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  • house of pain

  • Should be at least one more season!

    Looking at the reviews by others I feel that some people just didn't get it. i understand that everyone has an opinion, but some of the replies borderline on ignorance. What i mean about ignorance is the lack of UNDERSTANDING. You may not get it if you didn't grow up a certain way. In some ways the show is more cultural and really lets people know how others view life. I believe Tyler did an awesome job with a lot of the subjects in the show. In almost every black family there is that one addictive person. This time it was not a male figure but the mom. Dad had to raise the children. Nice twist. Malik went through a lot of growing pains while making dumb decisions. Book smarts don't always equal being smart. I definitely didn't like the ending. I felt that it could have went off differently but that is years ago so I'll get over it. I only wrote because of some of the comments that I read and how deep and personal some of the commenters were. To say that the show was "***phobic" astonished me. I'm sorry to say this but where I came from, most men want their son's to grow up MEN. Not to say that they won't be loved later but that is how most fathers think (In all races). If people really looked at the messages from the show, i was just bringing out topics that some of our families are dealing with the wrong way. I looked at the show as settling myths that families have about certain situations. Anyway, I wish a movie was made or Tyler just did something for the fans and settled the issue and made a closing to a fabulous show, better!
  • Not feeling it so far

    1 random ep (14) KDOC
  • Not feeling it so far

    1 random ep (14) KDOC
  • real good

    those peaple are funny
  • Get House Of Payne BACK

    If you would like to see more episodes of House of Payne, then join the Get House Of Payne BACK movement and help me reach 10,500 signatures on a petition to get House of Payne back on air. Go to and together as fans and family we can #GetHouseOfPayneBack also on Twiiter (@HouseOfPayneBac)

    Jazzy is an amazing actress with great comedic timing and flow in and out of scenes.

    The rest were a buch of no talent buffoons!
  • really good :)

    These people are too funny!

    I had just started to get really into this show - and poof! Cudos to each and every actor -- it was so refreshing to see a show that encouraged ad-libbing.....very witty people in this cast and hate to see you go.
  • REALLY???

    Some of you really like this show? It's an angry, rude, loud black chic running around being a b!tch. How is that entertaining?
  • I just love this show

    It just upset me to no end when the House of Payne was cancelled, Tyler you need to reunite this cast and bring on more episodes. Raves for the House of Payne.
  • how could you cancel!

    This show was a 10!!!!!!! This show was what life is really like for most. This was a show that I allowed my kids to watch. This show had alittle of everyday real life. This is one show that should stay on the air and get rid the crappy reality tv. This was more reality than n e thing and for most of u this is real life. Best show ever. get rid of the rest of the crap on t.v. U r crazy for ending this show!

  • i loved House of Payne

    I loved House of Payne! I always laughed with Curtis, i just didnt like how it ended. Calvin should of stayed with Miranda or even tried with Stacy. He was one of the main character and he went through alot in the show so he can end up alone at the end.
  • House of Payne, Final

    I love the entire show, I have seen every episode but I really hate the way that the show ended. I really do hope that there is a movie following the last show because it really sucks that the show ended the way it did.
  • House of Payne, Series Finale

    For the first half hour, I was glad to see Curtis swallowing his pride, to take back his job, as fire chief, despite his reluctance to do so..as far as the second half?? PISSED ME OFF!!! I've hated the Miranda character, ever since her shenanigans with the disappearing act! She is a spoiled, ungrateful wench, and to have her leave my man like that REALLY got under my skin! Sure, Calvin was the stereotypical, under achieving screwup, but she KNEW that marrying him! Maybe they should have focused on Calvin's relationship with Tracey. That would have made a better formula. Jmo.
  • dont take it away

    I love watching this show. I dont miss any show if i do i watch them on demand.
  • I love the Paynes, but it saddens me to see Calvin and his wife go through martial problems. Black families go through a lot, but most are very faithful to each other inspite of their struggles.

    I just did not like it. I feel like maybe someone else wrote this instead of Tyler. This is not his style, or the writers that he has in the past. He writes about love and faithfulness. He's funny. I did not find it very funny. As a black women I'm very offended. Black people have struggled so long to overcome a lot of issues. One issue is to keep our families together. We value our families and want more for our families. Seeing such episodes about a cheating black man does not leave a good feeling. I wish that we can see a black family on TV that does not Cheat, Lie or steal. We have wonderful father, husbands and son that make great difference in world.
  • A good enough show if you're into the Tyler Perry world. This show picks up where the movies and stage plays left off.

