Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 23, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • A school in Alabama is obsessed with football...

    I'd rate this episode and this whole dang show at a zero, yes a big fat zero.

    Just another show where we see how ridiculously stupid the southern and texan obsession with football really is. A coach who cares more about being on ESPN and his "perfect game" than actually just playing the game.

    A team where members can do literally everything and just never get in trouble for it.

    This show does paint a picture into southern and texas life. In Texas where I live it is friday night lights every night at every high school. It is sickening. There are more important things out there than football. Don't they know that whatever glory you may attain on the field is fleeting. It doesn't last! And most football players don't end up going college or pro but end up having their 15 minutes of fame over and done.

    I wish this show was cancelled. I wish it was never on the air in the firstplace! And we wonder why we have children killing children in high schools and schools! Its because show's like this send a subconscious signal to all the country's kids telling them (both boys and girls) what they should act like, how they should dress, and what's important.

    And we wonder what's wrong with schools today...
  • asi-asi (so, so)

    This episode I guess was okay but it would be better if it wasn't a pilot episode and the plot of it all was overrated because its the same each week. Also it brings in some soap opera simularities with boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up, boyfriend cheating on her. But it still intense because of the football and Coach Propst is really funny when he yells at his players calling them babys. Okay episode I would guarantee a few laughs because of Propst but other than that its a little bit above average and could of use better acting. First part of episode is a little weird.
  • Good!

    Awesome 10