Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 3

Prelude to a Kiss

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1998 on ABC
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Prelude to a Kiss
Ashley becomes jealous when, during a slumber party, Mary-Kate reveals that she has kissed a boy; After Paul finds out Carrie was over at Kevin's he assumes their relationship is more than it actually is - which leads to rumors about them being a couple.

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    Ernie Grunwald

    Ernie Grunwald


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    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Taylor Donovan [as Jesse Lee]

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    Brian Kirchoff


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    Anastasia Emmons

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    Jennifer Dilber

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    Martin Spanjers

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In real life, Kevin would probably have been in a huge heap of trouble with his University if any rumors were out that he was dating a student. For that matter, having one of his students as his children's babysitter was also very inappropriate.

    • QUOTES (23)

      • Carrie: So, Professor, I'm guessing you finished grading the tests we took today.
        Kevin: Most of them.
        Carrie: It sure would be nice to know how I did so I can enjoy the rest of my weekend.
        Kevin: Carrie, I'm happy to say I did grade your paper, and you'll find out next week like everyone else.
        Carrie: When is this whole "working for the professor" thing gonna pay off?
        Kevin: Since when is putting your feet up and eating all my food "working for the professor"?

      • Kevin: (making ice cream sundaes for the kids) Ugh. That is seven sundaes down and two to go. This ice cream is still hard as a rock.
        Carrie: Oh, I know a little trick. Stick it in the microwave to soften it up.
        Kevin: You know, you might have shared that with me seven sundaes ago!

      • Amanda: (while Ashley is calling a cute boy) What are you gonna say first?
        Ashley: I think I'll go with..."hey".
        Mary-Kate: Yeah, because "hi" is so last year!

      • Kevin: Are you going to eat all my toppings?
        Carrie: Hey, it's a slumber party. I have a sacred obligation as a girl to pig out!
        Kevin: I used to be able to do that. Then, for my 30th birthday, God slipped a tire around my waist, but go ahead. Enjoy!

      • Ashley: (about Carrie's first kiss) You remember all that?
        Carrie: Sure. You never forget a kiss that means something. I mean, we did it because we liked each other, not to prove anything.

      • Kevin: I'm not paying you to make fun of me!
        Carrie: Oh I know, I throw that in for free!

      • (Ashley is gathering a lot of food to take up to her room for the slumber party guests)
        Kevin: Who do you have up there? Dahmer party of seven?
        Ashley: I don't get it.
        Mary-Kate: I do, and trust me, it's not funny.

      • Carrie: Hey, you okay?
        Ashley: Yeah... Except my life is ruined.
        Carrie: Well, you can't take it back and get a new one, so let's fix it.

      • Carrie: (to Ashley about her slumber party) Alright, since this is the social event of the month, I say we stick with the 3 "f"s: food, facials and... phone.

      • Ashley: (before her slumber party) Bologna? I can't feed Jennifer Dilber bologna! What did you buy this for?!?!
        Kevin: My lunch tomorrow.
        Ashley: Well, it should be in a separate bag! People, please help me out here!

      • Ashley: I hate you!
        Mary-Kate: (shocked) Why?
        Ashley: You ruined my party, telling everyone you kissed a boy. It's all they wanted to talk about!
        Mary-Kate: So what? It's not like I even liked the kiss. Gary had nacho breath.
        Ashley: If you hated it so much, then why did you keep talking about it?
        Mary-Kate: Because they kept asking me about it!
        Ashley: Yeah, well, now all my friends like you better than me. My life is ruined!
        Mary-Kate: Your life is ruined? Yeah, well, what about me? I can't eat nachos anymore!

      • Ashley: What do you want?
        Mary-Kate: Well, as much as I've loved the peace and quiet of you not talking to me, I've decided to solve your problem. Max and Brian, come on in! Okay, Ashley, pick one of these guys to kiss.
        Max: What? You said we were gonna play Nintendo!
        Ashley: Why would I kiss one of them?
        Mary-Kate: Come on, Ashley. If you kiss one of them, my kiss will be old news. Then everyone will think you're the cool one.
        Ashley: Not if I kiss one of these guys.

      • Ashley: Max and Brian??
        Mary-Kate: Listen, I was only trying to help.
        Ashley: Yeah, well, I don't need your help. I can find my own guy to kiss. And he'll be a real man, not Pinky and the Brain!

      • Mary-Kate: Jennifer and her friends were bragging about how many boys they've kissed.
        Brian: Where was I?
        Max: Probably at Chuckie Cheese!
        Mary-Kate: Then Ashley fed them with some line about how she's waiting for the right boy to kiss, so it'd be special.
        Carrie: Really?
        Mary-Kate: Yeah... and the suckers bought it. Now Ashley's cool because she HASN'T kissed a boy. Weird.

      • Ashley: (About Carrie's yogurt) Oh, my God! This yogurt!
        Carrie: Don King, right?
        Ashley: No. This thing expired two weeks ago... and that's not a raspberry.

      • Paul: (To Carrie) Oh, you got an "A." Congratulations.
        Carrie: Thanks.
        Brett: Maybe I should have a sleepover at the professor's, too.
        Carrie: Get a life. I worked hard for this. I was up all night.
        Paul: Yeah, I'm sure you were.
        Carrie: (To class) Look, uh, I don't need to date the professor to get a good grade. Okay? I earned this "A." Professor, help me out here.
        Kevin: No comment.

      • Paul: Uh, professor? This isn't going to affect my grade, is it?
        Kevin: Goodbye, Paul.
        Paul: Okay.

      • (After hearing two students talking about the sleepover with Carrie)
        Kevin: Okay, you want to talk about it, let's talk about it. Obviously, Paul has told you all about Carrie spending the night at my house Friday.
        (All students are shocked)
        Paul: No, uh... actually, I only told Brett. And I didn't know she spent the whole night.
        Kevin: Oh. Well. Now you do. But you should also know that it was completely innocent. Carrie was there for a sleepover. No, there were lots of girls. I just couldn't handle them all myself. (Students laugh) Carrie, would you help me out here?
        Carrie: No comment.

      • Kevin: One of my students delivered a pizza late last night. He saw Carrie here. I'm afraid he got the wrong idea.
        Eddie: Please. I mean, two single... arguably attractive people sharing a late-night pizza could mean any number of things. Of course, only one thing comes to my mind, but I'm sure the young, intellectual pizza boy could come up with something else.
        Kevin: You really think so?
        Eddie: No. I'm just trying to make you feel better.

      • Kevin: Thanks again for staying over, Carrie. Hope the fold-out couch was okay.
        Carrie: The couch folds out?

      • Kevin: (After Paul sees Carrie eating the pizza he delivered on the couch at night) Oh, hey, Paul, no. I know this looks bad.
        Paul: Oh, it looks great to me, professor. (Awkward pause) Enjoy your pizza.

      • Mary-Kate: (To Ashley) You think I'm lucky? I can't eat nachos anymore!

      • Max: I can't kiss her. I've known her since she was a kid!
        Brian: Well, she's all grown up now. Lay one on me, babe.
        Ashley: That's really sweet, but....why don't you give me a call when your permanent teeth come in?

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Mary-Kate: Yeah, if you're going on a tour with Marilyn Manson!
        Marilyn Manson is a singer who is known for his outrageous music and looks, wearing tons and tons of make-up, like the girl Mary-Kate was talking about.

      • Ashley: If I want to kiss a boy, it will be a real man, not Pinky and the Brain.
        Pinky and the Brain was a WB animated series about two inept lab mice who were always getting into trouble after escaping from their cage every night.

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