Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse - Season 1

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Season 3 : Episode 27

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  • To Believe or Not To Believe
    Angela has stayed with Leslie & Joseph for the night. Marcus must explain to MJ why he has experienced so much fighting between himself and Angela. When Angela arrives to get a change of clothes, Miss V risks her job and tells Angela about how she's acting, and that she needs to trust Marcus. Marcus returns the money he stole from Angela. Angela decides to believe Marcus and forgive him.moreless
  • For Richer or Poorer
    Marcus still refuses to leave his house even sleeping in bed with Angela against her wishes. Marcus buys a new Porsche and a new wardrobe. Angela later finds out that Marcus stole her money to replace his items. Angela is heartbroken that Marcus took her money. She moves out and goes to stay with Leslie & Joseph.moreless
  • Speak Now
    Speak Now
    Episode 8
    While trying to deal with Marcus' alleged infidelity, Angela meets Tyrik, a contractor who says he slept with her 13 years ago when she was drunk. Angela does not remember the exchange until after an argument with Marcus where he discovers the truth in Tyrik's allegation.
  • For Baby Mama Drama
    Marcus starts to lose his tenacity at work because of the issues he's having with Angela after the Sabrina Murphy incident. Marcus goes to the salon to talk with Angela. He believes the picture of him in bed with Sabrina Murphy was taken at a Bachelor Party when he was drunk. A fed-up Angela takes her frustrations out on Marcus' possessions by setting his car and clothes on fire.moreless
  • To Lie Or Not To Lie
    Angela tries to deal with her emotions following a letter where a woman claims that Marcus has fathered a child from her. At the salon Angela is messing up her client s hair because she is so distraught. Leslie & Jennifer try to give her advice. Later that night, Marcus prepares a bath adorned with flowers and candles in an attempt to make up with Angela. His expression of love is mistaken for a scheme to hide a lie.moreless
  • Forsaking All Others
    Angela receives a certified letter in the mail asking for child support. Angela assumes the letter is from Keisha. When Angela confronts Keisha she learns that the claim was filed by a woman named Sabrina Murphy. Marcus does not know who the woman is. Angela reveals that she was sent a picture of Marcus in bed with the woman.moreless
  • Deceiving Eyes
    Deceiving Eyes
    Episode 4
    Leslie (Crystle Stewart) cannot decide whether to tell Angela (Tasha Smith) a potentially hurtful secret, or to spare Angela's feelings by keeping quiet. Before she can make up her mind, fate decides for her. When long-simmering tensions reach a breaking point at a pool party, everybody winds up feeling shocked, angry or hurt.moreless
  • Deceiving Eyes
    Deceiving Eyes
    Episode 4
    In the Deceiving Eyes episode of the television show Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, Leslie faces a moment of crisis when she catches Keisha and Marcus in an intimate moment and must decide whether to keep the revelation to herself. Also, Angela hosts a pool party that quickly spins out of control.moreless
  • The One I Want
    The One I Want
    Episode 3
    After Leslie (Crystle Stewart) sees something she shouldn't, she finally decides to confide in Jennifer (Cocoa Brown), though this might spell trouble for Keisha (Kiki Haynes) and Marcus (Michael Jai White). Meanwhile, Marcus struggles with guilt over his encounter, especially when he watches Keisha bond with his unsuspecting wife (Tasha Smith).moreless
  • One Last Try
    One Last Try
    Episode 2

    Richard reveals a shocking secret about Keisha.

  • A Better Me
    A Better Me
    Episode 1

    Angela gets offended by a word Dominique uses to describe her.

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