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  • CHhampions league 2012 final

    As the champions league final has ever been, this year it's gonna be a wonderful game, cause both teams will fight for any chance to get the title. As the host, Bayen Munich seems to have little bit more chance to win and also cause Bayen and Germany havnt win the CL since 2001, but Chelsea wont let this chance go to obtain its first title. Since 1992, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid dominated the game, but also Bayren Munich won once and reached the final twice, while chelsea did once.

  • Review.

    The ultimate European football competition (for Club teams) This competition is fantastic, you see many of the worlds best clubs and players player against each other to win the final trophy. Over the years we have seen some amazing games and goals my favourite that I can remember is Zidanes volly against AC Milan. The cup finals usually dissapoint unless Liverpool win thats never good haha. This season has been dissapointing to be honest but its getting better now that we are coming to the climax, and again the British clubs are doing well hopefully one will win it. 9 out 10
  • one of the best thing in this world

    if is something that is great it you love is is...UEFA champions league it is the best thing in the world it is a battel of the most powellfull football team of europe it injoy this because i love the football one of theis days my country wil be part of the mundial of football but that is other story...
    i love the final and all of that it is great and the way that they play is perfect .Alot of people that i knoe live for this the are fan including me je je i love this it is great.
  • If you don't count the World Cup, Champions League is the greatest

    Champions League is football's finest (soccer for americans, but I will refer to it as football)
    Year after year Europes best teams clash in amazing battles to become number one. I currently rank WC higher, but that is only because it is rarer. It is amazing to see how the competition really spell binds you, because you must watch it. I don't care if I got homework or a test coming up, if a Champions League match is on TV then I will watch it no matter what or no matter who plays. Every footballers dream is to lift that trophy and only the great ones do.
  • well this really doesnt need much of a summary but, ye europe's best teams compete for the title of the champions league winners (this team is usually seen as the best team in the world)

    this tournament is amazing, exciting, diverse, and above all COMPETETIVE.

    no tournament is this fierce and teams will go to any legnths to win matches.....if you want all action, complete excitement this is definately something you should watch. the team which wins this is also considered the best team in the world, and it is not an easy thing winning this. the most famous wins are probably liverpools comeback against ac milan 2 seasons ago when they were down 3-0 at half time and came back to make it 3-3 and take it to penalties, and then ofcourse WIN!! :D.....i myself support united but it was a hell of a match and all hail liverpool for that game. the other famous win was the 1999 treble for united, where we were down and during the last 5 mins of the match we came back and scored to win the match and the treble....alex fergusson was knighted for it aswell.....sir alex :P

    this season man utd are out for another treble, liverpool trying to get their 5th and chelsea to get their 1st ever.....this is going to be one hell of a season finale and i hope everyone is tuned in for it :)
  • The second best thing in our lives...

    When the French journalist of L'Equipe Gabriel Hanot first came up with the idea of making a football competition among the national league winners, I'm pretty sure he hadn't thought of how huge this competition would be in the future. Organized by Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), it was first established in 1955/56 as European Cup (many people still call it Champions Cup), changed its format numerous times and it was renamed to UEFA Champions League in 1992/93. Many glorious teams have won this trophy in the past such as Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool and Bayern, while some finals will never be forgotten for various reasons, like Heysel's tragedy in 1985, Manchester's comeback in injury time in 1999, Liverpool's comeback when 3-0 down at half-time in 2005 and plenty of others which can easily make a book out of it. In modern era, UEFA Champions League became an extremely highly profitable thing for the teams that reach the Group Stage of it, as the TV rights and gathering points make the most of it. but for me it still remains the second best thing in my life.
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