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  • i from birmingham, alabama.

    i\'m iz from birmingham. hoover is just write outside of birmingham. just bout\' 10 minutes from downtown. i luv dis show. come on now, y\'all know birmingham rules. in football and b-ball. dis is the real show. i luv dis show. birmingham, alabama is just not a city of crime, but of games and hag-outs. two-a-days is a good show. i luv watching dis show. i teaches u how to manage yourself. i teaches u how to work wit a team. yes, i\'m ghetto. but hey, u know. ever\'body got they own ways of learning. jus keep it to yourself. i luv watching dis show. okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sweet show

    I personally like thi show. It has one of my favorite topics, football of course and it has a tad bit of drama in it. I feel that this show is a tad bit under rated, but it is a good show. Max is an awesome safety along with Alex, they do a very good job. Ross is an awesome quater back, he connects with his wide recievers and is a great leader. Cornelius is an awesome wide reciever and should be recognized as an awesome wider reciever. Goose and Repete are good as well and add their own flavor to the rest of the team.
  • A new show about a public high schools football team, and the drama involved.

    This is a new show that me and my room mate have started watching and love it. We look forward to watching it every wednesday night. The show is about Hoover High School which have a winning record and start off the season without having a loss in the past 29 games. This TV show shows its viewers the difficulty and hardships the players face being on a team that has a reputation for winning. When they arent playing football it shows the drama that goes on in their lives. For example: getting into college, parents, and girlfriends. When the team wins you are happy, and when they loose you feel for them. A great reality/sports show.
  • Good Show

    In Two A days the show is about a football team. But it is more about teens. The show is good. But the show revolves around safety Alex and cheerleader Kristin and their relationship. It might be to much about them. But still I like football and I enjoy it. But I am sad because it won't have a second season or will they? Who knows. I'd like to see a new group of football players and i'd like to see if they won another championship. Hopefully the come back but it won't most likely. Tune in to this show!
  • pretty good!

    this show is pretty good, i will definetly watch the next season but i hope they do as well as these guys did. it was pretty good, i always watched, it was kind of a guilty pleasure for me, reminds me a lot of friday night lights the movie. which was also really good. also the guys on it are pretty dang hot! alex binder was my favorite, he's got a cute smile! and i have a thing for hot football players, they're so hot! well that's all i really have to say but this has to be 100 words
  • I don't 100% get high school football...

    It’s football. It’s just high school football. But in the South these players are god. The towns shut down for games. I understand that they are the champions, but the reality is that only a few of them are going to make it in college ball and none in the NFL. It just seems that they are missing out on a lot of other things that high school offers because they are so focused on football. The drama isn’t as good as some other high school MTV shows, but there was enough between the typical footballer/cheerleader couple to keep it interesting.
  • In a town where Football rules. These Boys are superheros

    I personallly love this show. It's hard to admit it to considering it's alot like Laguna Beach only less scripted. I like that they acctually centered it on football and didnt just do the whole Laguna experiment genre. These are guys who try their hardest to get into college and win their football games. When every game could be their last game of their high school career. It's either win and be super heroes or lose and be out casts. This show spreads the message that not all jocks are stupid and they can get out there and do something.
  • rush prost resigns.

    im not from hoover, but its all over the news [in birmingham veiwing area]. rush prost resigned. there were TONS of rumors going around. and he had an affair & it led to a second family. i watched the words come out of his mouth. but i dont know if there will be another season. but i did like the show :] it was one of my favorites. & i also know that hoover had to forfeit some of there games this year because that was all over the news too. so even if they have a season it wont be as good.
  • a crazy community that is obsessed with high school football

    i think i would like it mabey if it wasnt my high school and if i didn't know everything that really went on in the show... they tell everyone what to say. make you redo stuff just to get it on camera. did anyone besides me notice that Kristin was in the exact same spot and postition and same clothes talking about how much she loved him and then saying how they broke up. the traditions are fake.. i mean if you call a tradition something that you start the year of the filming a tradition sure... but no one in the world of hoover high has ever painted someones number to show your favorite player.
  • cameras follow hoover high school football team

    The show seems decent but just not for me, anyway this is why the show could succeed, it's about football, it's about teenagers, on a teenage network MTV, It's a new show so people will be drawn to it at first because of MTv, and the reality show aspect. Some more reasons, it's like laguna beach football edition, except without all the superficiality, The people depicted look like models, the lead character looks like a buffed version of josh harnett, and the team is already famous. However without the drama, it probably won't get a good following, The people on the show just seemed to focused to get too involved in their lives, except one character..