Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 8

You've Got a Friend

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1998 on ABC
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You've Got a Friend
Ashley makes a new friend, Nicole, which leads Mary-Kate to feel jealousy; Eddie and Kevin argue while Carrie tries to be a mediator.

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    • Carrie: Professor, when I sense tension between two people, I can't help it, I feel I have to fix it.
      Kevin: That's because you usually create it.

    • Kevin: Mary-Kate, why would you do something like this?
      Mary-Kate: I don't know.
      Ashley: Because she hates Nicole.
      Mary-Kate: I don't hate Nicole!
      Ashley: Then why did you say such mean things to her?
      Mary-Kate: Because I thought I was losing my best friend!

    • Mary-Kate: All you do is hang out with Nicole. She's such a dweeb.
      Ashley: She's a lot cooler than you are!

    • Ashley: I was just at my locker, and all of a sudden Nicole comes up and starts screaming about her hair.
      Carrie: And you never said anything to her?
      Ashley: No, I hadn't seen her since we went to the movies.
      Mary-Kate: Maybe you hogged her arm rest. People like their arm rests.

    • Mary-Kate: Hey, how was Magna Records?
      Ashley: It was lame, so we ended up going to see True Patriot.
      Mary-Kate: The Ben Affleck movie?!
      Ashley: Yeah, he is SO hot.
      Mary-Kate: We were supposed to see that movie together!
      Ashley: What's the big deal? Nicole and I got bored at the record store.
      Mary-Kate: Oh, boo stinking hoo!

    • Mary-Kate: (Pretending to be Ashley) We're over! Done! I've tried to be nice, but look at us! WE ARE NOT FRIENDS!
      Nicole: Why not?
      Mary-Kate: Because! Because of your hair.
      Nicole: My hair?
      Mary-Kate: Yeah, I hate it. I just can't imagine being friends with someone whose hair is like yours. And I think it would be best if this were the last time we ever spoke.

    • Ashley: Maybe when you're done being grounded, we can go see True Patriot together.
      Mary-Kate: Yeah! What do you think, dad?
      Kevin: Great. You can rent it. It will probably be out on video by then.

    • Ashley: Mary-Kate pretended to be me and told Nicole I didn't want to be friends with her anymore!
      Kevin: Mary-Kate, is that true?
      Carrie: Mary-Kate, if you and Ashley are having problems, you need to work it out. I mean, if there are issues, it's best... if I stay out of it.

    • Mary-Kate: We were supposed to go together and you went without me! That's called ditching. Do I need to look it up for you?
      Ashley: Yeah, and while you're at it, look up "psycho!"

    • Mary-Kate: (To Nicole, pretending to be Ashley, about the Ben Affleck movie) HE DIES?! I mean, I'm still trying to get over that.

    • Mary-Kate: (To Nicole, pretending to be Ashley) You really don't want to be friends with me. I even hate little animals!

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