Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 9

Model Behavior

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1998 on ABC
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Model Behavior
Ashley is excited when a model search for a teen magazine takes place at their school, but Mary-Kate is chosen over Ashley.

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    Claire Stansfield

    Claire Stansfield

    Tarah James

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    Mark Cirillo

    Mark Cirillo


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    Anastasia Emmons

    Anastasia Emmons

    Jennifer Dilber

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    Samantha Smith

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    Nancy Carlson

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Kevin meets Tara at the school, she asks him to go out TOMORROW night. She says: "Today's Wednesday, so tomorrow will be Thursday." Later in the episode, Kevin tells Carrie that he has to cancel TOMORROW'S date with Nancy, because he met Tara YESTERDAY at the girls' school. So, he said this on Thursday, meaning he had the date with Nancy on Friday, then why did he cancel it? He never says he has something else to do on Friday.

      • When Kevin returns from his date with Tara, he starts yelling at Carrie about it. Nancy was in the kitchen, why didn't she hear anything about it?

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Kevin: Oh, Carrie, I hate to do this, but I've got to cancel my date tomorrow night with Nancy.
        Carrie: Why?
        Kevin: Tara James asked me out.
        Carrie: (laughs at him) Oh man! If you are trying to back out of this date, you have to come up with something better than that.
        Kevin: No... it's true... I met her yesterday down at the girls' school.
        Carrie: Wow!
        Kevin: Is that so hard to believe?
        Carrie: Well... yeah! So let me get this straight. You are breaking a date with my friend just to go out with a pretty face.
        Kevin: No... Well, yes... There's more to it than that.
        (Carrie stares back at him)
        Kevin: Okay, there's not more to it than that.
        Carrie: I didn't think so.
        Kevin: Carrie, you don't understand. All my life I've been the smart guy. Do you know how often smart guys get asked out by supermodels? Never. I think I owe it to the other smart guys to take advantage of this and report back.
        Carrie: This is not a mission to the moon!
        Kevin: No, but it's one small step for the smart guys.
        Carrie: Well, at least you're honest... I mean, kind of a pig... but you're honest.
        Kevin: Thanks?

      • Ashley: I can't believe they would choose Mary-Kate over me. We look exactly alike, except I dress better! I'll be in my room. (storms upstairs)
        Carrie: Well, she certainly sounds like a model.

      • Ashley: You're trying out for the modeling thing?
        Mary-Kate: Why not? You get out of class to try out, and the whole day if they choose you.
        Kevin: There's my Mary-Kate!
        Ashley: Mary-Kate, this isn't about getting out of class. This is about a career opportunity. It's my chance to get out of this stupid town!
        Mary-Kate: Hello--this is Chicago!

      • Mary-Kate: (Looking at overdressed Ashley) I thought the modeling people wanted someone who looked natural.
        Ashley: Please. They have to say that, it's the law! But they pick kids that they notice, and this outfit just screams "Look at me!"
        Mary-Kate: Really? Cuz I'm kinda hearing "Look at me, I'm a freak."

      • Mary-Kate: Dad, it's model day. Ashley's tried on more dresses than Dennis Rodman!

      • Ashley: (To Mary-Kate, who was modeling in front of a mirror) What are you doing?
        Mary-Kate: Nothing.
        Ashley: Oh, please. I know when someone's modeling in front of a mirror. I've been doing it since I could stand.

      • Mary-Kate: (After Ashley checked the list) Did you make it?
        Ashley: No, but you did. Excuse me, I have to go re-evaluate my life!

      • Carrie: You just have to trust me a little more.
        Kevin: I will. From now on, I'll trust you completely.
        Carrie: No, you won't.
        Kevin: You're right, I won't.

      • (While taking pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley modeling)
        Photographer: Have you two done this before?
        Mary-Kate & Ashley: Mmm, no.

      • Ashley: I've been thinking this over, and if something happened to you, they'd have no choice but to use someone who looks exactly like you.
        Mary-Kate: You want me to hurt myself?
        Ashley: Oh, I'm not talking broken bones. I'm thinking a sprained ankle.
        Mary-Kate: You're nuts! I'm not gonna sprain my ankle!
        Ashley: Please, Mary-Kate? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me!
        Mary-Kate: This is really that important to you?
        Ashley: It's my dream.
        Mary-Kate: Well.....I guess I could fake a good head cold.
        Ashley: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best, Mary-Kate! I have to call Jennifer--she's gonna hate me!

      • Ashley: Doesn't this outfit just scream look at me?
        Mary-Kate: Yeah! I'm hearing, look at me! I'm a freak!

      • Mary-Kate: Hey, dad, can you sign this? It's for some modeling thing at school.
        Kevin: Who are you, and what have you done with Mary-Kate?

      • Mary-Kate: So, what makes you think you've got a shot?
        Jennifer: Because they only choose the most fashionable girls.
        Mary-Kate: Right. So, what makes you think you've got a shot?

      • Ashley: Winning this modeling audition could be my ticket out of this two-bit town.
        Mary-Kate: Hello?! We live in Chicago!

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