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Nickelodeon (ended 2005)


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  • A decent show. Kids picked what would be shown on TV.

    U Pick Live was like the TRL for kid's television. On this show kid;s picked what they wanted to watch and the most votes won. They later started playing games using Nickelodeon's well known SLIME such as relay raceswhere the winning team were a color and evveryone in the crowd that color owon and got to do something. It would be shown on weekdays at a time when most would just be arriving home from school. It was aired right outside of Nick Stuios in Orlando, Florida. The show was alright but nothing special. I felt no pain when it was not shown anymore. I actually didn;t know it. It was an average show though.
  • I miss this show.

    Nickelodeon,you stink now.I really miss this show and you canceled it.I miss those games with Pick Boy and than he goes You win...I really miss all of that and now you canceled some of the good shows like The Amanda Show and Drake And Josh.I miss all of those shows and you had to cancel all of those shows,you idiots.Why did you have to do that and air that very dreadful H20 and True Jackson,VP?Why did you have to cancel all of those very best shows ever made on Nickelodeon.You stink right now you stupid big fat piece of poo.
  • It was O.K. , but I'm glad they got rid of it.

    I liked PickBoy, but I had some issues with U-pick Live. I know you were suppose to Pick out your own episodes, but they didn't give you much to choose from. They never let you pick Chalkzone, or anything else like that. It always had to be Jimmy Nuetron or some other show I got tired of seeing. ANd when they did show Chalkzone, like if the whole show was 30 minutes, and it wasn't one of the 15 minute long episodes, they would only show half of it and move on to something else. But honestly, I only liked it when my fave shows came on.
  • what is this?

    okay, this shouldn't be a show, it shouldn't even be on. it is about a lot of crazy people who do a lot of crazy things, then they say, 'here's the show'. couldn't we just watch the show without the crazy people? also pickboy looks a lot like the dude with glasses.