Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 16

Carrie Moves In

Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Where did Eddie go anyway? It seems like at this point he vanished into 'lost character land' with Judy Winslow.

    • Kevin complains that the plumber is very expensive, so he tries to fix the pipes himself. However, it never occured to him to ask his best friend, Eddie, who happens to be a plumber, for help.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: At the end of the semester, I won't be your teacher anymore.
      Carrie: Well, if I pass.
      Kevin: Oh, you'll pass.

    • Mike: Now, when you come downtown to pay your fines, you can pay for your permits at the same time.
      Kevin: (Angrily) How convenient.

    • Carrie: Well, I'm sorry, but these are all necessary repairs. And somebody's got to do them.
      Kevin: Well, fortunately, I know someone who can do them at cost. Someone very smart, very handy, and very capable.
      Paul: Uh, actually, professor, I really don't know much about plumbing.
      Kevin: I was talking about me, Paul.

    • Plumber: Well, here you go. (Gives Kevin his estimate)
      Kevin: Whoa! I hope this isn't pesos!
      Plumber: You do want to upgrade the copper?
      Electrician: And you'll need new wiring. Of course, I'll knock off a few bucks if she'll go out with me.
      Kevin: It's a date.
      Carrie: It is not!

    • Kevin: Who are these guys?
      Carrie: Well, there was a tiny leak. So I had to call in a plumber, and the plumber found a heating problem, and the heating guy found an electrical problem, and the electrician…
      Kevin: Found a plumbing problem.
      Carrie: Well, no. He asked me out. But that's a problem.

    • Carrie: Can't you just leave the old pipes?
      Plumber: Sure, if you like your drinking water chunky style.
      Carrie: Hi, Kevin.
      Plumber: You the big kahuna? Well, it's a good thing the little lady called us. I haven't seen blockage this bad since my angioplasty.
      Kevin: Thanks for sharing that.

    • Kevin: (Confused) You want to live in my basement?
      Carrie: It would be the perfect solution.
      Kevin: But the place is uninhabitable. Haven't you noticed the rats?
      Carrie: No.
      Kevin: See? Even they won't live there. Look, it would cost a fortune to remodel the basement.
      Carrie: That is where you're wrong. You can do it for next to nothing. I have taken the liberty of listing some minor repairs.
      Kevin: You know, "I've taken the liberty" should be your middle name. (Looks at list) Oh, you're talking a lot of work here.
      Carrie: Oh, please. It's a couple of trips to Home Depot, tops. And besides, whatever you spend, you'll make back 10 times over with my rent. Plus, you won't have to worry about someone to watch the girls because I will always be around. So, what's the problem?
      Kevin: You'll always be around.

    • (In Kevin's old basement)
      Carrie: Did you guys know that there's a bathroom back there?
      Mary-Kate: I don't think I'll ever have to go that bad.

    • Kevin: Ah, hey, Paul. I heard Carrie roped you into helping out. Nice hat.
      Paul: (Wearing a hard-hat) Oh, thanks. It's my father's, actually.
      Kevin: Oh, I didn't know he was in construction.
      Paul: Oh, no, he's not. My mom just has a tendency to, um… throw things.

    • Ashley: (After Carrie announces she's moving in) This is gonna be great! Late night gab fests, our own personal make-up advisor! Come on, Mary-Kate. Let's go call Jennifer and rub it in!

    • Carrie: (About Kevin's basement) Isn't this place great?!
      Ashley: Yeah, in a "Nightmare on Elm Street" sort of way.

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