UEFA Champions League

Season 3 Episode 8

Matchday 2 Group Stage (season 2007/08)

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    • Lomana LuaLua: (On Olympiacos 3-1 win in Bremen) That's what I love about this side. There's great team spirit here. We never let our heads drop when we went behind and we kept believing. We're a new team in that there's a lot of players still getting to know each other, but we all know what this result means. The atmosphere was great in the changing room after the whistle and people have been telling me how long this record lasted. We've made history and I'm really proud to be a part of it. We decided we needed to press them more after half-time. That's what made the difference. We pushed up and didn't give them any time on the ball. Plus, we heard our supporters screaming in the stands and that made us give 120%. When you think about how far they've travelled despite our record away from home, we couldn't let them down.

    • Mircea Lucescu: (On Shakhtar's 1-0 win in Benfica) It was a deserved result. We played well and created lots of chances. We started well, controlled the play and from the early stages we were dangerous. These are three important points and a boost for the next match against AC Milan. Benfica's play was all about Rui Costa, Angel Di María and Cristián Rodríguez, and we forced them to play long balls to Óscar Cardozo. The final minutes were hard because they attacked in numbers but we could still have scored on the counterattack. I know the merits of Benfica and Shakhtar and I always knew we would come out on top. Our midfielders Jadson and Fernandinho played well and it's wonderful to see how they are now after three seasons with us.

    • Carlo Ancelotti: (On Milan's 2-1 defeat by Celtic) I didn't see what happened with Dida at the end of the match, but it had nothing to do with the final result. Our defending was at fault for both of Celtic's goals and that is not acceptable. It was as a tight game as we expected and it was also pretty physical as the pitch was fairly slick. The real problem for Milan is that, other than the victory over Benfica on Matchday 1, we haven't won a match since August. This is my main concern and that's what we must now change.

    • Gordon Strachan: (On Celtic's 2-1 win against Milan) We have beaten the European champions - it was an excellent performance. It's been a wonderful couple of nights for Scottish teams. Artur Boruc didn't have a save to make throughout the first half. I thought we could be successful from set-pieces and that's how it worked out. The players were shocked with the AC Milan penalty and it gave us the motivation to keep on fighting until the end. Any time our boys lost the ball, they were giving everything to win it back. We went for the win with a couple of attacking substitutions at the end and, thankfully, we got it. Both Celtic and Rangers now have so many Scotland internationals in their first teams. When players have a good international result, they come back to their clubs with the confidence that they can compete against the best players in the world and that's how it proved tonight.

    • Takis Lemonis: (On Olympiacos 3-1 win against Bremen) Our win today at Werder Bremen was a supreme team effort. In the first half we did not concentrate or act quickly enough when in possession, but in the second we did much better and put in a great performance. We were effective as a team and my team has written history today thanks to a very strong performance in the second half. We need to repeat this level of performance against Real Madrid when we meet them next.

    • Thomas Schaaf: (On Bremen's 3-1 defeat by Olympiacos) In the second half, when we still had the lead, we missed out on scoring a second or even a third goal. Then we starting playing deeper instead of attacking, didn't make the challenges in midfield and gave Olympiacos room to play their game. It doesn't look good for us now, we have no points after the opening two matches. It will be very difficult for us. We simply cannot afford results and performances like today in the Champions League.

    • Bernd Schuster: (On Real's 2-2 draw with Lazio) I'm not angry or disappointed because an away draw is a positive result, even if we looked like we would earn three points when we were 2-1 up. It was an open game and the draw is a fair result. We lacked a bit of calm after taking the lead for the first time and made mistakes in keeping possession of the ball. We have played a lot of games recently so it is understandable that we will not always be 100% focused. However, we tried to score the third goal when we were at 2-2 and that pleased me. I have to say that Lazio played a great match. They are young and lack experience but they are very determined. The atmosphere was also very impressive with a packed stadium that gave them tremendous support. Lazio have a chance to qualify but after tonight's performance we have to take Olympiacos very seriously.

    • Delio Rossi: (On Lazio's 2-2 draw with Real Madrid) I thank our fans for their support in such an important game. My players were too tense at the beginning of the game, we did not manage to play our usual football in the early stages because we were too excited. I tried to calm my players down before the start but obviously I didn't manage to do it enough. We suffered a lot during the whole game because Madrid have more quality than us, however if we play our best football we can compete against any team. Tonight we proved that we deserve to play in the Champions League, I told my players that, and to go out there and just give their best. I'm very satisfied with their performance.