    A good enough show if you're into the Tyler Perry world. This show picks up where the movies and stage plays left off. We get to see some of Madea's extended family and get cameo's by her and the famous Browns of the stage plays and their own tv show. It's as functional as any other comedy and in many ways you don't have to be familiar with Perry's work to enjoy the gags. The cast are talented small and large screen and stage actors. The cast elevates the material and always manages to bring about a laugh. If your into sitcoms and can relate to so called ethnic comedy it's worth trying the show out.
  • Tyler Perry's House of Payne Shows

    I want to say that I love all of the Tyler Perry's House of Payne shows. I record the reruns of them daily on my T.V. on channel 20 and look forward to watching them in the afternoon. I am always entertained by the humerous comments each one of them make and their superb acting. I think there should be more truly funny good shows like this one to watch on T.V. I have no complaints here! I personnally wish there were more shows made of them to watch. I think some people that have complained should lighten up. The odds of one family going thru this many problems in the world are probably not as likely, but it is good to see how these problems are handled in the show.
  • The House of Payne is an African American Sitcom set in Atlanta Georgia about a working class family who must deal with the many challenges that plagued the African American family.

    The first time I watched the House of Payne, I admit, I did not like it. But I did not stop watching the show, because I wanted to support Tyler Perry. However, at the beginning of season 2, I did notice a change, as the show became more interesting--more refreshing. In my opinion, this show reminds me of Good Times, as the House of Payne deals with the many issues that are plaguing and still haunting the black community. Nonetheless, like Good Times, the Paynes do manage to "keep their head above water" despite the odds. In my opinion, the House of Payne represents a new era in African American sitcoms.
  • This is not a show. This is a ravenous vacuum in time and space, that sucks so badly that it devours all joy and intelligent thought subjected to it. There are spoilers for House of Payne and Meet The Browns in this review. I hate you if you care.


    This show, and Meet The Browns, are both awful. When I say awful, I
    mean it's so abysmal that no word even comes close to being a sufficient description. I have been unable to find a strong enough word to convey my dislike. So I shall write many words instead. I don't feel this way because I have anything against Tyler Perry the man, or
    because I'm not black and don't "get it", but for what I consider to be
    legitimate all-around failings of this carnival of stupidity that TBS
    clings to like grim death. This show as I hear was meant to show
    African Americans in a positive light while a family goes through
    challenges in their lives, and we, the viewers, get to laugh and learn
    along the way. I have yet to laugh, but I've learned alright. I've
    learned to what degree a person's perspective of "positive" can differ
    from another's.

    These people, man. These people are all unlikable and infantile.
    Curtis, the father, is by far the worst. I would guess he's meant to be
    a "tough on the surface, loving underneath" sort of character, but
    anything underneath him is instantly crushed by his massive girth, and
    if there were anything redeemable in that man it's long been buried by
    his gelatinous fat folds and pathetic lack of any self awareness or
    humanity. He's not wildly different from the rest, he only serves as a
    paragon of every poor quality in everybody else on the show, maybe the
    world. He's greedy, loud, ignorant, (proudly so), as morbidly stupid as
    he is obese, and completely repulsive in every sense of the word. His
    wife waddles around and says something useless once in a while, usually
    about Jesus or some obvious tired out rhetoric regarding the importance
    of family or something of that nature. She's probably the most
    tolerable of the main cast simply because she talks the least. Anything
    she does say can be passed off as the usual pseudo wisdom we all get
    from older people who think they know things about life just because
    they're older, but are really just trying to feel wise because their
    looks, friendships, usefulness, and curiosity are dead and dying. What
    else do they have left but to convince themselves they know something
    and pass it off to their stupid shallow children.

    Which brings me to the kids. The chubby one reminds me of a dumber,
    less funny Kyle Massey (Cory) from That's So Raven. I never thought any
    kid could be less funny and more irritating than Kyle Massey, but House
    of Payne shoots for the stars like that. He serves as a plot device,
    usually by landing himself in some kind of stupid, easily avoidable even
    for the wildly retarded situation like being cornered by a 90 pound
    weakling pedophile in his own house who for some reason decided it was
    a good idea to walk in unarmed, in broad daylight, and declare that he had
    deceived him rather than doing what an intelligent scumbag would do and
    lure him away so the kid wouldn't have such a massive glaring
    advantage. Not even considering this kid probably had about 60 pounds
    on the guy. This of course turned out to be another adrenaline fueled
    message of internet safety, ending when the valiant father and his
    special cousin playboy save the day by beating the hell out of the guy.

