UEFA Champions League

Season 4 Episode 11

Matchday 5 Group Stage (season 2008/09)

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 2008 on Sky Sports



  • Trivia

    • Panathinaikos win against Inter, was their first away win ever, against an Italian team in any European competition.

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    • Henk ten Cate: (on Panathinaikos 1-0 win in Inter) We have just finished a game against Inter at San Siro so I don't think it's time to start thinking about the last game in the group just yet. Normally after starting with two defeats it's game over, but I told my players there were still four games to play. We started to build this team in the summer and we are improving quickly, week after week, and play better as a team in Europe than we do in the domestic league. If you are as organised as we were today then you can surprise many teams in Europe, even big ones like Inter. However, the most important thing is having the confidence to play your game away from home. We have begun to believe that we can win away and this is crucial for a team like ours. It was an important win and we had a great support from the 5,000 supporters that followed us to Milan – we should dedicate this win to them.

    • José Mourinho: (on Inter's 1-0 defeat by Panathinaikos) After today's performance we don't deserve to go home relaxed having qualified – it would have been fairer if we had to travel to Bremen with pressure on the final day. We were lucky to go through after what was a just defeat. The coach is always responsible for defeats so I'm here to listen and accept all the criticisms. We were tired mentally and physically after the great performance against Juventus in Serie A. We relaxed a bit after that game. I never like to lose, not even when we've already gone through. I don't think there's much difference between qualifying first and second in the group because teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and Real Madrid can all finish second, but we will go to Bremen to win. Panathinaikos defended very well, both in the first half when we tried to attack through the middle and in the second when we tried to attack via the flanks. They were better than us today; we were tired, lacking focus and confidence. In 2003 when I was at Porto we won 2-0 at Panathinaikos and lost 1-0 at home and we ended up winning the UEFA Cup.

    • Rafael Benítez: (on Liverpool's 1-0 win against Marseille) It was really important to qualify so we have to be really pleased. It was difficult but at the end of the day we won and we can maybe approach the next game in another way – it depends on the situation of the players. I think the game was strange because we were controlling it and scored but then they began attacking and we were just counterattacking. We were giving the ball away and not giving a good final pass. They had the same problem as they were attacking. The game was too open against a team which has pace and ability and that is always a problem. I think we all know that Steven Gerrard is an offensive midfielder who has a good attacking mentality and can score goals. He is a very important player for us and his goal proves that. One year we finished first and lost against Benfica and two years we finished second but won against Juventus and Inter Milan so you never know. They decided to attack and were very offensive with three strikers and also one or two between the lines, so trying to control five players with pace and ability was not always easy. We were trying to reach Torres with the final pass maybe too quickly. The main thing was to win and to qualify and we are really pleased. We knew before the game that they have good players so we knew they could be very dangerous if we were not controlling the game and keeping the ball. That was the situation; the game was too open so they had space in which to run and were always a threat. Clearly we need to improve our possession, keep and pass the ball better, as we are giving the ball away too easily.

    • Erik Gerets: (on Marseille's 1-0 defeat by Liverpool) We had some problems during the first 20 minutes but after that I think it was a good game. We got more into the game and had some chances at the end. We had one day less recuperation but you could not see that on the pitch because we put in a good fight until the end, and the only thing that makes me unhappy is the result. I think we must forget the first 15 minutes as they were better but after that we played quite well – we were much more of a team and played as a unit. I was pleased with the way we played and it was the first time in a long time that the defence and midfield have worked together so well. We had chances right up until the final seconds of the game. It's just that difference between the top-class sides and maybe the sides just one slight step down. I was here with Galatasaray a few years ago and 3-0 down but managed to fight back to 3-2. Then we had a real good chance to make it 3-3 but didn't score – sometimes it is just the small things that are lacking that make the difference. I think all the players, especially the young players, have learned a lot from the Champions League and what it is like tonight. Apart from one game against PSV [on Matchday 3], when we played particularly badly, we have done well and taken lots of positives. Tonight we tried to play, tried to build from the back, get the ball forward and play in their half. I think we did that, were never scared and tried to take on Liverpool. We just lacked that certain something that makes the difference against the top teams. This campaign has been successful in giving experience to the younger lads. With everything to play for it is going to be a fiery encounter against Atlético in the last game.

