Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 12

Let's Dance

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Emile Hirsch, who guest stars as Jeremey, is now starring as Jay Adams in the movie, Lords of Dogtown.

    • In this episode, Carrie knows nothing about computers and she is wondering how to turn it on. However, in "You've Got a Friend," she is using a computer to write an English paper, and she doesn't need any help using it.

    • When Kevin is showing Carrie what to do on the computer, he says to Eddie "two minutes," but holds up four fingers.

    • Jeremy lied about not knowing how to swing dance. But at the end of the episode, he is seen swing dancing with Mary-Kate. If it took Mary-Kate three days to learn how to dance, how did Jeremy pick up on it so fast?

    • Ashley says at the food table (at the dance) that she's going to be over "there" watching and points to her right. She walks to the right and Jeremy and Mary-Kate begin talking. Jeremy is on the side that Ashley pointed to, and when the camera angles to Mary-Kate, Ashley is shown dancing with a boy behind her, and it's the opposite direction of where she was pointing, and she isn't even paying attention enough to be WATCHING them.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: (teaching Carrie how to do a computer program) Then, once you've finished imputing the satellite readings, download the spector graphic data and cross-reference it with these figures here.
      Eddie: Wow, is that boring. Can we go? We're gonna be late for dinner.
      Kevin: Eddie, it's only 4:30.
      Eddie: You know my mom. She likes to eat before Wheel of Fortune comes on. Otherwise, she's spitting food all over while she's shouting out the wrong answers!

    • Kevin: I've got to run down to your school for a meeting. They need another chaperone for the dance on Friday.
      Ashley: You're kidding, right? You can't chaperone our first dance! It will scar us for life!
      Kevin: No it won't. (pauses) Three years tops. Look, I'm sorry.
      Ashley: Perfect. I can see it now. He'll be talking to all our friends and bopping along to the music.
      Mary-Kate: We hate when you bop.

    • Ashley: (on the phone with a friend) No! No! Get out!
      Carrie: Wow. Two "no's" and a "get out!" Sounds serious!
      Mary-Kate: Yeah. One of Ashley's friends probably overplucked her eyebrows.

    • (Carrie is talking to Kevin and wants to take the job as his research assistant)
      Carrie: So, when do we get started?
      Kevin: We? Oh no! No, no, no.
      Carrie: But I'm perfect for the job.
      Kevin: I need someone with a computer background. You have trouble using the microwave.
      Carrie: That was one time. You know, who knew that hot fudge could actually burst into flames? Ha ha.. But I'm a whiz with computers.
      Kevin: I didn't know that.
      Carrie: Oh.. Yeah! I'm a hacker from way back.
      Kevin: Really? Are you familiar with the Excel software program?
      Carrie: Are you kidding? I excel at Excel. I am the boss of Dos... I am the belle of Intel.
      Kevin: And apparently a big fan of Dr.Seuss.

    • Ashley:Mary-Kate, Michelle just told me you like Jeremy Ryan, is that true?
      Mary-Kate: No Way!
      Ashley: Really? Then how come Jeremy's name is written in your notebook? Inside an apple!
      Mary-Kate: That's not an apple! That's a heart.
      Carrie: Busted! Okay, who's Jeremy?
      Mary-Kate: Just a new kid at school. I'm not really sure if I like him.
      Carrie: Well, do you think about him a lot?
      Mary-Kate: Is all the time a lot?

    • Carrie: (out of breath) Hello! I need to order a pizza! (pauses) Who cares what's on it! Surprise me!

    • Mary-Kate: (about Jeremy) I think he likes me! Do you think he likes me?
      Ashley: Does Dawson have a creek?

    • Kevin: Carrie, you know what I was thinking just before you got here? My daughters. I was thinking about how worried I've been the past few years, thinking how they'd survive adolescence without their mother around. But look at them, at their first dance! They're doing just fine. And I have you to thank for a lot of that.
      Carrie: Me? Oh, no, I....
      Kevin: No, I'm serious. I mean, you don't have to help them with their homework, or teach them to dance, or even listen to their problems. But you do. I'm very grateful for that.
      Carrie: I'm happy to do it.

    • Mary-Kate: He waved at me! What do I do?
      Ashley: Give him a hair flip.
      Mary-Kate: (After giving him a hair flip) How was that?
      Ashley: Fine, but I think a clip went into the punch bowl.

    • Ashley: It seems like only yesterday we were in diapers.
      Kevin: Yeah. You were so cute. Then you learned to talk.

    • Ashley: (To Jeremy) Okay, tell her what you told me. And remember, I'm going to be over there. WATCHING.

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