UEFA Champions League

Season 3 Episode 15

Quarter-finals (1st leg season 2007/08)

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2008 on Sky Sports



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    • Rafael Benitez: (On Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Arsenal) I think it's crucial to score an away goal in Europe. Arsenal is a team that can also score away from home but at least we now have this option in our hands for the 2nd leg. It was an important goal for us and the understanding between Torres and Gerrard is really good. Gerrard created the chance and Kuyt was there and it was really important for us. I think the result is really good. It's the Champions League and we were away from home in Europe. The team was working really, really hard against a good team. We knew before they could have plenty of possession so the question was for us to be well organised and play on the counter attack. That was the plan and it was good. We were running a lot in the first half and in the second we thought they would have plenty of possession. We needed to change some players and we put on fresh legs in Benayoun, Lucas and Voronin. I think it's difficult when you play against a good team. The delivery was really good and Adebayor is really good in the air, so at the end you can't control everything. We knew they could also be dangerous from open play so we were trying to control all the small details but you can't control everything.

    • Zico: (On Fenerbahce's 2-1 win against Chelsea) At the break we told the players that we had to take risks, that without taking them we would end up with nothing. If we show the same attitude in England then I believe that we will get the result that sends us through to the semi-finals.

    • Avram Grant: (On Chelsea's 2-1 defeat by Fenerbahce) A game that should have been 3-0 or 4-0 for us turned to 2-1 against us. It was good until the first goal. We dominated the game, we created chances - we could have scored even at 1-1 - Michael Ballack was in front of the goal. But this is football: sometimes you don't pay attention, you slip, and we lost the game. It's difficult, because at one end they played very good football here today, we dominated the game, at the other end we lost the game. Even in the second half we started well. Losing 2-1 away from home, it's a good result, but because we played better football we are disappointed.

    • Michael Ballack: (On Chelsea's 2-1 defeat by Fenerbahce) We had a big chance to win here. We controlled the game, but we gave them a chance to come back. We are very disappointed, because we did not play badly in the first half. This should not have happened. Even after the equaliser we had two good chances - me, Didier (Drogba) - to score the second goal, but we did not concentrate enough, lacking a little bit of luck, so we have to go again next week. It was our fault. We were not concentrated enough. A long ball changed the game, then a fantastic shot from 25 metres.

    • Arsene Wenger: (On Arsenal's 1-1 draw with Liverpool) It's difficult to understand because we had a lot of possession and a lot of chances. It's very difficult to accept when you don't win the game. We were a bit unlucky as well; of course when they equalised I felt we were really unlucky, and we were unlucky with a big decision of the referee's on the penalty. In a game like that it's difficult to take, but we have to swallow it. Sometimes the referee is in a bad position, but he was five yards away from Kuyt, and in fairness it was a 100% penalty.

    • Sir Alex Ferguson: (On ManUtd's 2-0 win Roma) It's a very good team we played against of course. We had to defend really well at times. We had some lucky breaks in the second half - they could have scored a couple. I should have put Wayne Rooney through the middle quicker. I waited too long. We didn't lose a goal, which was really vital. It's a fantastic scoreline for us and I'm very, very pleased.

    • Gerald Asamoah: (On Schalke's 1-0 defeat by Barcelona) We showed far too much respect in the first half. We should have put pressure on them from the start. Unfortunately it didn't work out tonight with a goal for us. We were unlucky to lose, but still have hope for the return leg. If there wasn't hope, there would be no point in going there.

    • Mirko Slomka: (On Schalke's 1-0 defeat by Barcelona) When you play against Barcelona, you have to have respect. But I never thought that we would show that much respect. In the second half we had a number of quality chances, which we were unfortunately unable to take. We warned the players against situations like the one that led to their opening goal. Manuel Neuer sadly didn't hold the ball, but it was a whole series of errors which gifted them the goal.

    • Luciano Spalletti: (On Roma's 2-0 defeat by ManUtd) The result doesn't show the game we played. We played how we should have and we deserved more both at the begining of the game and in the second half. When they took the lead we should have raised our game. The result punishes us quite a lot and now qualification is very difficult however we have scored two goals away from home in different Champions League games so we will go there to play for qualification. We need to acknowledge what has happened and try and overturn the situation.

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