Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns

TBS (ended 2011)


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  • Tyler Perry's House of Pain and Meet the Browns are both just awful. A crap stain on American television.

    Of all the tings i hate about the two shows, one thing stands out. Every last person is black aside from two characters that I know of. On House of Pain, when someone lost a substantial amount of money in a bag it is recovered on the street by a member of the family. When the owner comes to recover the bag, low and behold! Hes a black guy. Also, who in the world names a white boy whakeen or however its spelled. The two programs are just absolutely stupid, not funny, and awkward. A feeling of depression wells up within my heart when I hear that retarded smooth jazz modern crap start coming from my television. Especially when im just getting off a Seinfeld high. The schedule needs to be reworked. Maybe put these to terrible abominations sometime right after Conan and George so they can die at the back of the line up. Just cancel it already.