UEFA Champions League

Season 3 Episode 7

Matchday 1 Group Stage (season 2007/08)

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2007 on Sky Sports



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    • Olympiacos will play against Lazio at "Georgios Karaiskakis" in a "gates closed" match, due to a last season's ban from UEFA.

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    • Juande Ramos: (On Sevilla's 3-0 defeat by Arsenal) We lost because the team we were up against were superior on the night. Although we dominated and got to their area easily enough, we couldn't take advantage. The Arsenal defence stopped us getting through. We are now playing in a much more demanding competition than in previous seasons. We were very unlucky with the first goal and the third one was the result of a defensive error. But this is what happens when you play top-quality opposition - you can't afford to make mistakes.

    • Gheorghe Hagi: (On Steaua's 2-1 defeat by Slavia) Every game in the Champions League is very hard and even small mistakes are costly. We played well and perhaps deserved more but the home side were luckier and scored two goals from two chances. I am satisfied with our performance with the exception of the last 20 minutes. We have other games ahead so nothing is over.

    • Karel Jarolim: (On Slavia's 2-1 win against Steaua) We were pretty nervous in the first half. Our performance was a little timid, we sat back and made errors, and Nicolae Dică had a lot of space. Two substitutions due to injuries made matters worse. However, we improved after the restart and could even have increased our advantage. I was more relaxed than in the qualifying games against Ajax, as we fulfilled our dreams by advancing to the group stage, we can enjoy it now. We are thinking about third spot but we want to perform well against all our opponents. The fans were fantastic today and helped us win. We have all wanted this for a long time.

    • Roberto Mancini: (On Inter's 1-0 defeat by Fenerbahce) Fenerbahçe played better than us; they deserved to win. In the first half both teams were fairly equal, but in the second Fenerbahce played better. I was expecting a challenging game tonight, but with the supporters on their side they became even stronger. We had nine players missing tonight, so we were at a disadvantage but we still went into the game hoping not to lose. I can't blame the players that played and nine missing players is no excuse for losing three points. We have five more games to play and we are sure we will qualify. To get three points from your first game is a big advantage towards qualification. Fenerbahçe now have this advantage and I want to congratulate them on that.

    • Zico: (On Fenerbache 1-0 win against Inter) I congratulate my players on their performance. They did their best and they were fully motivated. We have a lot of respect for our opponents, and know they are a strong team, but my players tried to play football as best as they can and got three points. We want to be successful in the Champions League as the best teams play here. We will prove ourselves by the way we play football. We didn't make the most of our chances tonight, however, and may not be so lucky next time.

    • Valeriy Gazzaev: (On CSKA Moscow 2-1 defeat by PSV) We tried to play attacking football and although we created a lot of chances we didn't take them unfortunately, scoring only one goal. We're confident we can win our home game against PSV.

    • Ronald Koeman: (On PSV 2-1 win against CSKA Moscow) It was a difficult game against a tough opponent. We created some good chances and CSKA did too so it was more or less 50-50. At times we didn't take the initiative so they were able to play quite offensively. Later in the match we created more pressure because we played more football out of the defence, through the midfield and to the strikers. We've got a really good result today from a very exciting match. CSKA's two strikers are world class and will always be dangerous.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (On ManUtd 1-0 win against Sporting) It was a very important result for us, away, in our first European match. Our aim in the first half was to keep Sporting at bay and we managed that thanks to Van der Sar who made a great save. We changed things in the second half, played deeper and were the better team, though again Van der Sar was fantastic in denying them an equaliser. It was good for Ronaldo to score his first goal of the season. He was well received in his old stadium. He's such a talented player, so young and now we hope he spends his best years with United. He's growing as a player and anything can happen in the future.

    • Paulo Bento: (On Sporting's 1-0 defeat by ManUtd) My team put in a good performance against a great side. We dominated the first half, controlled the play and had the best chances. In second half we didn't start that well and the goal came from a moment of poor concentration. We lost the ball following a rebound and failed to reorganise defensively which left Ronaldo in a danger zone. In matches like these mistakes are very costly. Towards the end, when we played with just three defenders, we created chances but Van der Sar stopped us from scoring. The result was unfair because United scored with the first chance they had. It's important to get points on the board but we're not out because of this defeat. We weren't happy that Ronaldo scored, but our fans showed their appreciation and admiration for him by applauding.

    • Anatoliy Demyanenko: (On Dynamo Kyiv 2-0 defeat by Roma) We did not play well. I tried to change the formation during the match but we kept making mistakes. However, I'm sure we will earn points in forthcoming games. We have to if we want to progress from the group stage. Roma played very well and I want to congratulate them because they fully deserved the win. My guys seemed afraid, we really made some unforgivable mistakes, giving them several opportunities to score.

    • Luciano Spalletti: (On Roma's 2-0 win against Dynamo Kyiv) Winning games always give you enthusiasm, which is both good if perhaps a little dangerous. We played very well tonight with the exception a few instances. We always understood exactly what we had to do and never had less than the right attitude. The move for our first goal was absolutely superb, then we had a bit of bad luck with some other chances. I only replaced Juan because he was not 100% after suffering a slight injury at the weekend. He forms a great defensive partnership with Mexes, he is a great defender with very good experience and a sense of position.

