Two Twisted

The Nine Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Grand Final
      Grand Final
      Episode 14
      Sixteen-year-old Daniel is cursed with a supernatural gift that gives him the ability to see things about other people that you wouldn't want to know about yourself...
    • Love Crimes
      Love Crimes
      Episode 13
      The boss, his secretary and his wife. A volatile mix. After taking his secretary to lunch, Duncan decides to bring her back to his place while he 'picks something up'. Duncan, though, is after more than that, and makes a pass at his secretary. She rebuffs him but that's not the end of the story. She wishes to have her revenge. And so does he. And his wife is making the trip back home from work. How will it all end?moreless
    • Saviour
      Episode 12
      A ruthless doctor will do anything to save her own daughter from a rare aging disease which is killing her. But when she finds the cure in a suspicious prisoner, things don't go well.
    • Jailbreak
      Episode 11
      When jail life becomes deadly, a smart but sneaky inmate concocts a dangerous but seemingly foolproof plan. Will it work?
    • Delivery Man
      Delivery Man
      Episode 10
      A woman has lived inside of her house for the past two years, never setting foot outside, and has an intense fear of storms. One day her usual delivery man couldn't make it and instead sent his partner. What will this man do to change her life forever?
    • A Flash Exclusive
      A maverick reporter is following the story of a lifetime when he follows a beautiful but suspicious woman who has once been suspected for murder. Will he find evidence that maybe she didn't kill her last husband, or will he be her next victim.
    • Arkham's Curios & Wonders
      A young boy discovers an old magazine catalogue selling items claiming to be of magical power. After purchasing a few items, he puts them into effect, when he realises that he now has the power over life, and death.
    • Soft Boiled Luck
      Soft Boiled Luck
      Episode 7
      Set in the not too distant future, Patrick Dempsey's wife is murdered and he is the prime suspect, and there is substantial evidence declaring his guilt. However, the man has a clone, and although clones have had their personalities altered and are not capable of crime, the detective in charge of the case is not certain. What follows is a moral dilemma between both Patrick and his clone, and the detective and his partner. But the burning question, which one is guilty? And is there something else to this case?moreless
    • A Date With Doctor D
      Rolly Schwartz, a businessman wakes up just like every other morning until he discovers the nightmare which is in his cupboard. Rolly knows why he is after him, but is the devilish Doctor D closer to home than he thinks.
    • Von Stauffenberg's Stamp
      A drunken wife, a soft barber and a quite plain stamp collector launch into a world of trouble when one of the most valuable stamps in the world comes into the stamp collectors hands. The stamp belonged to a one Von Stauffenberg, a man who tried to murder Adorf Hitler. It is now up to the stamp collector, with the aid of his friend the barber, to authenticate the stamp. But could authentication lead to cold blooded murder?moreless
    • Heart Attack
      Heart Attack
      Episode 4
      A doctor is exercising and out of the blue starts suffering from a series of heart attacks. After being rushed to hospital he is put on life support and intensive care and his dead heart is removed for testing. His wife waits at the hospital during the night only to find out the gruesome truth about his terrible condition.moreless
    • Call Back
      Call Back
      Episode 3
      How would you feel if your wife and son had been murdered? And what would you do if there was a way of changing the past? Karl Wells has this chance, and is able to call himself and his wife on the telephone from the future. But the question is, will his past self and his wife believe him, or is the death or his wife and child inevitable?moreless
    • Finding Frank
      Finding Frank
      Episode 2
      On the last graveyard shift of a retiring security guard, his colleague Frank plays a series of practical jokes on him to get him nervous. Then Frank sends in a distress call to Norm. Is he simply crying wolf again? Or is it actually something very serious?
    • There's Something About Kyanna
      Mathilda is a young author who lives in a new secluded house right on the ocean with her partner Bill. When returning from a swim, Mathilda realises one of her socks is missing. She shakes it off and goes back to the house leaving her shoes outside, only to later discover one of the shoes has vanished. How did they vanish? Is Mathilda panicking over nothing? And is there someone else in her house?moreless