Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps - Season 9

Monday 9:30 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 26, 2001 In Season




Episode Guide

  • This Is Your Life
    This Is Your Life
    Episode 6

    Gaz and Donna have some big decisions to make, with the news that Donna may be expecting a baby. Gaz realizes his entire life has been spent in Runcorn, and now that he has the use of his legs again, he's curious about the world outside. Billy and Cassie are enjoying their love affair when her ex-boyfriend Graham turns up. Who will she choose? Tim and Leonard arrange their first date, but will Tim let his nerves ruin the occasion?

  • Shagger
    Episode 5
    Gaz attempts to finally leave his wheelchair, and Donna looks for a friend. Meanwhile, Tim seeks out a boyfriend, and Billy considers breaking up with Cassie for the sake of his football career.
  • The Gaz-Bot
    The Gaz-Bot
    Episode 4

    Never one to be down for long, Gaz decides to work towards becoming a Paralympian. Donna decides to use this as a chance to train for her new job in HR management, but pushes him to the limit by enrolling him in a marathon. Billy agrees to a date with Cassie, seeing her charm when her bossy side comes to the fore.Tim temporarily considers not being gay and trying to win back Helena, but has his head turned by the buff young men at the rugby club.

  • Trial Schmile
    Trial Schmile
    Episode 3

    After Billy saved Gaz from certain death in the fire, the two have become firm friends. When Billy misses his trial with the soccer team because he was busy getting drunk with Gaz, Gaz resolves to get him another football trial whatever it takes - even if it includes bribing the manager.

  • Cheese Toastie
    Cheese Toastie
    Episode 2

    Gaz is struggling to become accustomed to Billy, his "metrosexual" carer. Billy's tendency to give hugs, call Gaz "Babe" and have manicures are causing problems for Gaz. Donna battles with her pride before giving in to her new responsibilities as the breadwinner and heads to the job centre to sign on. Tim indulges his inner Gok Wan tendencies by giving sister Cassie a makeover in the hope Billy will notice her beauty.

  • Nil By Muff
    Nil By Muff
    Episode 1
    Donna brings Gaz home where he refuses help, causing problems with their sex life, so they go to the pub to find it full of youngsters. Tim's gothic and mouthy sister comes to town and takes a shine to Gaz's home help Billy.