Two of a Kind

Season 1 Episode 8

You've Got a Friend

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1998 on ABC
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You've Got a Friend
Ashley makes a new friend, Nicole, which leads Mary-Kate to feel jealousy; Eddie and Kevin argue while Carrie tries to be a mediator.

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  • I love this episode.

    Mary-Kate gets jealous that Ashley has a new friend and Mary-Kate gets jealous and left out of the activities that Ashley and Nicole do.Meanwhile Kevin and Eddie have problem with their friendship and Carrie tries to fix it.Kevin and Eddie argue about the problem and so Carrie steps in to fix it when Carrie ends up messing it up.Meanwhile while Ashley goes to her dance practice while still in a fight with Mary-Kate she calls Nicole and sets up a plan to wreck Ashley friendship with Nicole.Soon when the girls are going to the mall Nicole calls Ashley and tells Ashley to give back her CD she let her listen too and finds out that Mary-Kate told Nicole Ashley didn`t want to be her friend anymore.Meanwhile Kevin and Eddie fix their friendship by apologizing to him.moreless

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    • Carrie: Professor, when I sense tension between two people, I can't help it, I feel I have to fix it.
      Kevin: That's because you usually create it.

    • Kevin: Mary-Kate, why would you do something like this?
      Mary-Kate: I don't know.
      Ashley: Because she hates Nicole.
      Mary-Kate: I don't hate Nicole!
      Ashley: Then why did you say such mean things to her?
      Mary-Kate: Because I thought I was losing my best friend!

    • Mary-Kate: All you do is hang out with Nicole. She's such a dweeb.
      Ashley: She's a lot cooler than you are!

    • Ashley: I was just at my locker, and all of a sudden Nicole comes up and starts screaming about her hair.
      Carrie: And you never said anything to her?
      Ashley: No, I hadn't seen her since we went to the movies.
      Mary-Kate: Maybe you hogged her arm rest. People like their arm rests.

    • Mary-Kate: Hey, how was Magna Records?
      Ashley: It was lame, so we ended up going to see True Patriot.
      Mary-Kate: The Ben Affleck movie?!
      Ashley: Yeah, he is SO hot.
      Mary-Kate: We were supposed to see that movie together!
      Ashley: What's the big deal? Nicole and I got bored at the record store.
      Mary-Kate: Oh, boo stinking hoo!

    • Mary-Kate: (Pretending to be Ashley) We're over! Done! I've tried to be nice, but look at us! WE ARE NOT FRIENDS!
      Nicole: Why not?
      Mary-Kate: Because! Because of your hair.
      Nicole: My hair?
      Mary-Kate: Yeah, I hate it. I just can't imagine being friends with someone whose hair is like yours. And I think it would be best if this were the last time we ever spoke.

    • Ashley: Maybe when you're done being grounded, we can go see True Patriot together.
      Mary-Kate: Yeah! What do you think, dad?
      Kevin: Great. You can rent it. It will probably be out on video by then.

    • Ashley: Mary-Kate pretended to be me and told Nicole I didn't want to be friends with her anymore!
      Kevin: Mary-Kate, is that true?
      Carrie: Mary-Kate, if you and Ashley are having problems, you need to work it out. I mean, if there are issues, it's best... if I stay out of it.

    • Mary-Kate: We were supposed to go together and you went without me! That's called ditching. Do I need to look it up for you?
      Ashley: Yeah, and while you're at it, look up "psycho!"

    • Mary-Kate: (To Nicole, pretending to be Ashley, about the Ben Affleck movie) HE DIES?! I mean, I'm still trying to get over that.

    • Mary-Kate: (To Nicole, pretending to be Ashley) You really don't want to be friends with me. I even hate little animals!

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