Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 10

Peeping Twins

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 1998 on ABC
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Peeping Twins
After Kevin buys a new telescope, Mary-Kate and Ashley snoop into other people's business. They think they witness their neighbor, kindly old Mrs. Baker, murdering her elderly boyfriend, Mr. Fillmore. The situation gets even scarier for the twins when Kevin asks Mrs. Baker to take care of them so he can attend a jazz concert with Carrie. Meanwhile, Carrie hears Kevin play the saxophone and encourages him to perform for audiences as he used to.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When Kevin was playing his sax in the alley, the lamp light was behind him, so why was his shadow behind him, too?

      • When Carrie walks in the door and hears the saxophone, she goes to the attic to find Kevin there. If Kevin hired Carrie to watch the girls when he wasn't there, then why would he be home when Carrie got there?

      • Mrs. Baker suggests they watch Murder, She Wrote instead of South Park, but these shows never aired on the same night, and Murder, She Wrote was cancelled in May 1996, so it wasn't on the air anymore. Unless she had a videotape, they couldn't watch it.

      • In the pilot, it was established that Mrs. Baker and Mr. Fillmore live next door to the Burke's on either side of their house, on the same street. So, how is it when the girls are spying on them using the telescope, Mr. Fillmore now lives ACROSS the street from them?

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Kevin: You don't mind, I'd like to go home.
        Carrie: Alright. Alright, but before we go, I wanna ask you a question. What if, Mary-Kate choked on a game winning free throw. Or... or Ashley tripped in a dance recital and fell in the swan lake, would you let them quit?
        Kevin: Absolutely. I'd tell them to walk away and never look back.
        Carrie: You would not.
        Kevin: For the purpose of this conversation I would.

      • Ashley: Okay, big deal, Mr. Filmore is not answering his door.
        Mary-Kate: Of course not. Kind of tough to answer the door... when you're dead!

      • Mrs. Baker: Hello, Carrie.
        Carrie: Hi, Mrs. Baker. What's up?
        Mrs. Baker: Well, Mr. Filmore is trying to take a nap. He's flying to Florida tomorrow to see his evil sister.
        Carrie: What is she? Some kind of witch?
        Mrs. Baker: You're just one letter off.

      • (At Mrs. Baker's house)
        Mr. Fillmore: So, uh, what are the three of you doing over here tonight?
        Mrs. Baker: That's a good question.
        Mr. Fillmore: Well, uh, you live here, Enid.

      • Mrs. Baker: How 'bout I make you two some of my killer brownies?
        (The girls step back)

      • Mary-Kate: She did say that she was so mad she could kill him.
        Ashley: IT WAS AN EXPRESSION! Kinda like when you say, sure, dad, I did my homework. I'm going to bed!
        Mary-Kate: Yeah, well, unlike Mr. Fillmore, you're getting up in the morning.

      • Kevin: (To Mary-Kate & Ashley) There are bigger stars in the world than the Backstreet Boys.

      • Ashley: Only an idiot would think Mrs. Baker was a murderer.
        Mary-Kate: Then what are you doing here?
        Ashley: I... guess I'm an idiot.

      • (In Carrie's car)
        Kevin: Don't you find the chihuahua and St. Christopher irritating?
        Carrie: You mean, Chico and The Man?

      • Mrs. Baker: Forget South Park. It's a rerun.

      • Ashley: And leave me here with Grandma slice-'n'-dice? Oh, yeah, great plan.
        Mary-Kate: Glad ya like it. Cover me!

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