Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns

TBS (ended 2011)


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  • Another horrible attempt at homestyle comedy.

    So we had House of Payne which played off a lot of homophobic and intolerance as its humor. Now we have this. Same thing, a strong overtone of intolerance and general humor that isn't funny. Mr. Brown's mispronunciation of words every sentence doesn't ever become funny when it's used so often. The overly fake acting ruins it as well. Nobody would give a care for any of the characters when they're hired to play a role and don't even act it out right. Tyler Perry also has very horrible transitions written in to get to each scene. All the characters are randomly placed. None of the humor is funny, it's just horrible stereotyping with no actual joke in it other than the bad acting behind each of em. It's more embarrassing to watch really.