    • Mirko Slomka: (On Schalke's 2-0 win in Rosenborg) I was very pleased with how we secured our victory in the second half. In the first half Rosenborg had a few counterattacks, so I told the players to stay deeper in the second half. We played well overall, tactically. You can never be sure but I didn't feel we were under much threat. I'm happy we were able to secure three points today. The other result was not the best, but we will play twice against Chelsea and we have every possibility. We wanted to win, we had to win, and I'm very glad we were able to do so. Rosenborg have great potential as they have a lot of strength on the counterattack, and they can still create problems for the other teams in the group.

    • Avram Grant: (On Chelsea's 2-1 win in Valencia) I have tried with all the staff to tell the players that they are experienced players, they know the game and that they could go out and win. We told them that we all believed in them. I am happy and surprised – it's the first time we have finished a match recently with all eleven players. Can the fans now forget about José Mourinho? No they cannot. Mourinho did really good things for this team but now I am in charge. It was an easy decision to play John Terry – he plays with all his heart. When you are a captain, a big player, you need to be an example for others and you can't ask for more of an example than this.

    • Quique Flores: (On Valencia's 2-1 defeat by Chelsea) Like last time one team dominated the first half and the other dominated the second. After the game we have good feelings but a bad result. We could not manage to finish off the game after the first goal, we were better than Chelsea in this phase and it was a shame that we were not winning at the end of the first half. There are lots of reasons in a game why you cannot achieve what you want. It's all about small details and what counts at the end are not statistics but goals. Chelsea managed to neutralise our game and we made two great errors. We could have got the ball back better off their midfielders and we could have done better before Drogba got the ball for the second goal.

    • Jesualdo Ferreira: (On Porto's 1-0 win in Besiktas) We were expecting a difficult game as Beşiktaş are a strong team. In the first half they pressed and attacked a lot, their midfield was very strong and we couldn't pass through them. The Besiktas fans made noise for 90 minutes - that made my players tense and they lost their focus at times. But in the second half we improved and I'd like congratulate to all my players especially the defenders. We got three points tonight because of them. Our aim was to get three points, and surprisingly Liverpool dropped three points tonight, so these points are very valuable for us. It's easier for us to qualify for the next stage now, I know that my players don't have enough experience of the Champions League but we still have four more games to play and will gain experience. I would like to warn Marseille and Liverpool because when they come here they will find it tough because of the fans. Besiktas still have a chance of going through.

    • Rafa Benitez: (On Liverpool's 1-0 defeat by Marseille) It was a poor game and we did not play well from the beginning. We were making mistakes, giving the ball away, not pressing and created no chances. At the end we created a few chances from corners but it was a very bad game. We knew Marseille would play better in the Champions League because they are a good team with good players. We now need to win the next game and see what happens. I'm glad it's finished.

    • Erik Gerets: (On Marseille's 1-0 win in Liverpool) Tonight is all about the players - tactically they didn't make a mistake. We came here to attack. We tried to get four forward whenever possible, and put pressure on Liverpool. In previous games we have had a link man between defence and midfield but tonight we had one between attack and midfield. Valbuena was fantastic and deserved to celebrate his goal. We have to remember, even though we can celebrate tonight we are nowhere yet.

    • Juande Ramos: (On Sevilla's 4-2 win against Slavia Prague) Qualification isn't clear. There are four teams in the group and Slavia and Steaua will fight. It's true Steaua will have more difficulties to progress because they have only one point but our match against Steaua won't be easy because mathematically they could still progress to the next round. I'm very happy with the three points, which are very important for our progress. The result was different from our recent ones but we played exactly the same tactics as always. The only difference was that Sevilla found the way to score. It rained a lot and the weather was stormy - that explains why the stadium was not full.

    • Arsene Wenger: (On Arsenal's 1-0 win against Steaua) We decided to set the pace of the match and to score early, but unfortunately we did not manage this. We felt superior, and we were superior, but when you don't score you might become impatient. Fortunately, we did not become like that. We kept our calm, played intelligent and scored the goal of a well-deserved victory. Finally, patience means maturity. I have to say that Steaua played well, defended very well and their plan was to defend and to catch us on the counterattack. They gave everything and after van Persie's goal we became calmer, while Steaua became a little bit more precipitated, because the match finish was close, and they finished a little bit tired. We were fully focused on the match and I am happy with the win, even if it was not a glamorous game. But obviously our players are hungry for success. It is too early to compare the run of 49 matches without defeat from 2004 with the run of nine matches without defeat this year. It is a challenge ahead of us and we will have to prove our consistency.

    • Roberto Mancini: (On Inter's 2-0 win against PSV) We worked well as a team, especially when we were left with ten men and our attackers helped the rest of the side to defend. It was very important to earn three points tonight after starting the group with a defeat. There are still four games left so the road is still very long but today's victory was very important. I don't think we had such a bad game [when we lost at Fenerbahçe]. We were just a bit worried because we were missing several players, so we sat back a bit without playing as we can. However our physical condition has improved compared to two weeks ago and you could see it today against PSV. Cambiasso is a very intelligent player and can play well in every position with his tactical awareness so I decided to field him in defence when Chivu was sent off. We did not have other defenders but he did a terrific job. We are also happy about Ibrahimović's first goals in the competition. His goals are very important for us and we hope he will keep on scoring.