    • Alain Perrin: (On Lyon's 3-0 defeat by Barcelona) It's a disappointing result but I have to say we defended well while one of our great strengths, our attack, didn't function. Messi was great down the left wing but then I think we played well in that area too. We knew Barcelona were dangerous everywhere and wanted to keep all their players under control. We started the game with an own goal and had trouble moving the ball forward from them on. Our home games are important and we have to work hard before the Rangers match.

    • Frank Rijkaard: (On Barcelona's 3-0 win against Lyon) It's a great result - 3 goals, an attractive game, a good atmosphere - so I have to congratulate my players. The team played well with the crowd behind them and that's what we need at the moment in the league and Champions League. Football is about team work so I congratulate everyone. A sportsman always wants to play so it was normal for Ronaldinho to be a bit upset at being substituted but he played well. He's an important player for us and there are plenty of matches ahead. I like seeing things positively so despite some supporters booing him, most of them applauded him and that's what I value. All 3 goals made me happy and the 2nd goal was important to guarantee the win. Lyon are great opponents but we played maturely. They're a quality team and the difference between a goal and a chance is huge so I'm glad we didn't concede any tonight.

    • Armin Veh: (On Stuttgart's 2-1 defeat by Rangers) I'm still trying to calm down: I'm not happy about it. In the first half we controlled the game and created chances, but the final pass was either intercepted or misplaced. In the second half we continued like that. We even scored the first goal and that is when you should take the points home with you. There was no reason to make the mistakes we did. For the equaliser, their full-back ran across the pitch and three men could not stop him. We then gave away the penalty to make it 2-1. We worked hard for 90 minutes and then fell asleep for three, but I'd prefer to play better and lose rather than play poorly and lose. I saw many good things from my team.

    • Walter Smith: (On Rangers 2-1 win against Stuttgart) I am obviously delighted to get off to a winning start. We don't have a lot of players with Champions League experience and we started a little bit slowly. Stuttgart were the better team in the first period and I was disappointed to concede when we did, but the players didn't let it affect them. We managed to get back into it and then get the lead. We are in an extremely tough section and we will have to play at an exceptionally high level to get anything at all, but if we can continue to get results like this it might make people sit up and take notice. That is up to us. We have shown tonight we can get a result at home, but we have to go away against exceptional teams. It's a big test for us, but any win in this group is a big factor.

    • Mircea Lucescu: (On Shakhtar's 2-0 win against Celtic) This is a very important victory and an important three points. Sometimes in order to progress you need to win all your home matches. I'm happy not only with the points but the performance too - the scoreline doesn't reflect all the chances we had. We pressed really well in the opening 25 minutes and played organised football. After that we allowed Celtic to gain some confidence, and in the second half we made some mistakes and they could have scored. Our centre-backs anticipated crosses and Lewandowski also did very well covering the zone in front of them. There was great link-up play between Jedson, Fernandinho and Ilsinho, with Srna and Rat supporting down the wings. The experience of Lucarelli and the aggressiveness of Brandão told as well. We deserved the three points - the score should have been 6-2. I challenged my players to score early as if we allowed Celtic to control the ball we could have been in trouble.

    • Jose Antonio Camacho: (On Benfica's 2-1 defeat by Milan) You pay for every mistake you make against a side like Milan. I don't blame our lack of experience because we were facing the best team in Europe. We played a decent game and lost 2-1. I don't know how many teams have done this well in recent years in Milan and how many will do the same this season. We had a few injuries to deal with and had to adapt. I tried to make as few changes as possible but it is not easy for players to come in and play a game like this. I'm satisfied with what we did tonight though: we created a few chances and I think the game would have been different if Óscar Cardozo had scored when he hit the post.

    • Carlo Ancelotti: (On Milan's 2-1 win against Benfica) We opened the scoring early, forcing Benfica to play more open and this gave us the advantage of playing on the counterattack: our favourite ploy. We created several chances and even if we didn't score as many as we deserved, I'm happy about the performance of my players. This team can play very good football when the players are inspired as they were tonight. Pirlo played brilliantly; there are no midfielders around with his range of qualities and knowledge of the game. It's always nicer not to concede goals but I'm not angry for the one we conceded today, especially as the game was almost over.

    • Delio Rossi: (On Lazio's 1-1 draw with Olympiacos) We started slowly and didn't get into a rhythm fast enough. We gradually got into the game and when we conceded that was when our strong character started to show. We managed to level and had chances to score a winning goal. The players are disappointed because they knew victory was in their grasp. This was a special match for me, I was moved to hear the UEFA Champions League anthem. I started my career at the lowest level and now I am involved in a competition like the Champions League.