    • Thomas Schaaf: (on Bremen's 2-2 draw with Anorthosis) Maybe we were lacking a little bit of will and courage. We knew the game would be difficult from the beginning. We tried to find space and use it, but only managed to do that in the last 20 minutes. Then we played well, and got the draw. Naturally we are greatly disappointed, because our target was to qualify. Today we had a chance to achieve this target but we didn't exploit it. We had a chance to have a very nice finale against Inter but now it will be a game to decide whether we will continue in the UEFA Cup. You cannot take the Champions League and say: These elements were good and others were not. One must take the season as a whole. In the first game we played well and had good elements. Today we also had good elements but maybe we didn't have what was expected of us. But one should see the season as a whole, and our performance must improve. The basic thing is to see what we did this year. We set goals and didn't achieve them. We need to see how we can work and improve. We played in the Champions League, which is good, but didn't go through, which isn't good. We need to see how to improve and get better.

    • Temuri Ketsbaia: (on Anorthosis 2-2 draw with Bremen) We're disappointed because we were winning 2-0 and couldn't hold on. We made no mistakes until we conceded the goal, then we made mistakes and at this level you are punished. We could even have lost the game but at 2-2 we had a good chance to score. The players made a huge effort, not only today, but in all of the games. If we want to achieve something we have to go to Athens and get a result. Of course the game is not easy but none of the games were easy for us. What is left is to continue; we need to relax and calm down. The players are disappointed with the result but that's football. We made Europe talk about our team and the lads deserve congratulations.

    • Huub Stevens: (on PSV's 2-1 defeat in Atletico) There's no way I can be satisfied when you look at how we gave the goals away in the first half. The way we started the second half, showing the right attitude and playing a bit more football, makes you think you could turn things around ... but the ship was already sunk by the mistakes we made when conceding two goals. I'm disappointed and angry with the way we lost, as it wasn't necessary. The boys realise all too well themselves that they failed in the first half, and will be just as disappointed and angry as me that they made those mistakes. With a good result against Liverpool we still have a chance to qualify for the UEFA Cup. For PSV at the moment this is a tough group, and it would be a huge step if we could finish in third.

    • Javier Aguirre: (on Atlético's 2-1 win against PSV) It was important that we started well after several years out of Europe, and the team has now taken another big step with tonight's result. Atlético are now one of the best teams in Europe, and we deserve to be here every year. I'm very proud of my players. When we won at Schalke 04 in the third qualifying round, we said that we should go on to reach the first knockout round, and here we are. People can be proud of this team because they're battling in the Champions League and are doing it very well. Our group was very tough. Five matches ago nobody would have bet on us, but now we're through and I hope it won't end there.

    • Paulo Bento: (on Sporting's 5-2 defeat by Barca) We didn't start well and we didn't play well for the first 45 minutes against a skilled and technical team. We weren't aggressive as we were trying to cut out their passing approaching the box. We made the mistake of keeping the ball near our defence or defensive midfield. We experienced many problems in the first half and when you play with no aggression against a team like Barcelona. They scored twice in the opening 17 minutes and then controlled the game. It was a bad result for us considering what we did in the second half. We paid for our immaturity with the first two goals. We came back unto the game after it went to 3-2 but then there was the own goal. If we could have kept it at 3-2 for longer, we could have done more. The fourth goal and Rui's dismissal put an end to the game. Perhaps the fact that we had already qualified made things more difficult for us, when it should have been the opposite. It was Daniel's first game and he paid for his lack of experience but there are always positive things the defeats. He has a bright future.

    • Josep Guardiola: (on Barcelona's 5-2 win in Sporting) It's good news having secured first place, just as it was in the previous game when we qualified. We had a good first half and played quick football. The second half was strange but after we made it 4-2 we calmed down again. We were very lucky when Caneira scored the own goal. The pitch was tough and that made the game much slower. The players that don't play much did a wonderful job and I am very satisfied with them. Piqué was almost perfect. He performed well and I'm happy. He's a very young lad and we have to pay attention because sometimes he has an inclination to relax. When it got to 3-2 I didn't think that it was the easiest game I had ever experienced. I want to congratulate Sporting on their qualification.

