The last episode of the series, all wells

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    I'm sad to see this funny dramatic show finaly come to an end, And i have to say i don't like how it ended with meranda leaving calvin for good, I just don't like it why why can't the show have a happy ending travis is finaly dead, Floyd is staying in america so why can't it end on a good note, Like meet the browns anuther funny show by tyler perry that ended with them taking a family photo that was a good ending to a very good show, But here it has to end with meranda or miranda (sorry if i'm spelling her name wrong) has to leave poor calvin who's been threw so mutch up to this point from baby mommadrama to geting shot come on now duse he really need this his wife leaving him on the finaly day of the series are you kidding me man come on now, But whatever you know house of payne we will miss you, This show brought us alot of laughs and alot of tears over the years, So what did you guys think about the series finaly ?.

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