UEFA Champions League

Season 3 Episode 21

ManUtd vs Chelsea (Final, season 2007/08)

Aired Unknown May 21, 2008 on Sky Sports



  • Trivia

    • Cristiano Ronaldo finished top scorer with 8 goals followed by Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba with 6 goals each.

    • Manchester United won their 3rd Champions League, 40 years after the 1st one and 9 years after the second one.

    • For the first time in Champions League history, each English team has been eliminated by one another. Arsenal were eliminated by Liverpool, who were eliminated by Chelsea, who will now face Manchester United in the final.

    • The final between Chelsea and Manchester United is the first all-English final in the history of the European Cup and the third final between two teams from the same country. The others were in 2000 and 2003.

    • Coincidentally, while two English teams (Manchester United and Chelsea) will be contesting the Champions League final in Moscow, Russia, a Russian team (Zenit St. Petersburg) will be contesting the UEFA Cup final in Manchester, England. Also, Chelsea FC is owned by a Russian.

    • This was Chelsea's first ever Champions league final.

    • This was the first ever all English Champions League final.

  • Quotes

    • Cristiano Ronaldo: (post-match comments) This means everything to me. Yet when I missed my penalty, it was the worst day of my life - I thought we were going to lose. But I feel proud of the lads, they believed all the time. And we deserved to win because we played the better football.

    • Henk Ten Cate: (post-match comments) We were devastated to lose it like that. I thought that in the second half and extra-time that we were the better side. We had some good chances and were very unlucky. We hit the post and the crossbar but penalties are a lottery and we got the short straw. The players have done a fantastic job this year. Especially if you look at the many critics they had, the manager especially. The players had to cope with it every day and to come so far, and be better over the 120 minutes against one of the best teams in the world, means that everyone at Chelsea can be proud."

    • Avram Grant: (post-match comments) We did so many good things. I am very proud of the way we played in the final. The spirit was good. I told them I was very proud of them, proud of the way they have played all year. They played the final like a good team. They were better than Manchester United.

    • Ryan Giggs: (post match comments) I think the first half we dominated and they had their chances in the second half. But we held our nerve and it was the best night of my life.

    • Carlos Queiroz: (post-match comments) It has been fantastic, waking up this morning could not have felt better. It is difficult to express or say how we feel inside. It is a huge feeling. We feel very, very proud. The lads have been fantastic. The team was great. The win started from the team spirit within the club. We need to enjoy it. This is a unique moment and you cannot lose it.

    • Frank Lampard: (post match comments) It is difficult because I know how it feels and there is not much you can say. I just told him that it was a game a football and he was man enough to stand up and take it - but that won't do him much good hearing that at the moment. John should have no worries because he is the strongest man I have met in football - one of the best men in football. An honest man. He slipped and missed. It doesn't change anything for me. He is still the first person I want next to me in my team.

    • Edwin Van Der Sar: (post-match comments) We were a little bit lucky with John Terry's slip. You could say the goal we conceded was an easy goal, the ball changed direction and I slipped. But it's our luck that he slipped otherwise it would have been all over and someone else would be sitting here. Life and football can change on small things. Penalties are all about the quality of strikes and you just have to hope that you save one. Saving that - I don't have any words for it. What can I say? It's great. You see it coming, you save it and then you get up and you know the game's over. You have two, three or four seconds on your own, arms in the air and everything goes through your mind.

    • Maurice Watkins: (post match comments) It means a great deal. It's a fantastic achievement. I think when we started off the season I don't think we were necessarily thinking we were going to win the Premier League and Champions League this season. We've brought all these young players this on season and it's been wonderful. The one thing that's been emphasised all along is this team spirit.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (post-match comments) Defending the European Cup is not an easy thing to do but I think the team is good enough. They will improve next year. We're delighted. It's my first victory in a penalty shoot-out apart from the Charity Shield. I've lost three with Aberdeen and three with United so this is seventh-time lucky. The slip by Terry gave us an opening and I thought we would win it then. We were fantastic in the first half but the goal gave them an impetus and they were the better team in the second half. But in extra-time, I think we were the better team. It was tight and there were some fantastic moments.

    • David Gill: (post-match comments) What an end to an amazing season. It's an immense occasion for the club. We thought we lost it and then to win in that dramatic fashion with Giggs scoring the last penalty was a fitting end to a wonderful season.

    • Patrick Vieira: (pre-match comments) Chelsea and United fully deserve to be in the final. It is really difficult to predict. I believe Manchester United play more attractive football. They have some really good individual talent. On the other side, Chelsea are a really tough team to play against. They are really experienced and really strong, and look fresher than Manchester United. When Jose Mourinho left there was a big question mark about Chelsea. But I think they have been working really hard and you can see the quality of the players and the mental strengths of the team.