    • Frank Rijkaard: (On Barcelona's 2-0 win against Stuttgart) It was important that we got a result today. Too bad that we have two injured players now, but it's not that bad with Puyol. We started well, had some chances, but chose the one-on-one too often when closing down in the area which strengthened our opponents. We should have decided the match by then but did not manage to do so. Stuttgart reacted well and that's why our goalkeeper's saves were so important. Our problem is that we have many great players but they sometimes think it's all coming to them without work. We still have to work very hard. Abidal and Iniesta were our best players today. Ronaldinho has worked very hard in recent weeks and I was quite pleased with him too.

    • Armin Veh: (On Stuttgart's 2-0 defeat by Barcelona) We knew it would be a difficult match because Barcelona are on a run. It is obviously difficult against a team with so many good players. We attacked aggressively and had our chances to take the lead. The second half started well, too, but then something happened that must not happen: we conceded a goal from a dead-ball situation. After that it was difficult, Barça closed down the space and deservedly won the match. My team fought well but did not have the necessary luck. Given the current situation I'm not displeased with the performance.

    • Luciano Spalletti: (On Roma's 1-0 defeat by ManUtd) We were very, very good and should not have been the beaten side. The team deserved some form of reward for the discipline they played with. If anyone deserved to score more it was Roma rather than United. We showed the right attitude and the right approach. It would be wrong to point out individual errors and mistakes. We played excellent as a group, we played high up the pitch and showed great character. The dynamics of the group have now changed considerably, not only because of the result here but also the victory for Sporting. The next two games against Sporting are very important indeed.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (On ManUtd's 1-0 win against Roma) In the first half we showed too much caution and got bogged down in tactics. We improved a lot in the second half with a fabulous goal which was a result of great passing and great penetration. The goal will give Wayne confidence but that will come anyway as he improves his fitness and his sharpness by playing more games. The game was well refereed, played in good spirit, good atmosphere and that is a credit to both sets of players given the events of last year. It is very much straightforward for us now. I always say ten points will get us through and now we have six already and the confidence to go on and qualify. It's important we pick up points in the next two games against Kyiv as I don't want to go to Roma needing any points.

    • Walter Smith: (On Rangers 3-0 win in Lyon) We had an excellent result tonight but we had to battle hard for it. We asked ourselves questions about our capacity for playing away but we couldn't have imagined we would win against Lyon - we didn't expect it, but we worked very hard for it. The result is one of our biggest in recent years and nobody could have imagined this scenario. I don't think we would be insulting anyone by saying Barcelona are the best team in the group, but there will be a battle between the other teams for the other qualifying spot. Tonight it was important to show that we could compete at the top level in Europe.

    • Alain Perrin: (On Lyon's 3-0 defeat by Rangers) It's difficult to explain what happened tonight, but that's football. If you look at the statistics, I can't blame my players, even if we could have won more duels in the penalty area. Of course it is more difficult to qualify now, we must depend on other results in the group and we will have to win back the points we have lost at home, starting with Stuttgart in the next game. We were aware of Rangers' qualities but we actually defended well, apart from at corners. There are a lot of disappointed players in the dressing room tonight, but with this nightmare scenario it's the staff's job to keep the result in context. We must now look forward to the next Ligue 1 game against Bordeaux.

    • Zico: (On Fenerbahce 2-2 draw against CSKA Moscow) We did all we could. First luck was on our side, then not on our side, then again on our side. We faced strong opposition and there were many difficult moments, but in the second half we managed to pick up our game especially on the right. Since the match ended 2-2 it's hard to say which team performed better today. The main aim is to qualify, either in first or second, it doesn't matter which.

    • Valeriy Gazzaev: (On CSKA Moscow's 2-2 draw against Fenerbahce) Both Fenerbahce goals were scored after grave mistakes, in the Champions League opponents don't forgive such mistakes. We played to win and were very highly motivated, but when the score was in our favour we somehow lost the initiative. Our players looked tired, there was probably not enough time for them to rest after a difficult game on Saturday, and Fenerbahce had an extra day. During the second half we had excellent chances from counterattacks and I thought we would score from one and secure the result we wanted but unfortunately these chances were not taken. Now after two games we have only one point which is not satisfactory, but of course we will do our best in the remaning games and will fight to the end.

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    • Top goalscorer in this season's Champions League after matchday 2 is Real Madrid's Ruud Van Nistelrooy with 3 goals.

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