Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 17

Mr. Right Under Your Nose

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1999 on ABC
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Mr. Right Under Your Nose
After failing to raise all the money she promised for her school fund-raiser, Mary-Kate convinces Ashley to gamble the money that she did earn on a basketball game in order to double her money, but it doesn't go exactly according to plan. Meanwhile, Carrie begins to feel jealousy when Kevin ends up having a good time dating her best friend, Nancy. Now Carrie has to figure out her true feelings for Kevin before it's too late.moreless

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    Sam Gifaldi

    Sam Gifaldi

    Big Mark

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    Suzanne Spoke

    Suzanne Spoke

    Big Mark`s Mom

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    Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Nancy Carlson

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      • Ashley: There is a God! Mary-Kate, if I ever try to make another campaign promise, just slap me.
        Mary-Kate: Don't worry. I'll be there for you.

      • Nancy: Kevin, that dinner was great. What was that spice in the sauce?
        Kevin: I don't know, but I could call 1-800-Ragu and find out.

      • Carrie: Hey, Kevin, whatcha doin', making a salad? Isn't life great? I went for a jog earlier, and I had this incredible moment of clarity. (Doorbell rings) Oh, that must be Nancy. I called her and asked her to come over. Will you wait a minute before you come out, so I can talk to her? Thanks. (Leaves)
        Kevin: Hi, Carrie, how you doin'?

      • Nancy: (About Carrie) Kevin, do you think she's gonna come up again?
        Kevin: Not unless she's got an ax down there. (Puts chair to block her door)

      • Carrie: Paul, have you ever had feelings about someone close to you and you weren't sure what they meant?
        Paul: Y-You mean like a cousin?
        Carrie: No. I meant more like a friend.
        Paul: Oh! Uh, then no.
        Carrie: Well, I have. In fact, I'm kind of going through it right now.
        Paul: Right now, huh? Who is he?
        Carrie: (About Kevin) Oh, he's... well, he's just this guy that I met like about 6 months ago at school. And I didn't feel anything then. But now there's something going on. And I just don't understand it.
        Paul: (Closes his laptop, thinks Carrie is talking about himself) Uh-huh, so, uh... this guy... does he turn you on?
        Carrie: Oh, no. I wouldn't say he turns me on, exactly. It's just that I have this girlfriend who's really interested in him, and it's driving me crazy.
        Paul: There's another woman?
        Carrie: Yeah. But I mean, if I felt anything romantic for him, I would've felt it right away, right?
        Paul: Well, not necessarily. Maybe you should just go for it and kiss him hard on the mouth. (Gets closer to Carrie, tries to kiss her)
        Carrie: I couldn't do that. I mean, I - I don't know how I really feel about him, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize the friendship.
        Paul: Oh, yeah. Hate to mess with that friendship. You can never have enough... friends. Oh, so, hey... tell me about this other woman?
        Carrie: Oh, she's beautiful, smart, funny...
        Paul: Excellent.
        Carrie: And they've already gone out a couple of times.
        Paul: We have?
        Carrie: Huh?
        Paul: Huh? Oh! No, no. Nothing. I was just thinking that you... Oh, wow. Nevermind. Thank you. (Takes a soda)
        Carrie: Paul, are you sweating?
        Paul: Uh... not everywhere.

      • Big Mark: Okay. Now all I need is your school I.D. card.
        Ashley: What for?
        Big Mark: For collateral. Just in case I need to find you.
        (Ashley gives him her school I.D. card)
        Big Mark: (Looking at Ashley's School I.D.) Wait. Wait a minute. "Ashley"? I thought your name was Barbara?
        Ashley: Typo.
        Mary-Kate: Come on, Babs.

      • Big Mark: So, what do you need? A hall pass, cigarettes, an "A" in history?
        Mary-Kate: No. We'd like to… You can get me an "A" in history?

      • Mary-Kate: Hey, you Big Mark?
        Big Mark: Who's asking?
        Mary-Kate: I'm Mary-Kate, and this is -
        Ashley: Barbara.

      • Carrie: (About Kevin seeing her naked in the shower) Heh. Sorry about that little incident. I didn't know you were home. I guess you got an eyeful, huh?
        Kevin: No. Not really. It all happened so fast. I do have one question -
        Carrie: It's an appendix scar.

      • Mary-Kate: You know that kid from the Pizza Place - Big Mark?
        Ashley: The little guy?
        Mary-Kate: Yeah.

      • Ashley: I'm going to be less popular than the kid who does the morning announcements.
        Mary-Kate: Who does those, anyways?
        Ashley: See?!

      • Ashley: I can't believe it. I only raised half the money. That candy machine was my one campaign promise. Do you realize what this means?
        Mary-Kate: Yeah. You're like every other politician. You lied.

      • Kevin: (After coming in from a blizzard) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go down to the furnace and… climb in.

      • Nancy: How many other good-looking, funny, romantic, single guys are out there?
        Carrie: Two, but they're dating each other.

      • Kevin: Okay! I'm off to pick up Nancy.
        Ashley: Ooh! The date suit.
        Mary-Kate: And the date cologne. Wow.
        Carrie: Now, girls, don't tease your father. He needs all our support, especially if he's going to wear that hideous tie.
        Kevin: (Takes out earplugs) Are you through with your pre-date hazing? So, Carrie, has, uh, Nancy said anything about me?
        Carrie: Let me see. I think she said that you were kinda cute and she was glad you were still available.
        Kevin: Oh, well, that's a good sign.
        Carrie: Or was it that you're kind of funny-looking and no wonder you're still available. I can't remember.
        Kevin: (About the earplugs) Clearly, I took these out too soon.

      • Mary-Kate: There's a Lakers-Celtics game on in 5 minutes, and we CAN'T miss it.
        Kevin: You too, Ashley?
        Ashley: Oh, yeah, I'm a huge fan of baseball.
        Mary-Kate: Basketball.
        Ashley: Basketball!

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