Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Monday 9:30 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 26, 2001 In Season





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  • A group of disfunctional friends and a the Archer Pub

    Set in Runcorn where a group of disfunctional friends live first of all we have Jonny Keogh (Ralf Little) A jobless bum who lives with his girlfriend Janet Smith / Keogh (Sheridan Smith) they live in Janet's grandmothers house that was given to Janet and we also have Jonny's best friend Gary "Gaz" Wilkinson (Will Mellor) who thinks quite a bit of himself AKA. Grand Master Ram Rod. He lives in a flat not far from the Archer (Pub) with his girl friend Donna Henshaw (Natalie Casey) Janet's best friend we also have Louise (Kathryn Drysdale) the squeaky friend. There are also Gaz's brother Munch (Lee Oakes), Flo Henshaw (Beverly Callard) Donna's mother and Kelly (Hayley Bishop) Works at the Archer.
  • Complete trash

    This has got to be one of the worst shows I have ever laid my eyes upon. It's idiotic, predictable, badly casted, badly written, and a complete waste of time. I am embarrassed that this show is actually British. Probably only loved by chavs, sitting at home in their house all day laughing like simple minded monkeys. I hate this show, and Ralf little's character is just dreadful and cringe worthy. He has only appeared in one good thing, which was The Royale Family, written by the genius of Craig Cash. I am sorry if I upset anyone with my review, but this show is complete trash.
  • A show about the lives of twentysomethings in Runcorn. Comedy show that is often rude and crude. I includes gags and special episodes. Janet, Johnny, Louise, Gaz and Donna are all friends. They mess around, get drunk and have chats in their local pub.

    I am an avid fan of the show and have been watching it for 7 series, but it is not the best and the ratings are low. One liners sometimes work well, often. Most of the characters are good, apart from Louise who is often over the top, or tries to be funny and fails. Characters such as Munch are good. The actors are good, but there are sloppy story lines, reasonable Jokes and the fact that this show hasn't been killed off yet used to be for its own benefit, but two pints has been growing up too much for my liking.
  • Two words; Munch Magic!

    Two words; Munch Magic! The BBCTHREE hit sitcom Two Pints of Lager is effortlessly funny. Five minutes into the show and I've wet my self already, as the seasons pass it seems as if the comedy has gotten so much more funny you don't think you could handle it. However, hopfully the newest series; series seven will be as funny, now that Ralf Little has decided to leave because of an overwelming schedual. Louise; the squicky 20 something year old is one of the the legedary characters of the show, including Flo, Donna's mother who was casted off because of an internet vote between her and Johnny!
    this show is fantastic so please bring us more Two Pints!
  • Modern day twenty somethings getting very drunk !

    What makes this show funny is the total interaction with the characters, you have work shy Johnny who has a biscuit fetish and dating Janet, the more common of the girls. NExt we have mechanic Gaz who is woman mad, even when he and Donna get together. Also joining them is high pitched student Louise, who in my eyes was funniest when she got Johnny shot! The show is basically about f*gs sh*gs and kebabs, and even did a musical episode for kitch value. This show rates well high in the charts for its true to face value. Talk of a new season had better develop soon ! Repeats are excellent, even if you can ad lib all the scenes, Remarkable
  • This show is brilliant!

    The first time ever watched two pints of larger and a packet of crisps i didnt mean to.I just couldn't find the about ten minutes i was laughing so hard and i just thought it was brilliant.It is not such a well known show but i think it is definatley one of my favorites!I absolutely love it and i think it should get a lot more veiwers.When it finished i was really upset because it was so well written and great!Every friday and saturday night i can't go to bed untill about one in the morning because i just love watching it.The actors are very good and i just love the whole show.
    i wish it was back.
    this show is excellent!
  • One of the most utterly hilarious shows i have ever seen! 'OFF THE WALL' For its comedy!!!

    Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps (TPLPC) is a show about the typical lives of 5 down out people who never really got themselves any qualifications and are living life at the bottom of society, Janet and Jonny have always been the couple of the show going from strength to strength and then also being separated for a time have had their hilarious ups and downs. However Gaz (also known as the 'Gazter') is the one who really makes the show for me as he delivers the humour every time by just simply being the most blokiest of blokes you could meet! And his Girlfriend Donna also adds massive comedy to show with her slutty mother and also whitty quips and sly attitude. Finally the last of the group is the squeaky mouthed louise who is a student at university for most of the show and is basically your average poor student who loves the gossip and really just doesn't help at all but again is funny in her own way! Id reccomend the show to anyone because no matter who you are we can relate in some kind of way to the daily problems which they encounter and can see the humour in what they portray which in my eyes i find side splittingly funny!
  • One of the best shows ever on TV.

    This is one of the best ever shows ever on TV, let alone to come out of the BBC.

    When i first saw series 1 advertised it instantly appealed to me, i just had to tune it.

    The scripts are very well written and some of the best you will ever see on TV, providing of course you are into the whole comedy / sex / relationship thing. Each character has their own unique feel, each funny in their own way, and when combined there is nothing funnier on TV.

    Each series the script writing gets better, with new ideas and new highlights which just stand out above the rest. Along with the normal series they sometimes throw in the odd special episode, the best one being the Musical, this was a typical portrait of what the show is all about. Typical love related / one night stand songs, lyrics that blended with the music it was pure genious and very well written. The horror special was also very clever and a nice finish to series 6.

    The cast are unforgettable and it just works, no other way to describe it, i cannot think of a single addition or change that could be made to the characters.

    If you like this kind of show then there is nothing that even compares to it and it definatly worth a watch!
  • The briish invasion

    i love this show with its highlights of the under class of britsh society and those who try to think they are above it all because they have gone to university (louise)
    i think that the janet and johnny relationship is like that ross and rachel in friends great telly but you kinda just want them to get on with it either be together or be apart.
    my favourite storyline is corinthian's parentage with janet sleeping with gaz and then to top it off janet and johnny nameing there child corinthian which is just hillarious the name alone makes me laugh everytime they say it it really is a must watch series and i think its great its coming back for a 7th series its just hillarious
  • an absolute belter

    two pints of lager and a packet of crisps is a great comedy starring 5 early 20's. They are Jonny, Janet, Louise, Gaz and Donna. Jonny is the strange one. Janet is the homely one. Louise is the weird one. Gaz is the dumb one. Donna is the really strong-willed one. They all live in Runcorn these people are all make up break up. Donna's mum Flo is a really sluttish women. Jonny and Janet are an item and Gaz and Donna are an item Louise has'nt got a boyfriend. Gaz's half-brother Munch he is a yoghurt. After Donna's mum dies she needs all the support she can get but when she finds out about Gaz and Janet sleeping together it just makes everything ten times worse.
  • two pints is one of my favourite shows even though i havent seen all of the episodes

    i never used to watch two pints but over the last couple of years i have found it very funny and enjoy watching it. i have never seen all of the episodes before but i think it is easy to follow when you miss a few out, unlike other programmes. i have been tempted to buy the boxsets but im still waiting for ep 1 to come on tv to see what i have missed out on.
    i love the character Gaz and think its hilerious that he is afraid of sheep! this show gives a good insite into real life very well, as it is a down to earth classic and shows that not every one is born rich. i have no idea how these people live with no money is just imposible!

    OTH_obsessed xoxoxoxoxox
  • Never fails to have me in stitches.

    It doesn\'t matter how many times I watch the repeats, each episode never fails to have me doubled up in laughter. From their hysterical antics to the witty one-liners this program is jam-packed with laughs. It has an absolutely brilliant cast all in my mind top class actors and actresses. The humour is pretty crude and may not appeal to all audiences but I implore you give it a try, I did and now I couldn\'t imagine my life without the best comedy ever made.
  • The up's and down's of five of the funniest people in the world.....especially Gaz!!!