    Day saved, thank you House of Payne for sending me yet another tired out message in an incredibly awkward and poorly thought out scenario.
    Oh yeah, this is a comedy show remember. I know you're probably holding
    back the laughter just from my second hand account, so I'll move on.

    The little girl dwarfs her older brother in the annoyance department.
    Her acting is piss terrible, even for a child actor. This has been
    covered a lot in other reviews, the constant laughing and terrible
    "joke" delivery is a constant, so much so that I'm never sure how much
    of what I'm seeing is her character, or the little girl that's likely
    been involuntarily signed into a contract with The Tyler Perry Fairy by
    some slack jawed cross eyed parental figure that genuinely laughs and
    praises this slop as quality television. This is the only thing that
    holds me back from tracking her down and strangling her with an
    extension cord, as much of a sweet mercy that may be to her.

    I've seen perhaps 11 or 12 episodes of this show, spaced out between
    maybe 3 seasons. Maybe less, maybe more. The first time voluntarily,
    the rest a terrible happening of fate. In each one, it seemed as though
    Calvin the playboy cousin and C.J. or Carl Johnson as I like to call
    him were both with a different interchangeable gorgeous black woman,
    and were either professing their love for them or in the midst of said
    love falling apart. What is this show trying to do here, I ask myself.
    This is such a damned mess. I found myself unable to remember which
    girl was which, or even recognize them visually, as they all look THE
    SAME. Long black hair, makeup, good figure, shapely butt, and perky
    large boobs. I studied the latter few extensively of course, but still
    could not put a name to the bodies. I understand that a real follower
    of this show could likely easily pick them apart, but I challenge
    anyone here to watch that many randomly picked episodes of a good
    television show and tell me they can't remember the names or
    outstanding personality traits of the majority of people a main
    character has been involved with. They appear to serve no purpose other
    than looking pretty and generating stupid melodrama that could easily
    be resolved with even one adult mind being present. Instead it spirals
    into a string of "will they break up or not" episodes that make even
    less of an attempt to be a comedy show than usual, it's just minute
    after minute of awkwardly delivered love talks with the usual DASH O'
    SOME Jesus.

    This is not comedy for black people, this is not endearing or
    heartwarming, this is comedy for stupid people of all races that want
    to be reaffirmed in their equally stupid belief system while being
    distracted from their terrible lives by caring about which sexy lady
    might break up with Calvin that given week. Laughing at morbidly obese
    people flopping around while becoming human PSA commercials for aids or
    cancer or anal hemorrhaging. Yeah thanks Tyler Perry's House of Payne,
    the masses desperately needed you to teach us about aids, an already
    well known long discussed topic that can be thoroughly learned about
    with less clicks than it would take to send an angry email to your
    producers demanding they light their genitals on fire for the
    atrocities they have unleashed upon the world. You've done us such a
    service. Then again, from the impression I get from most of the people
    that enjoy your show, just informing them that something other than
    religious solidarity and petty family squabbles actually exists seems a
    genuinely legitimate venture. In future episodes, you may want to warn
    them that they do in actuality need to remove the plastic covering from
    food before they eat it, and hot things will burn them should they
    choose to touch them.

    I read another review here that talked about how House of Payne
    reminded the reviewer of older and more traditional sitcoms, in that it
    revisits a lot of the same themes. He's right, it does. Painfully and
    clumsily. If House of Payne were to go back in time, I as well as
    anyone would expect and hope that by 2011 they would have added
    something to the experience of at least a sliver of value, but it
    hasn't. It really hasn't. This show repackages what's been done a
    million times before by actors and sitcoms many times over its
    superior, and twists it with its own spin of relentless knock you over
    the head Jesus peddling and preachy, often times nonsensical lessons. I
    could write for months about the problems and shortcomings of this show
    but I don't want to. It doesn't matter what Tyler Perry's been through
    or how much good he does in his community when reviewing one of the
    cancers he releases into public domain.

    Meet The Browns is basically the same thing, just with a slightly more
    racially diverse cast and most of the relationship drama is between old
    fat school teachers as far as I can see. I laughed when Brown found out
    he had Diabetes, though. I hope he loses his feet and spends the rest
    of his ill-spent buffoonery he calls a life lamenting all the things
    he's ever said or done, finally to die in a pool of his own vomit and
    self loathing.

  • A show that's better than most.

