Two of a Kind

ABC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Kevin Burke's Day Off
      To be accepted to the cheerleading squad Ashley must perform a mean prank on Mary-Kate's new friend, Gabrielle. Ashley soon learns that nothing is worth doing something so mean to another person; Carrie convinces Kevin to take a day off work and the two go to a ballgame together.
    • The Goodbye Girl
      The Goodbye Girl
      Episode 21
      Carrie has plans to go to South America for the summer. The twins trick Kevin and Carrie into having dinner together at a restaurant. At the airport, Kevin is disappointed to see Carrie is traveling to South America with a classmate. Carrie kisses Kevin, and boards the plane.
    • When a Man Leaves a Woman
      Kevin realizes that he is bored with his inhibited girlfriend, Nancy, and agonizes over how to end the relationship. When he tries, Nancy misinterprets him and becomes even more serious about him. Matt's advice is of no use, and Carrie is upset because Nancy is her friend. Finally, Kevin gently reveals his true feelings to Nancy, who overreacts. Carrie appreciates that Kevin is sensitive and unwilling to be cruel. Meanwhile, knowing how much Mary-Kate loved horseback riding when her mother was alive, Carrie invites her to come on Carrie's weekly ride. Mary-Kate declines, puzzling Kevin. But Carrie finds out that Mary-Kate secretly visits the stables every day. Mary-Kate admits to Kevin that she doesn't want to remind him of his wife, and he assures her it's okay because it is a good memory. Also, Ashley gets into trouble when she secretly orders a handbag over the Internet using Kevin's credit card.moreless
    • The Odd Couples
      The Odd Couples
      Episode 19
      Mary-Kate and Ashley have been paired up with male partners for a school assignment in order to learn about marriage. Meanwhile, Carrie starts dating Matt, despite Kevin's advice not to.
    • Welcome Matt
      Welcome Matt
      Episode 18
      Kevin is not pleased when his brother, Matt, comes to visit. Kevin knows his brother is immature and unreliable, which becomes increasingly clear after an incident at a hockey game.
    • Mr. Right Under Your Nose
      After failing to raise all the money she promised for her school fund-raiser, Mary-Kate convinces Ashley to gamble the money that she did earn on a basketball game in order to double her money, but it doesn't go exactly according to plan. Meanwhile, Carrie begins to feel jealousy when Kevin ends up having a good time dating her best friend, Nancy. Now Carrie has to figure out her true feelings for Kevin before it's too late.moreless
    • Carrie Moves In
      Carrie Moves In
      Episode 16
      After being evicted from her old apartment due to Kevin not mailing her rent, Carrie discovers his basement and offers to help remodel it. But when the cost is too high, a dispute occurs between Carrie and Kevin, causing both of them to spend some time alone and re-think about what to do about the situation.moreless
    • No Man's Land
      No Man's Land
      Episode 15
      Mary-Kate is forced to teach Ashley all about sports when she develops a crush on Eric, a sports fan. Meanwhile, Kevin must apologize to Carrie when he causes waves in their friendship.
    • My Boyfriend's Back
      Carrie's old boyfriend, Alex Reardon, is back in town and Carrie feels she must make herself look as successful as he is. Carrie convinces Kevin to pretend to be Carrie's fiance to make Alex jealous; The twins have a party which doesn't go quite as planned.
    • Split Decision
      Split Decision
      Episode 13
      Mary-Kate and Ashley begin arguing more frequently which causes them to move into separate rooms. They soon learn that they miss each other and move back into the same room; Kevin's doctor and Carrie begin dating and soon she thinks that Dr. Martinson wears a bra, which leads to an embarrassing moment for both Kevin and Carrie.moreless
    • Let's Dance
      Let's Dance
      Episode 12
      Mary-Kate and Ashley prepare for their first school dance. Mary-Kate wants to dance with Jeremy, but he tells her that he only knows how to swing dance. Carrie teaches Mary-Kate how to swing dance. At the dance, however, they learn that Jeremy doesn't know how to swing dance at all - he lied to her because he doesn't know how to dance.moreless
    • A Very Carrie Christmas
      Carrie accepts Kevin's invitation to send Christmas with him and the girls. Carrie brings a homeless man, Walter, as her guest to Christmas dinner. Sometime during dinner, everyone is shocked to find Walter stole all the gifts.
    • Peeping Twins
      Peeping Twins
      Episode 10
      After Kevin buys a new telescope, Mary-Kate and Ashley snoop into other people's business. They think they witness their neighbor, kindly old Mrs. Baker, murdering her elderly boyfriend, Mr. Fillmore. The situation gets even scarier for the twins when Kevin asks Mrs. Baker to take care of them so he can attend a jazz concert with Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie hears Kevin play the saxophone and encourages him to perform for audiences as he used to.moreless
    • Model Behavior
      Model Behavior
      Episode 9
      Ashley is excited when a model search for a teen magazine takes place at their school, but Mary-Kate is chosen over Ashley.
    • You've Got a Friend
      Ashley makes a new friend, Nicole, which leads Mary-Kate to feel jealousy; Eddie and Kevin argue while Carrie tries to be a mediator.
    • The Heartbreak Kid
      Mary-Kate wants to have a pet, but she's had bad experience with animals in the past, which makes Kevin a bit worried. So Carrie and Mary-Kate go and buy a homing pigeon thinking this pet will actually stay alive this time. Meanwhile, Ashley is heartbroken when she finds out her crush, Taylor, has a girlfriend.moreless
    • Nightmare on Carrie's Street
      Mary-Kate and Ashley switch costumes with Max and Brian so that they can attend Carrie's Halloween party, from which they were banned by Kevin.
    • Breaking Them Up is Hard to Do
      Mary-Kate and Ashley become worried about losing Carrie when their father, Kevin, starts dating a woman named Marci. So, to prevent that from happening, they come up with a plan to break them up.
    • First Crush
      First Crush
      Episode 4
      Ashley gets assigned Pokey Valentine, her crush, as a partner on a history project. She becomes jealous when Pokey and Mary-Kate begin spending time together.
    • Prelude to a Kiss
      Ashley becomes jealous when, during a slumber party, Mary-Kate reveals that she has kissed a boy; After Paul finds out Carrie was over at Kevin's he assumes their relationship is more than it actually is - which leads to rumors about them being a couple.
    • The Tutor
      The Tutor
      Episode 2
      Kevin hires a tutor for Mary-Kate. Ashley convinces Mary-Kate to switch places so she can flirt with Taylor, the tutor, but their scheme doesn't go as planned; Carrie convinces Kevin to ask out a woman at a coffee shop.
    • Putting Two 'n Two Together
      With Kevin teaching later hours, he needs a babysitter to watch the girls. However, Mary-Kate and Ashley are tired of having a babysitter, especially if it's Mrs. Baker. After meeting Carrie, one of Kevin's students, they change their minds and devise a way to keep Mrs. Baker busy so she won't have time to watch them. Even with their plan becoming a success, Kevin still has high doubts about hiring Carrie.moreless