Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse

Wednesday 9:00 PM on OWN Premiered Nov 25, 2011 In Season


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  • Tyler Perry's This Isn't better but Worse...

    First off, I know only the fans of Tyler Perry are rating it so damn high. Second, the show is not horrible but its far from good. Somehow it manage to dump out a season 2 and I noticed it use to have some stupid music play every time they made a "Joke" if you would call it that. Wasn't funny so I guess that his viewers can't tell the difference from whats funny or not. >.> (its not...) so in Season 2 he added those excessively loud fake laugh tracks to the show and went back and replaced the music out with laugh tracks for season 1. I know the phrase for TBS is very funny but, even Big Bang Theory's laugh tracks aren't that loud and fake. Big Bang is great by the way. I'm saying that you should need laugh tracks that loud to point out "HEY! YOU LAUGH AT THIS HERE! HEHEHE! THIS BE FUNNY!"

    Third and last, the drama is so DUMB! it's no where close to realistic but, some one who has never been in one writing from what they think. If my wife thought I cheated, never checked facts, went to ends of the world & burn all my clothes plus my hundred thousand dollar car... No one in there right mind would go back to someone after their response was like... "ohh, my bad. I thought you cheat but I was wrong" and it's been like that for all his shows. BUT here's the thing. I don't feel that Tyler Perry write for his shows... He have the worst writers I have ever heard. His movies aren't bad but, I would never give them an emmy. He needs to either write all the episodes or hire some better writers because this show's drama is as stupid as a Soap or WWE. Ohh yea, it's fake drama with fake wrestling. Take your name off of the Title if you're not writing it. Directing & Producing isn't helping it.

    Ohh and FYI, I watch the show because I'm forced to. Few family member just wanna support him but, they actual said it themselve that the shows isn't funny. It's more of a viewer thing than watching because they like it.