    • Christian Gross: (on Basel's 5-0 defeat by Shakhtar) We tried to play compact football and until the 50th minute we succeeded, even though we conceded in the 32nd. After the second goal we had to go and try our luck in attack so we opened up and conceded three more. I have to admit that my players had great difficulties in combining in the Shakhtar half, not to mention that we lost the majority of tackles. But nevertheless, we are happy to have played in the group stage. The UEFA Champions League is the strongest competition in the world and participating in it has been very useful experience for our young players. We'll work hard on our mistakes and will now focus on the domestic scene.

    • Mircea Lucescu: (on Shakhtar's 5-0 win against Basel) As I said at yesterday's press conference, if my players were able stick to the plan we would win the game. I want to thank my team as they kept their concentration for the whole match except, perhaps, the last ten minutes. We kept up the tempo and quickly changed the direction of our attacks which puzzled the big and slightly slow Basel players. I'm very pleased with the way we handled their pressing game, and our finishing in front of goal. Usually I never compliment individuals but now I can't help but highlight the performance of Willian. He was very good, as was Jadson. The inexperienced Ischenko hardly committed an error, Kucher marked Derdiyok very well, while Seleznov must have played his best 45 minutes this season. In fact I have to list every player as they all looked great. Now our goal is to produce some good football against Barcelona on Matchday 6. This game is very important for me as I want to prove that our home defeat was not right.

    • Maurizio Trombetta: (on Cluj's 3-1 defeat by Roma) We played well. We made a good start and had a great opportunity to score at 0-0. The way we went 1-0 down could have had a psychological effect on my players but they continued to work hard. There was a collective mistake by our defence and goalkeeper Eduard Stancioiu for that goal, and it was not the only mistake he made. Even when it was 2-0 we had chances. It was important that the players reacted like that, especially as they've done it against a big team like Roma.

    • Luciano Spalletti: (on Roma's 3-1 win in Cluj) We controlled the match and that's one of the reasons why we won. My players fought bravely, passed very well, were fully committed and earned a deserved victory. I have to admit that when we went 2-0 up our intention was to close the game out and prevent Cluj from attacking as that's one of their main strengths. We didn't meet that first objective as they scored, but we managed another too to achieve our goal. It was important the way the players kept things tight, especially when our opponents had the ball. In recent weeks Brighi has offered more to the team and I've very happy with how he's playing. It was good for him that he scored two goals as that's raised his confidence and increased his chances of being a regular starter. If our forwards don't manage to score then the midfield players can do it, or even the defenders. It was also vital that we pressed quickly from the back. I go through things in detail in training but it's essential for the players to understand everything and apply the ideas on the pitch. Theoretically we have a chance to win the group. We won today and will do our best to get another three points at home next time out, when the crowd will be behind us. I try not to pick the same team or substitutes because my intention is to adapt our lineup according to who we play. I want to have a squad where as many players as possible are capable of making a difference.

    • Luiz Felipe Scolari: (on Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Bordeaux) I think the result, if you look at the 90 minutes, is normal. But we were better and I'm disappointed. My players made a mistake, they were not relaxed. Only that. We have not qualified, we need to win at home against Cluj. If not, it would be better for me to return to Brazil and have a holiday. We have lost twice. We have had two chances to qualify but haven't been able to. We have to talk about that. I thought we had the players to win, I never thought we would not be qualified by now. Finishing second would not be a problem, but it's out of our hands now. I don't want to speak about Drogba, or about Lampard who will miss the next game. I only want to speak about the game. Anelka is more confident than before and scores many goals for us. When I decided to change him, it was because I wanted to keep Anelka for Sunday because I only have him for Sunday. Maybe I will change my system in the future, to be able to play with both of them.

