Tyler's Ultimate

Friday 5:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Dec 30, 2004 In Season




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Tyler's Ultimate

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Join Tyler Florence as he takes you across the globe in search of people who cook the ultimate foods. His goal? To cut through the formidable prices, pretension, and jargon that often accompany culinary genius and bring you the ultimate eats, whether it's pizza, paella or apple pie. Tyler will show you how to find these foods closer to home and share with you definitive versions from his own kitchen. Prepare for a blissful rendezvous with some of the world's most passionate cooks! This show was unique in the way that it followed the charismatic Tyler Florence around the globe in search of the secrets of the best cuisine. Each episode centered on a specific dish or type of dish, and Tyler would then visit an old lady in the countryside of Naples, or a famous chef in Paris, or a restarantuer in Mexico, to get their takes on the dish. It was a refreshing combination of travelogue and cooking show. At the end of each episode, Tyler would come home, combine the various insider ingredients and techniques from his travels and create an ultimate version of the dish. This show helped explore what chefs mean when they say, "I picked this up from my travels to [insert country here]...."moreless

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