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  • meet the browns

    I love the show for all the jerks that didn't like the show sorry to hear that i love Tyler Perry and miss the show but I bought all the shows keep up the good work Tyler Perry
  • mom of 5

    I think Meet the Browns is the best show on tv! I love it. They need to put some new ones on though!
  • tyler's perry meet the browns is a hullarious show. the show is about a man in his mid 60s who open up a retirement home With a lot of laughter and some lessons about life, Brown and the residents of Brown Meadows learn to love all one and other...

    Thinking he's carrying out his daddy's wishes, Brown enlists the help of Cora (his daughter), Will (his nephew), and Will's wife, Sasha, a nurse. Soon, because of a fire at a nearby seniors home, Brown Meadows is filled and Brown is overwhelmed.

    His new residents include Miss Daisy (an aging B-movie actress who lives in the past, and the many different characters she played in her career), Colonel Cleophus Jackson (an ex-Marine who won't give Brown an inch), and Ms. Edna (who's still very in touch with her sexuality, like "Blanche" in Golden Girls).

    Soon, they are joined by the handyman, Jesús, who's studying to be a lawyer and two foster children,

  • I don't blame the haters

    Tyler Perry wouldn't be a perfect example for my screenwriting career. His shows are not funny and he is not cool. And to think I thought Dan Schneider and Seth MacFarlane are a lot worse.
  • I don't know how anyone can watch this show.

    You must have had a brain anuerism if you actually like this show. This is the worst show I've ever seen. I don't mean this in a racist way but it literally sounds like it was written by monkeys. I would go to the ends of the earth to get billions of signatures on a petition to pass legislature that would ban this show from tv. I would take a shot in the face from Mike Tyson and give him a bite of my ear if it meant the end of this show being on tv. I can't undo the damage done to anyone or myself by this show, but i swear i will try to stop it from affecting future generations. May god help the poor, misguided souls who actually like this show. -Signature

    I was sitting at home bored the other evening flipping channels and I came across Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns" television sitcom. With nothing else to watch I decided to give the show a try, the worst mistake of my life. The show was terrible. I couldn't decide which was worse the very annoying laugh track that seemed to go off every 5 seconds at what was supposed to be humor or the idiot dressed in very tightly fitting clothes who seems to be slightly ***ed. How can such a great writer in Tyler Perry who has found success in making us laugh and opening our eyes to the struggles of everyday life with his great stage plays and movies fall so far off base with this terrible television show. At this point in his career I'm sure he has people who write and direct some of his productions for him, I would hate to believe that he writes the material for "Meet the This show is an embarrassment and a dark cloud over all of the successful things that he has produced thus far in his career. With there being a major shortage of African-American sitcoms on television now days its very sad that "Meet the Browns" is all we have to represent us to the world. When I hear the name of that show all I can think about is the seemingly out of shape black man, dressed up in skin tight clothing, with a very high pitched voice who doesn't seem to have any kind of education. Sure, you may say, "stop trippin' that its just a television show," but to some its symbolic of how far the black man has fallen from prominence. They laugh at us, saying that they have us right where they want us. Don't get me wrong, I know that it didn't began with this show and I know it doesn't end with this show. There is enough blame to go around 1000 times over and honestly I think the blame game has gotten old, I think it's time for the change game. It's time to turn our backs on negative media and I mean that for everyone. Any rapper, singer entertainer or athlete that promotes Black Hate we should stop supporting. Lets stop listening to and buying music and movies that promote hatred of our people and especially our women by calling them B's and H's or saying that we should use and play them or media that promotes them as being only sexual objects and not the Queens that they truly are. Its time we become more conscience of this hate media that we've been supporting for years now. Lets demand change from the radio and television stations and tell them we don't want to hear it or see it any longer. Lets start standing for something instead of nothing, regain our voice that has be silent for almost 4 decades now. We need our Women to be Ladies and we men must treat them as such and we need our Men to be Men and start acting as such. Once we end the division we can then stop being conquered

    Meet the browns is just like the house of payne TERRIBLE. Very corny jokes so corny that it isnt even funny. The characters on this show are complete idiots. They do stupid things which makes no sense at all. Mr Browns mispronouncation of words are supposed to be funny but THEY ARENT. Its ignorant and just plain offensive. Luckily this show has gotten cancelled HALLELUAH !!! lol. Next the house of PAIN needs to go becuase that show is a complete JOKE just like Meet the browns.
  • joke is on the show.

    If this is all it takes to entertain us, God help us all.

    No thought, writing ability, or pride went into this show. Terrible cast, writing, terrible show. Wish I could give it a 0.
  • 2 REAL

    I was wondering if was i the only looking for humor in these 2 shows. Bad writing, timing and a few bad actors. Maybe that's why the 2 small children went to the Disney channel. I guess if I were a lil' mo' ghetto' i would get the jokes. Since Cosby, I haven't seen any black family that could swing the realism of life and be funny. It was a nice idea but,sorry TP, both shows are terrible. Props to Allen Payne for trying to help.
  • Tyler Perry's House of Pain and Meet the Browns are both just awful. A crap stain on American television.

    Of all the tings i hate about the two shows, one thing stands out. Every last person is black aside from two characters that I know of. On House of Pain, when someone lost a substantial amount of money in a bag it is recovered on the street by a member of the family. When the owner comes to recover the bag, low and behold! Hes a black guy. Also, who in the world names a white boy whakeen or however its spelled. The two programs are just absolutely stupid, not funny, and awkward. A feeling of depression wells up within my heart when I hear that retarded smooth jazz modern crap start coming from my television. Especially when im just getting off a Seinfeld high. The schedule needs to be reworked. Maybe put these to terrible abominations sometime right after Conan and George so they can die at the back of the line up. Just cancel it already.
  • Another horrible attempt at homestyle comedy.

    So we had House of Payne which played off a lot of homophobic and intolerance as its humor. Now we have this. Same thing, a strong overtone of intolerance and general humor that isn't funny. Mr. Brown's mispronunciation of words every sentence doesn't ever become funny when it's used so often. The overly fake acting ruins it as well. Nobody would give a care for any of the characters when they're hired to play a role and don't even act it out right. Tyler Perry also has very horrible transitions written in to get to each scene. All the characters are randomly placed. None of the humor is funny, it's just horrible stereotyping with no actual joke in it other than the bad acting behind each of em. It's more embarrassing to watch really.