    I find this show to be quite entertaining when I watch it. I didn't expect to ever watch it, but tuned into TBS when it was on, and I didn't change the channel. Honestly I don't see why there are bad reviews of this show, it has a pretty apparent humor but it also has serious moments in the show that I think fleshes this out to be more than just a comedy.

    Too many comedies nowadays suffer from only sticking to comedy, and never actually having life lessons or serious stuff in it to really mix with the comedic elements. Although it is not nearly as much as Roseanne, (Which in my opinion did this combination the best) it really is a good show if you watch it.

    But since everyone has their own opinions, some just tend to have a different humor, but you shouldn't diss a show just because it doesn't fit your bill of humor.

    I give this show a 7.5/10, it's a good show, and it is better than a lot of the garbage out there.
  • Tyler Perry needs to make more shows.

    Tyler Perry House Of Payne is a great show. The Payne's are so funny and they did with real life. My favorites Curtis, Jazmin and Calvin. The show is getting funnier every time I watch. Curtis and the neighbor personality are just so funny. Jazmin is just so cute the attitude she has is just so funny. Calvin is the one who keeps the show getting better. My favorite episodes are the what the hell, because it was so funny that Jazmin kept saying hell and nobody heard her say it expect her brother. Until Ella heard her and got into trouble. and wanted to know where she got that from. That when Curtis walks in and says hell seven times. on the phone with the reverend. The other episode is where the Payne boys go camping. So until next time be Breeze.
  • This show is absolutely horrible it could not be worse unless you could smell the crap coming out of the tv. I have not seen too many shows that made me want to scratch my eyes out of my head but this is one of them.

    Got to be the worst show Ever made. The actors suck horribly. Every show that I have seen is painfully boring. The best part of the show is when they got rid of the mom for smoking crack and the only reason that was good is because one horrible caracter was removed from the show. All this show consists of is the father asking his uncle if he is allowed to do things in his house like he is a child. The jokes are not funny at all the funniest thing about this show is that its still on, the ridiculousness of this show is the only successful joke about it. That is exactly what this show is a joke. It gets 0 out of 10 stars. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.
  • Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a homophobic television show that some fool decided to air and advertise as a wholesome family sitcom. Yea right! There have been hurtful snippets and bits of homophobia in some episodes, one in particular went way too far

    I can tell you that this show seriously needs to be taken off the air before
    it worsens homophobia in our society. I actually think we've been doing pretty good in relation to diminishing homophobia (though I still know it's very much still in existence and a major problem) and now a show like this comes out. I started watching this crap
    a few months ago (I no longer do) because it advertised it self as a family sitcom and
    I (as an African American) thought it was nice to see a black sitcom
    come out. I watched it for a few weeks with hopes of becoming a fan and
    enjoying it; that backfired when they aired an episode filled with some
    of the most despicable homophobia I've seen in a long time. I am not sure of when this homophobic episode aired, but I think it was
    around last year because I found a post where someone else complains
    about this episode in June of 2007. In their post, however, they don't mention everything homophobic with
    regards to this episode, but just one or two things. In my humble
    opinion, there were several homophobic things about this episode

    1) Curtis thinks his nephew (Malik) is gay simply because he's wearing
    a tutu (stereotypical) 2) He's instant reaction is to run in his bedroom to pray because he
    thinks his son is gay reciting a bunch of bible verses will change this
    I guess 3) He's complaining about the possibility of his nephew being gay
    throughout the entire episode like he couldn't live with such a thing

    4) Instead of his wife Ella saying 'it doesn't matter if he's gay or
    not', she's just continually telling Curtis that "he's not gay 5) CJ (Malik's father) behaves in a manner that suggests being gay is
    wrong as well, having a serious talk with him and never once saying
    anything like it "wouldn't matter if he is gay"

    6) Several "corny" gay jokes are made throughout the episode by Curtis
    and various other members of the show

    So much for giving this show a chance. Talk about worsening our
    society, especially worsening the black community where it's already
    homosexuality is already an issue. I'm sure a show like this will help
    bring acceptance. Crap like this needs to be off the air. I am not the only person who has complained about this issue with Tyler perry's House of Payne. If you google "Tyler Perry's House of Payne homophobia" there is a complaint that reads: beginning of quote - "That's not the only way the writing got to me last night. I found one episode to be homophobic. When Curtis sees his nephew's son with a tutu around his neck he runs to pray because he thinks the boy is gay Heaven forbid someone be gay Spout out any Bible verses you want, it is what it is. And it was homophobic. That's an awfully polarizing thing to have on a show that, according to the show's defenders, is for the community. Stuff like that only serves to break up our communities." - end of quote