    • Laurent Blanc: (on Bordeaux's 1-1 draw with Chelsea) I'm satisfied with the result and the game. We played very well, individually and as a team. The players can be proud. I can't say this is our best game because it was Chelsea and you don't play teams like that each week. We have respect for them. We have played better matches but not against a team like Chelsea. We have to beat Roma to qualify for the next round and we believe we can do that because over 90 minutese anything is possible. Everybody thought there were only two teams in it, Roma and Chelsea, but there is a third, Bordeaux. I'm proud of that. I'm proud for the club as well. We can continue to hope and we're still alive. We are going to play in the UEFA Cup at least, but when you taste the Champions League, you want to have more.

    • Bernd Schuster: (on Real Madrid's 1-0 win in BATE) Many factors were against us tonight, but nevertheless Juve had helped us and we managed to win and secured ourselves a place in last 16. This is very positive moment as we can focus on the Liga now and not think too much about our final fixture against Zenit. We played very effectively against Recreativo de Huelva and again today, and kept our goal intact. We played well in pressing our opponents. The first half was especially good as we managed to defend far up the field. Besides that we were very good in moving the ball. I can see that we are playing better with every match. There were some scares about snow we saw during the day. It is possible to play in such temperatures. We started our warm-up a little earlier today and that paid off as we scored an early goal.

    • Viktor Goncharenko: (on BATE's 1-0 defeat by Real Madrid) I am a little bit disappointed with the result, though if anybody would have told me six months ago that I'd be disappointed after a 1-0 defeat by Madrid, I would probably never have trusted that man again. I want to thank my lads for today's performance and our supporters, who came to the stadium in this weather and gave us fantastic support. I did not see a major difference between the first and the second half. Madrid took one of their chances, we did not. In spite of the fact that the group is decided it is too early to come to any conclusions. Let's do it after the Juventus game.

    • Claudio Ranieri: (on Juventus 0-0 draw with Zenit) Both teams played to win. Zenit needed a victory to have a chance of qualifying for the last 16 while Juventus wanted to prove we are in good shape despite Saturday's set-back against Internazionale. We wanted to win and leave a good impression. That is why our captain took part in today's match. We probably made more mistakes than we should have made, but the pitch was quite slippery so in general I am satisfied with our organisation. Zenit have the quality to beat Real Madrid's defence. I have huge respect for Dick Advocaat and I like Dutch football. We studied Zenit's game and I could tell that they are a good team that play quick football. We fielded our first team here which proves we played to win, not just to play another match. If Zenit are just fifth in Russian league, it means that the competition has improved. It is difficult to find the reasons for our profligacy. We just did not convert what we created.

    • Dick Advocaat: (on Zenit's 0-0 draw with Juventus) These were two teams with different ways of thinking. Juventus had already qualified while Zenit had to win to stay in contention. So one team could afford a more cautious approach and the other took all the risks. Juventus had their chances at the start of both halves and after that we had some five or six chances ourselves. But after 90 minutes I can say that 0-0 is a fair score. We were creating enough chances so I did not want to make too many substitutions, but if you want to win you have to score. As for our overall display in the Champions League, so far I am only unhappy with not scoring enough while creating many chances. But it has nothing to do with the quality of our play. We deserve to have more points than we have now. But in football you do not always get what you deserve. Juventus are one of Italy's top teams with some of the best players in the country. Looking at the way we played against them, we can be proud of our team. After the match Del Piero told me we have a great team. I told him he is a great player. Which is true.

    • Yuri Semin: (on Dynamo Kyiv's 1-0 defeat in Arsenal) I think I can say this in just a few words: we don't have the experience. By the end we were showing our tiredness, and there were some small passages of play which we didn't make count. We more or less matched them and our players played well but the result is what counts. When you are defeated it is mainly the coach who is blamed. The most important thing is that Arsenal won, the result is the result and we cannot change that. They scored one more goal and won the game. The players were well prepared for this game, they did their tasks very well and they followed our strategy. I couldn't ask for any more.

