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The drama revolves around two close neighbours, Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida (Samiya Mumtaz). Sheedan is married to Maajid (Rehan Sheikh), while Sajida's husband Pervaiz died a long time ago. Sheedan has a daughter, Meera (Urwa Hocane) and a son Jahenzeb. Sajida has a daughter, Zebo (Areesha). One of Pervaiz's friends, Imtiaz (Ahsan Khan), proposes to Sajida. She ignores his pleas and asks help from Sheedan. On their insistence, she finally marries Imtiaz. The same day, Sheedan's husband dies. Now, Imtiaz starts to show his true intentions. Once he marries Sajida, he starts showing inappropriate behaviour towards his step-daughter Zebo and Meera. Once his step-daughter Zebo wanted to play, and Imtiaz orders that she must do whatever he says. He warns her not to tell her mother with the excuse that she will become jealous. Sheedan finds out about Meera and Ilyas's affair. Ilyas's mother tells Sajida, her sister, that Meera tries to lure people in and may lure Imtiaz. Later when Meera's brother is hungry, she is forced to go to Sajida's house to find food. However, Imtiaz follows Meera inside the house and tries to strike a deal with her; to give him what he 'wants' in exchange for feeding her whole family. She barely escapes. Meera then informs her mother, who believes her. When Sheedan scolds Imtiaz, Sajida refuses to believe in his misdeed. This causes a dispute between the former best friends, Sheedan and Sajida . Meera is even unhappier upon hearing that Ilyas is getting married to another girl. She confronts him. As she talks to her mother about her love for him, she becomes sentimental as she has sacrificed a lot for him, such as music. She and her family later attend a wedding for someone and sing. Milly, an urban girl from Lahore, is present at the wedding and is entranced by Meera's voice. She records a video. Milly is in reality, a member of a band. Problems arose when the lead singer had to leave the band, and she is in the search for another vocalist. She finds the ability to sing in Meera. She requests Meera to join her band. Sheedan is interested in the offer. When Milly shows the video to her two band members, they are not happy. They think she is old-fashioned. Sajida herself is in a harsh position. When she dresses up, Imtiaz makes fun of her and calls her names. Later on, he gets angry because he thinks the food she has cooked is bad. Sajida starts to cry. Imtiaz bothers her. One day, Imtiaz tells his step-daughter, Zebo, to massage his shoulders. He calls her mother ugly. Imtiaz calls her into a private room and asks her to massage his shoulders, as if he were forcing her into a weird position. When Milly's band comes to audition Meera, Meera makes a bad impression; he is running after a chicken which has escaped. Arsh, a band member, and Meera's brother think she is not modern enough. Meera also berates Arsh when he acts rudely towards her. and later on tells her to come into the room to massage his shoulders as if he were forcing her which makes her in a weird position. In the next episode we will see what happens and the band come to meet Meera. She gives off a weird impression as they see her firstly trying to catch a chicken which escapes into the front of the house. Meera also berates Arsh when he haughtily refuses to drink the beverage she has offered him. Meera is invited to Lahore by Milly, but Arsh does not agree.


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