    This is one of if not the best tv show ever, how many shows do you actually want to watch over and over again. Also the musical special 'When Janet Met Jonny' is a thing of pure genius. For me it's Will Mellors character that erally makes the show. That being said if the other four cast members weren't their then it might not be as good, however i would like to see a 'Joey' style spin-off 'Gaz' that would be so funny. it's probably Gaz's timing that makes him so hilarious. Anyway the episodes are all pure gold, gold a tel ya. If you want to laugh your ass off then watch Two Pints. All of the cast are so talented. Oh and two special episodes to watch out for are 'When Janet Met Jonny' and the hilarious 'FAT'. This show should go on forever, i still wouldn\'t get bored of it, coz my 2 shows a night on BBCThree simply isn't enough,i even watch it when it's repeated at 2 o'clock in the morning. Top laughs for a Top show 11/10.
  • British Humor I can Actually Stand!

    Most common british stuff i roll my eyes at and even though I am actually British myself they don't really appeal to me because they feel fake and daft and I always shout out BAD ACTING...
    However this show is one of my favs! It's so funny I love it! The character all have soemthign to them and not just another show someone has thrown together this is a winner! I am being a bit biest towards it thought because every character reminds me of someone I know in life as well so that makes me love it more!
  • Back on form

    After the somewhat patchy(due to the time between season 4 and 5) but good none the less season 5, season 6 starts strong and continues with 'Goblins' the 2nd episode of season 6, roll on sunday (as realplayer is terrible) for episode 3 and mroe bombshells...

    make mine 2 pints !!! :D
  • A Modern Comedy, set against the backdrop of Runcorn, Cheshire following the lives of 5 Runcornians as they spend their time rotting away in the hell hole that is Runcorn. If only life in Runcorn was actually this interesting.

    Being someone unlucky enough to live in the town where 'Two Pints' is set, I can only say, I wish Runcorn was as interesting as this.

    However, reality aside, it truly shows off how good a TV show 'Two Pints' is, when after the novelty value of "I walk past there everyday" wears off, you still find yourself tuning in, laughing and eventually buying the DVD's to show to your children (obviously when they get older).

    Following the life of Johnny and Janet, a 20-something couple living life in Runcorn, 'Two Pints' takes in the lives, events and tribulations of their relationship with each other and their friends.

    Also focusing upon the relationships of their friends, Gaz, Donna and Louise (and having the (mis)fortune to know personally some of the people these characters are based on), you won't find a funnier, grittier more down to earth British comedy worth your attention on TV. Even Little Britain pales in comparison.
  • It´s about the lifes of 5 people in Runcorn, GB.

    This is one of the shows in the world at the moment.
    It has everything a show needs to be good.
    It´s funny, great actors, great writes and it is British.

    Donna and Gaz are just a perfect couple so is Janet and Jonny and Lousie is just mental, I love her.

    Watch it, you won´t be sorry.
  • A sitcom about 20 something years olds enjoying their life.

    This is such a fab programme, starring Will Mellor, Natalie Casey, Sheridan Smith, Ralf little,Kathyn drysdale, Beverly Callard and Lee Oakes. This show is soooo funny, and it's worth seeing, (if you have a sense of humour). They have done 5 series, 6th is currently being filmed, can't wait. The musical episode "When Janet met Jonny" is soo cool, brilliant songs, but a bit on hte rude but funny side. 10/10 for me and many others!
  • Brilliantly funny

    I love two pints of lager and a packet of crisps. The characters are funny in their own way. Louise is brill, i love that squeak. Donna and janet, i love their sarcasm. Jonny i like his buiscittyness, I like gaz and his stupidity. All in all a fantastic show.
  • The Best English Comedy in Years!

    This fantastic brittish sitcom is the reason i like comedy so much. It is much funnier than shows such as \"the office\" or \"The Smoking Room\" and is a hell of a lot more underated. I am suprised that it hasn\'t won any awards.

    Does anyone know if there is another series commin out sumtime soon?????????????????????
  • The british verson of \'Friends\'

    'The british verson of Friends'.You may think this program is just about sex and gross humour, you would be wrong. It has got some very deep story lines, but very funny story lines. Janet and Jonny would be Ross and Rachel in Friends, becuase they keep splitting up and getting back toghether again. In \'friends\' they go to a cafe\' but in two pints of larger they go to the pub. I\'m so glad this program is still going on and can\'t wait for more funny story lines.