    • Arsène Wenger: (on Arsenal's 1-0 win against Kyiv) We left it late. I felt it was a more steady than spectacular performance. It was important for the team to come back, but Kyiv defended very well. They got a 0-0 draw away to Fenerbahçe, a 1-0 win in Porto and you could see why. We were less spontaneous in our play tonight and it gave us a big problem. Nicklas scored a great goal. It was fantastic ball from Fàbregas and a great finish. Nicklas had been a bit disturbed recently, with a lack of confidence. This goal will give him confidence. Gallas showed great focus, you could see he wanted to do well. He was completely committed, and did well overall. They closed us down very well and it wasn't easy in midfield. I expected them to drop their tempo but they didn't. Ramsay worked very hard, Vela was good for an hour, always dangerous – then he dropped a bit physically. Wilshire, when he came on, did extremely well for such a young boy – he's extremely composed on the ball. Qualification is a first step, the team needs reassurance and this will give us that.

    • Jesualdo Ferriera: (on Porto's 2-1 win in Fenerbahce) We're in a difficult group so to get nine points from five games is a big success for us. When we get home we'll celebrate this victory. We feel we will qualify for the next stage as group winners. A lot of people have criticised my players and the team but what we've achieved is the perfect answer to them. I want to remind them that the team is still young and inexperienced in Champions League terms. I want to congratulate the players one by one as they all did their best in this, the fifth match of the group. They didn't lose their motivation or control of the game at any time. The atmosphere was very good in the stadium; the fans were right behind Fenerbahçe. My players could have been affected by it, but they weren't.

    • Luis Aragonés: (on Fenerbahçe's 2-1 defeat by Porto) In the first 35 minutes we played our best football of the season. We had a lot of chances but we couldn't take them, and Porto did. In football if you don't take your chances and the other team do then you will lose, which is what happened. We didn't deserve this result. It doesn't matter how well you play, at the end the result will tell its own story. We are now looking forward to going to Kiev to play for a place in the UEFA Cup.

    • Cesare Prandelli: (on Fiorentina's 2-1 defeat by Lyon) We were both unlucky and naïve when we conceded the first goal. After the second we could have lost our composure but we didn't. I think we can be proud of what we have achieved, we just lacked a bit of experience against teams who are used to playing at this level. I think we could only have done better in the home game against Steaua, otherwise we have always played good football. It was a good experience for us and I think this team has a great future ahead of them. I congratulated my players after the final whistle because they gave their all and our fans understood that. We have several young, talented players and I'm sure we'll be able to show our skills in this competition again in the future. We tried to close the space but they have players who are always dangerous even when you are defending well. I still think we played a great match and the result could have been different with a bit of luck.

    • Claude Puel: (on Lyon's 2-1 win in Fiorentina) We're pleased to qualify after a beautiful, lively game. Both sides had several chances and not because the defences were bad but because of their great attacking qualities. We defeated a very good team with a great performance. In my opinion it was our best game in this UEFA Champions League campaign, especially in attack. I fielded Keita on the right because I thought his pace would be very useful for us but Benzema and Govou played very well too. We still have to wait and see if we are on the same level as the other big European teams, but we are surely competitive. We started brilliantly, scoring two goals, and then we were good enough to resist Fiorentina's pressure. They played well and caused us several troubling moments, but our defence did well not to concede more than once, and we were always looking to score the third knowing that sooner or later Fiorentina might equalise. We played a fantastic game overall.

    • Dorinel Munteanu: (on Steaua's 3-0 defeat in Bayern) We had high hopes because we have a very good team, but we didn't reach our objectives this evening. I'm disappointed. We made mistakes and against a team with the quality of Bayern you can't do that. They are an excellent team and they took full advantage of our failings. We also had our chances, but weren't able to score. I tried to motivate the boys at the break, but then we conceded two goals at the start of the second half. I don't know what people can blame me for but I'm sure there will be criticism. I want positive results with this team, and we will work hard to achieve that, even though we haven't won in 13 matches.

    • Jürgen Klinsmann: (on Bayern's 3-0 win against Steaua) Obviously we're very happy about reaching the round of 16 with a game to spare. Our performance was fascinating. Steaua are very strong offensively, with extraordinary individuals, and during the final 20 minutes of the first half they showed their skills. They can definitely pose problems. We have performed excellently in recent weeks so we look ahead with confidence. We're as good as anybody in the UEFA Champions League. Your chances in the last 16 are always 50/50 and we are looking forward to those games with a lot of faith in our abilities.

