Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 20

When a Man Leaves a Woman

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The handbag Ashley orders is the same one as the twins come out the shop with, when they are shopping in Paris in Passport to Paris.

    • When Kevin opens the package containing the handbag that Ashley ordered, the flaps come undone immediately, and it apparently isn't taped up at all. Boxes that are mailed to people are normally packaged much better than that.

  • Quotes

    • Carrie: You know, maybe I can get your dad to buy it for you. Watch this. (Kevin enters the room) Oh, Kevin, all set for your date? Don't you look great--
      Kevin: Save it, Carrie. Ashley already asked me. She's not getting the handbag.
      Carrie: You're on your own, kid.
      Ashley: Fine! Raise a fashion failure! I'll just go to the party on Saturday with my cheesy leopard skin purse!
      Mary-Kate: Well, that was a little mean.
      Kevin: Hey, Ashley needs to learn how to budget her money.
      Mary-Kate: Not that. I'm the one who bought her the leopard skin purse!

    • Kevin: So why'd you stop riding?
      Mary-Kate: Well....I thought that if I was riding, it would make you think of Mom.
      Kevin: You did, huh? Well, you're right, it would, but that's not a bad thing. I think about your mom all the time. Riding horses made her very happy. Seeing you ride would only bring back good memories.
      Mary-Kate: She really loved riding, huh?
      Kevin: Oh, especially with you.

    • Carrie: You wouldn't believe how brutal some guys can be. This one guy dropped me off at the curb, told me we were through, then hit the gas and took off.
      Kevin: The drop and run.
      Carrie: Well, actually, for him, it was more like the drop, run, stop at a red light, and get beat up by my brothers.
      Valet: Excuse me, sir? A tall, blonde woman wanted me to give you this.
      Kevin: Oh, my house key. Thank you.
      Carrie: Well, at least she's being civil.
      Valet: And... this. (Gives him his side car mirror)
      Kevin: My mirror. Thank you. (To Carrie) Nancy doesn't have any brothers, does she?

    • (At a restaurant)
      Kevin: Nancy, I am sorry. I - I -
      Nancy: I can't believe you told Carrie before you told me!
      Kevin: Well, I didn't tell Carrie. Matt told Carrie.
      Nancy: Matt knew, too?! Who else knew?
      Woman in Restaurant: (At another table) I knew. He was practicing while you were in the ladies' room.
      Kevin: Nancy, I'm sorry. This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen.
      Woman in Restaurant: He had a very nice speech planned.
      Kevin: Do you mind?!

    • Geary: Are you bleedin', son?
      Paul: Huh? Oh! Uh, hey, well, it's no more than last time.

    • (At a restaurant)
      Carrie: Oh, Nancy! Oh, I am so sorry. I knew this would be hard on you. Are you okay?
      Nancy: Carrie, what are you doing here?
      Carrie: Oh, Kevin told me he was going to break up with you.
      Nancy: He did?
      Carrie: Yes. And I thought I should be here for my friend, but I can't believe he just took off. I thought he'd at least stick around. That jerk!
      Kevin: Carrie? Why are you here?
      Carrie: Kevin?
      Nancy: Kevin? Were you going to break up with me tonight?
      Carrie: I'm early, aren't I?

    • Jennifer: Ashley, you are gonna look so awesome at my party with your new handbag.
      Ashley: Yeah. Well, if it never gets here, you'll still talk to me at your party, right?
      Jennifer: Well, there will be a lot of people there.

    • Kevin: Hey, Matt, what are the signs a relationship is over?
      Matt: All my clothes on the front lawn usually does it for me.

    • (At "Cambodian Gardens" restaurant with Nancy)
      Kevin: This is kind of a nice little change, isn't it? Some Cambodian food, nice Cambodian music. Fine wine from... "Modesto."
      Nancy: I just wish you would have told me we were coming here.
      Kevin: Why?
      Nancy: Because I would have said no.
      Waiter: Are you ready to order?
      Nancy: Oh, go ahead. I'm still trying to find something.
      Kevin: Okay, I will have the Socko Amg Kroenung, and a Coke. Did I pronounce that right?
      Waiter: No, no. It's Pepsi. And for you, ma'am?
      Nancy: I'll have the Somlah Kako. Very well done, but without the Curry or the Ginger, and you can hold the Eggplant. Oh, and none of that pickle medley stuff.
      Waiter: So, basically, you just want a piece of dry chicken?
      Nancy: Perfect. Can you take the skin off?
      Waiter: Dry, skinless chicken. I'll see if the chef is up to the challenge.

    • Kevin: (Sadly) Well, I guess it's time to go pick up Nancy.
      Carrie: Wow. You were more excited when you were going to your prostate exam.
      Kevin: I know. It's just that it seems like Nancy and I are stuck in a rut. I mean, all our dates are so predictable. She always wants to go to the same restaurants. She orders the same food: chicken, dry, no skin.
      Carrie: And the girl of your dreams would be... a pork eater?
      Kevin: I guess Nancy's just too stiff. She's too structured. She's too...
      Carrie:: Too much like you.
      Kevin: Hey, come on, I know how to cut loose every now and then.
      Carrie: Kevin, I'm sorry, but wearing sneakers with a sport coat is not cutting loose. You and Nancy just need to break up the routine. Why don't you shake things up a little bit?
      Kevin: Maybe you're right. Maybe I'll surprise her with something different.
      Carrie: There you go. Oh, and by the way, I was kidding about the whole sneakers thing. I think they look kinda sexy.
      Kevin: Thanks, but Ashley still can't have the handbag.
      Carrie: Then you might wanna go change.

    • Ashley: Okay, be honest. What does this dress say to you?
      Mary-Kate: "Hey, look at me. I used to be curtains."
      Ashley: No, it says, "I need the matching handbag."
      Carrie: I think you look great, Ashley.
      Ashley: Great? Great's not good enough. Jennifer Dilber's birthday party is gonna be a showcase for spring fashion. I have to have the handbag.
      Carrie: You know, maybe I can get your dad to buy it for you. (Whispers) Watch this. (To Kevin) Oh, Kevin, all-set for your date. Don't you just look terrific -
      Kevin: Save it, Carrie. Ashley already asked me. She's not getting the handbag.
      Carrie: You're on your own, kid.

    • Mary-Kate: Gin.
      Carrie: Mary-Kate, we're playing poker.
      Mary-Kate: Oh. Then I'll take three.

    • (Mary-Kate and Kevin getting ready to ride their horses together)
      Kevin: (Mounting the horse) Ow! That's why your mom rode with you.

    • Ashley: (After ordering the handbag on the computer) Why didn't you try to stop me?
      Mary-Kate: Because this is the kinda thing that can get me my own room.

    • Kevin: I know riding reminds you of mom. But you shouldn't give up something you love. She wouldn't want you to do that.
      Mary-Kate: Dad, that's not why I stopped riding.
      Kevin: Oh. Was it the smell? 'Cause that's pretty much what did it for me.

    • Mary-Kate: Dad?
      Kevin: Yeah?
      Mary-Kate: Do you think maybe I could get my own horse?
      Kevin: Well, maybe someday. Just don't order it over the Internet.

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