    Please DO NOT watch this show and do whatever you can to get it
    cancelled. This is the type of stuff we DO NOT need on television. What
    kind of message is this sending to the public? In my opinion, it causes
    more gay teens to be unhappy with their sexuality, thereby causing
    depression issues, etc. If there was one homophobic episode, there are
    bound to be more. Actually, I see various moments where behavior of the characters really
    boards on being homophobic. As one example, there's an episode where
    Curtis doesn't want to go to an art class, and says how it will sicken
    him if he ends up having to draw men there. He is encouraged to go and
    overjoyed when he finds out there are women. And of course, the anger
    management instructor, is remarkably effeminate and considered gay by
    all the characters. There are many situations bordering homophobia. My suggestion to everyone is to watch Everybody Hates Chris instead.
  • A great clean show.

    I make an attempt to watch every episode. Television is for entertainment purposes and this show is very entertaining. This was a learning process for Tyler Perry and he is an A+ student. Looking over some of the other reviews the energy placed into being negative is amazing. I'm not looking at television for education, parenting classes, or life lessons. I want to relax and allow a little tension and stress to roll off my shoulders. I appreciate the fact this is a show my son and I can enjoy together. Television isn't real and we shouldn't place expectations of realism on them.
  • Show centers around the Payne family. Curtis and Ella, Calvin their son, C.J. their nephew, Janine his wife, Malik and Jazmine his kids.

    Tyler Perry's House of Payne is a sometimes funny sitcom that hits you with a little realism. The same "truth is" knowledge you discover upon watching any of Tyler's movies, you can receive from the sitcom. It'll make you laugh, maybe make you cry depending on how sentimental you are. The head of the Payne family, Curtis and Ella, have one son, Calvin. Calvin's problem is one that plague's many young men. He want's all the women he can get. He's also in college and the family is always hounding him about graduating. Next up, C.J. His wife, Janine, had a crack addiction, burned down their house causing him and their two children, Malik and Jazmine, to move in with Uncle Curtis and Aunt Ella. So, C.J. now lives and works with his uncle. Curtis is the fire chief, C.J. firefighter, and Calvin volunteers. Pleasing soap opera drama packed with laughter. Sort of makes you feel like you're watching your family on the screen.
  • I love the house of payne characters they are fresh and add spice to a comedy sitcom. They are funny and I can't wait to get home to watch the show.

    I commend Tyler Perry for bringing us a show that's funny to watch. It's about time that someone bring about a show that's funny. I love it. I support Tyler
    Perry and his work. His thoughts become visual in a play, movie or sitcom to bring us entertainment. He had an ideal and it worked. Spike lee need to stop with his horrible comments. How many actors or actress did he put in his films. Tyler Perry has presented famous faces in his movies and presented unknown faces and gives opportunity to new actors and actresses. Like Tyra Banks with America's Next Top Model. There's room for gifted people God word said so. God said it I believe it. Keep up the good work Mr.Perry love you.

    raised in Chicago
  • One of the worst shows I have ever seen. Horrible jokes, after watching it, it makes me feel dirty after it. The worst show I have ever seen.

    A horrible show, with horrible jokes that never land at all. I can't believe I wasted my time on a show like this. The story is lame, the characters act very childish and immature. It makes no sense how TBS continues to think a show like this is funny. I can't even believe it is still on the air, it is so ridiculous that people in the business of television can actually like a show like this. I still can't believe that they even made a spin-off with one of their dumbest characters. This is the worst show I have ever seen.
  • Homophobic undertones in many episodes.

    I can't believe how homophobic this show is. I've only watched a handful of episodes after seeing some promos on TBS. I love traditional sitcoms and they're so lacking in the past few years I figured I'd give this one a go. It was really, really dreadful. Initially I thought maybe we were going to learn a "valuable lesson about tolerance" because the gay slurs and homophobic comments were so blatant and so frequent I figured there was no way something like this could be on TV. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Then I thought "maybe it's just me" but I was watching it with friends and one of them brought it up as well. So did a co-worker later in the week. Then I googled "house of payne homophobic" and it came back with more then I cared to read. Sad.

    If the same sort of comments were made about any other minority group on another show it would have either been yanked off the air or never made it onto the schedule to begin with. Uncomfortable to watch. Not suitable for children.
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