    • Gordon Strachan: (on Celtic's 2-1 defeat in Aalborg) It was there for us, but our inability to keep a clean sheet was our downfall. Until we get that sorted, things like what happened tonight are possible. I have to say that I didn't feel AaB had posed too much of a threat at that stage. Everything was in place, but then our defending let us down, as it has done in the past away from home. We created some very good chances in the first half and in the second half for that matter. But, at Champions League level, if you don't take them you can be punished and that's what happened. It's always tough when, after the game, you're sitting in the dressing room and can hear the opposition singing and shouting next door, celebrating beating you. The players are feeling bad and so they should because they can't believe they've lost that game of football. It's the players who hurt most; they'll be feeling it far more than me. I actually felt it was one of our better displays away from home. In the first half, there was no threat from Aalborg and we had a couple of good chances on the counter. A lot of the things we planned to do worked well. But we have to take defeat on the chin, as it doesn't do us any good to talk about circumstances. We'll have to deal with it as a team. But, overall, I feel the performances away from home, apart from Manchester United, have been good. There will be a lot of teams around Europe who would love to have an away record like ours, but they can't reach the Champions League. We keep getting there to keep this run going, however, over last three years our inability to keep clean sheets has been our downfall.

    • Allan Kuhn: (on Aalborg's 2-1 win against Celtic) What can you say after a game like that? We have had some wonderful moments at this club in recent seasons and that is right up there, although I would say our title win last season still slightly overshadows it. But it's great that we can give the fans something back. It's a wonderful day for the town and everyone connected to the club. The first half was not great for us, then Celtic scored a wonderful goal. But I felt we responded fantastically. Before the game I spoke about the marginal differences and I felt we edged those tonight. We got a deflected goal for 1-1 then the own goal to win the match. Those are the things that change a match. When you have so many brave hearts out on the field, you always have a chance to win and we had them tonight. I always knew we could score goals, I never gave up hope and we did it. In recent times, we have had some very good results at home in European competition and I don't see why we can't, perhaps, repeat that in the UEFA Cup. We'll see what kind of draw we get. In the last two years, this club has gone in just one direction: up. Caca had a great influence on the game and his goal gave us a huge boost. I thought he could just be the one to make the difference and he proved it. He provides something different from the Danish players in the squad. It was a cold night for him, but he's a little warmer now. He has scored lots of goals for us this autumn and he's also working hard. I guess Manchester United will play their second team on Matchday 6 but that will still be a great experience for us all. We'll go there and give it our best shot.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (on ManUtd's 0-0 draw with Villareal) Two teams as offensive as us and we haven't scored in four games; I think we're hoping we don't meet them in Rome. In any case, I'm satisfied we're in the next phase of the competition and hopefully we can win the group. We had the better chances tonight and now we have a slight advantage over Villarreal as we play our last game at home and they're away to Celtic. Villarreal have good experience. Some of their players are 30-plus and that shows because they're tactically very good. At home they're a tough side to beat and they played a good match tonight so I think they'll do well in the Champions League. When you see the tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo you can see it was a straight red card as he hit him above the knee. He's got a scratch on the knee but nothing serious. It was a fair red and the referee was very fair. We have a great regard for their goalkeeper, Diego López. He made two marvellous saves from Cristiano Ronaldo and then Wayne Rooney's shot in the second half. That's why it ended 0-0.

    • Manuel Pellegrini: (on Villarreal's 0-0 draw with ManUtd) We achieved our objective and we're through to the next round of the Champions League. Unfortunately, we didn't win and I think that was because we lacked offensive players like Nihat Kahveci, Joseba Llorente and Guille Franco, who wasn't fit to play the full 90 minutes, and Cani. I didn't see what happened for Joan Capdevila's sending off but unfortunately we were left with one player less. Marcos Senna couldn't carry on but Bruno did well in his place. Robert Pirès was also in pain and he came off too but I don't think it was a physical match tonight. The group has been decided, Manchester United are going to be top, Aalborg third and we're second so we have nothing at stake for the last game.

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