    • Nani: (pre-match comments) The opportunity of playing in a Champions League final is a dream. I would never have believed this would come true. Manchester United have a better chance of winning as we have a better squad than Chelsea. The Premier League title demonstrated this. We will be looking for revenge after they defeated us at Stamford Bridge. The final will be intense. We have reached the final on merit after beating Barcelona in the semi-final. Playing in the final is not enough - we are there to win it.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (pre-match comments) We are proud representing the history in this club and we will not let them down. I'd rather be at a club with a great history. It may weigh heavy upon us but I'd rather have that than be at a club with no history at all.

    • Petr Cech: (pre-match comments) Everyone speaks about Ronaldo and if he can bring something extra of course he will be dangerous. But Manchester United are not just about Ronaldo. You cannot forget that Tevez had a great season, Rooney is always a dangerous player and Giggs, with his experience and quality, can decide a game. All the front four or five players of United, the attacking part of their game, is always their big strength and we have to be aware of it.

    • Carlos Tevez: (pre-match comments) We are a better side than Chelsea and that is a psychological problem for them. They may say that the Premier League is another story but we are convinced it will have an impact on what happens. We are favourites and everyone knows it. We are not worried by Chelsea.

    • Michael Ballack: (pre-match comments) We lost two big games close together, first the Carling Cup Final and then at Barnsley. What happened at Barnsley showed all of us the very fine line between being out and winning the titles we want. It was a signal to all of us. We were not used to that. Chelsea is not a team that is used to ending the season with nothing. But at that point we were very close to finishing with nothing at all. That was the catalyst when we sat down together. When those things happen, a team starts to think a little bit. You ask how things are not going like they did before, you start to question whether you're a good team, if we are there for it in the biggest moments.

    • Owen Hargreaves: (pre-match comments) I have never been in a team with such a great group of players - not only talent-wise but personality-wise. It is very unique what we have here. You look at the players who are not even in the squad, the camaraderie is really special. I have learned a lot this season about people and personalities. That's why we are in the position we are in because of this chemistry. The squad is in the position to achieve things again and again. That's the goal.

    • Michel Platini: (pre-match comments) I think we should wait until the players have trained on it and the coaches have seen it first. They are the ones who will decide on the state of the pitch. But I have not heard of any problems so far. Uefa officials have seen the pitch and have reported that it is perfectly playable with no problems raised. The only problem is that the colour may not be ideal, but the pitch is playable.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (pre-match comments) Since we have won the championship we have had ten days good preparation. It has been a long hard season but I think we are in our best shape and hopefully good enough to win this trophy. There is a weakness in the amount of European trophies we have won and I hope we can go some way to making that better tomorrow night. We will not have control for the whole of the game but we know enough about their strengths and weakness to go into the game on an equal footing, and I trust my players.

    • Petr Cech: (pre-match comments) It was clear before the last game that if Manchester United kept their nerve they would win the title. We knew this would happen, but of course we were disappointed because we were pushing them all the way. It is always disappointing when you are so close to winning a title and you finish second. It can be an extra motivation for us because we do not want to see them celebrating again. I think it is great to know that we are playing against a team we are capable of beating. We have done it many times in the past and we are positive we can do it again.

    • Ji Sung Park: (pre-match comments) It doesn't matter that everyone all over the world is watching this game, I just want to concentrate on winning this match. Lots of people will be watching this game in Asia, I know that. They want me to play and show Asian players can play better than European players, so I want to show that. I want to prove that Asian people can play very well.

    • Avram Grant: (pre-match comments) We are here today 11 days after the league. If it was a normal season for Chelsea we would be on vacation. We are here because we are here for the most important game for clubs in the world, the Champions League final. You need to respect everyone at Chelsea and ask questions about the final, not about me.

    • John Terry: (pre-match comments) I am disappointed with what has happened. I want the armband and my England place back. Maybe a performance in this final would go a long way to getting those things back. But Rio has been different class this year and particularly since he was made captain against France. We have seen a world-class player at the top of his game and, as a centre-half looking on, I would say he has been awesome. But I want to get out there and prove I am the right man for the England job.

    • Ryan Giggs: (pre-match comments) It's got the makings of being the best team I've ever played in, purely because of the age of the team. The average age is quite young but you judge a team by the trophies it wins. The 1999 Treble-winning side is always the barometer on how you judge a team. If this team goes on to win the Champions League then hopefully they'll go on and win even more. It will be a great occasion and another tough game for us. The Champions League is special, it's a difficult competition to win but hopefully we can end the season on a high note.

  • Notes

    • Manchester United won their third Champions League final from three finals, thus keeping a 100% record that of winning each European Champions League Final.

    • Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League 2007/08 without conceding a single defeat.

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