    • Takis Lemonis: ( On Olympiacos 1-1 draw with Lazio) We lacked the ability to convert chances today and could have got a better result. I blame my players for the goal we conceded, however I am satisfied with their effort. They were very disciplined and applied what we had done in training; therefore the final result leaves us with the feeling we could have got more. It would have been important to start with a win. We are building a new team and are not in a competitive position yet. We are at a good level but still have room for improvement. If we would have had our fans with us today perhaps we wouldn't have conceded the equaliser because they would have put pressure on Lazio.

    • Thomas Shaaf: (On Bremen's 2-1 defeat by Real) Congratulations to Real Madrid, the result is fair. We wanted to play more offensively but their quality decided the game. We did many things well, we had chances to score and possession of the ball and that was what we were looking for. Real Madrid have a clear philosophy; to look for empty spaces and create chances to score. I'm satisfied, it gives me hope for the games to come.

    • Bernd Schuster: (On Real's 2-1 win against Bremen) The team worked for this victory against difficult opponents. We fought tonight and deserved to win. Our opponents' tactics were not good for us, we looked for different ways to score but Bremen are a difficult team to beat. Fernando Gago worked hard tonight, marking Diego and we must help him more, but I congratulate him for his work because Diego is a great player. We have some things to resolve; we didn't practice together for two weeks because of international games and we must improve our defence but I'm very happy. The pre-season was not as we wanted but at the end of it we started to get better. The results of that work are helping us but we are not at the level that am I looking for. Raúl is a fighter, he never gives up and he will never drop his quality. I'm very happy with the victory, we really worked for it.

    • Quique Sanchez Flores: (On Valencia's 1-0 win in Schalke) Compared to our recent matches we have improved. We were well co-ordinated and well aware in defence and did not allow them many chances. We knew it would be difficult for us because we have played so many games recently. I'm very pleased we were able to play so well today. That will give us motivation and will spur us on. I don't want to single out any player in particular, we have been stronger as a collective than before and that's what matters most to me. We have to focus on doing our job - it doesn't matter if you finish first or second in the group. Regardless of the result from the Chelsea game we took our first step today.

    • Oliver Reck: (On Schalke 0-1 defeat by Schalke) I think we started well and controlled the midfield, but we wanted to put them under more pressure and use our forwards more and that didn't work out as planned. Valencia then managed to take the pace out of the game, but as we knew they are very strong in attack and that proved decisive. Of course, we're disappointed with the result. Valencia played a clever game after taking the lead and we didn't manage to create any more chances. They made it very difficult for our forwards after that. It didn't work out for us today, but heads up, life goes on.

    • Knut Torum: ( On Rosenborg's 1-1 draw with Chelsea) I'm very happy. We stuck to our plan, we were compact and kept Chelsea some distance from our goal. But we were also lucky because Chelsea had their chances. I'd like to say a big thank you to the boys, it was a heroic performance. We also had a couple of good chances and could have scored more goals. We are strong at set-pieces and have strong players in the air, plus we always knew if we kept the ball in the right areas we could score, which we did. It was a very good start to our Champions League campaign.

    • Jose Mourinho: (On Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Rosenborg) I'm very disappointed with the result. We had about 20 chances and only scored one goal, so to score two we would have needed 40 and for three 60. We played against a team that tends to defend and is well organised and we cannot score goals, which is disappointing because this is the sort of game we have to win, against what would normally be the weakest team in the group. Maybe now we need to get four against Valencia [CF]. Rosenborg played their game, gave their best and worked hard and I congratulate them for the point they got. I am also disappointed we couldn't defend the one free-kick they had in the whole match.

    • Rafa Benitez: (On Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Porto) We started badly, made too many mistakes and conceded. We were much better in the second half, showed character and good organisation and managed to earn a point that with ten men was a good result. Pennant was rightly sent off and he'll learn from it. It was not easy to play against a good Porto side whose players have lots of pace. In first half we were bad but in the second we played well.

    • Jesualdo Ferreira: (On Porto's 1-1 draw with Liverpool) Not a good result: we were best for 90 minutes and for 30 we played against ten men. We started well, scored, but their goal caused problems. We were always the better side, had more possession, passed well but due to some individual errors we did not perform in attack. After the red card there was less room to play. We had just a 30-metre band to play with and sought a goal but we failed. We deserve more then this and did all we could against a very strong side. If we think 'We played against Liverpool; a 1-1 is okay' but the manner of the match makes it feel unfair.

    • Ertugrul Saglam: (On Besiktas 2-0 defeat from Marseille) It's frustrating because I expected to get a draw. We wanted to start the competition very well but we didn't play very well tonight. It's only our first match and everything is not lost because we have five other chances to win games. The only good thing is Marseille did not have a lot of opportunities to score but I want to congratulate them on their win tonight.

    • Albert Emon: (On Marseille's 2-0 win against Besiktas) I'm proud of my team tonight and that's the most important thing. We were well organised and very motivated. During the 1st half we were troubled by the wind but in the 2nd we played with intelligence and scored goals. I hope this match can be a turning point for us because up until now it's been a difficult period for the team. This was one of the best matches I've seen this season and now we have to remain humble and we have to build on this victory with another one on Saturday at [AJ] Auxerre. Everything is not perfect and we have a lot of work to do and my players know that but we have a good team that is capable of great things.

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