a talking horse, a whistling police sherrif, and an annoying family of optimists is beyond me. Why they'll allow that crap on tv, but they wont keep the two of a kind olsen twins on is a mystery. I miss it.moreless
  • Y did they cancel this? it was a great progra..full of comedy and funny schemes but those americans wanted to get rid of it? was looking forward 2 second season but they cancelled it which was dissapointingmoreless



    max and Bryan: They cracked me up///max went to star in thats So Raven

    i love this but yyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    even focused on girls still fun 2 watch and make me laugh

    i jst dont understand

    they still play re runs but it is nbot the same once u have seen every single epsidode but i still watch it....

    mary kate and ashe;y gone into big things now

    eddy is funny the plumber he was great but Kevin was good as well he kissed carrie omgodddddd

    that was unbeliavable lol...but oh well

    it is cancelled and we never got to see what would have happened in the next seriesmoreless
  • Not bad...

    At the time I watched this show and enjoyed it but looking back, it's a good show but it ran its short course and for good reason. The whole twin story for the Olsens was cute and nice to see at first, but there is only so much you can do before it gets old. Perhaps if they looked at the girls more as individuals it would have been better but I think that's what So Little Time was for when this was cancelled huh? I did enjoy that more than this. It was a nice family show, full of comedy, but other than that, I don't see myself looking back at this show.moreless

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