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UEFA European Championship

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UEFA European Championship

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Similar in style and scope to the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) European Championship is a football tournament involving the best national sides in Europe. UEFA is one of the biggest of six continental confederations of FIFA. Of all the confederations, it is by far the strongest in terms of wealth and influence over the global game.

The UEFA European Championship tournament is made up of 16 teams. Teams will be knocked out as each round progresses, until the new champions of Europe hold aloft their prize: the Henri Delaunay trophy. The 2008 tournament will be hosted by Austria and Switzerland.

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AIRED ON 7/1/2012

Season 4 : Episode 35

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  • The European Championship 2008 was a success!

    Ah, after watching over 30 games of great footballing in these Championships, all I can say is, what a fantastic tournament it was!

    In this tournament, 16 European national teams who qualified from the qualifying stage come here in Switzerland and Austria for the European Championship. They are seperated into groups of four, with four teams supporting a group, and only two outta those four will move into the knockout stages. The knockout stages are simple, win and elminate the other to move into the semifinals and then the final, a draw will result in extra time, and if it's stil tied, it will go to the dreaded penalty shoot-out.

    Overall, this tournament was fantastic. The goals, the games and the skills of each team we're fantastic in this European Championship. Congrats to Spain, who truly deserved the Championship!

    Best Team: Russia. Yes, everyone knows Spain won, but Russia surprised me a lot. They had great potential in Arshavin, Akinfeev, Pavlyuchenko and Kolodin, and they took every team by surprised by oving into the semifinal, only to lose by eventual winners, Spain, 3-0.

    Worse Team: France. Nobody knows how France we're so terrible in the European Championship. They absolutely terrible in any way, they played lazily in defense and let in 6 goals in 3 matches, which is averaging conceeding two goals per match.

    Best Player to Watch: This is a close tie between: Andrei Arshavin of Russia, Francesc Fabregas of Spain and Luka Modric of Croatia. Arshavin was the playmaker and goalscorer of the Russian team, and he played great football in Game 3 and the quarter-finals. Fabregas was just outstanding. He scored a goal and made awesome and sweet assists for Spain. Do any of you remember his lob pass to Guiza against Russia? I sure do. Modric was just plain interesting to watch, he has great midfield potential.

    Worse Player to Watch: A close tie between Nicolas Anelka of France and Luca Toni of Italy. Anelka was just terrible, his shots were way wide and he didn't do any contributions to the French team. Toni just missed the easiest chances in the tournament, which made him look like an idiot seeing he could have scored atleast six goals in the whole tournament.

    There you have it folks! The great European Championship of 2008 has ended with Spain being the winners. Gracias!moreless
  • Exciting international tournament.

    While my favorite international event is still the World Cup, and beyond that, the Olympics, it's always fun to watch this competition as well. Even the preliminary rounds are full of opportunities for surprises. It's not always a case of the favorites steamrolling the underdogs. Then there are the fans: watching the crowd is almost half the fun. Everybody brings something different to the table. Chants, face-painting, stupid hats-- it's all there. Never a boring moment. I am no use at making predictions. This is one of those events where I just like to enjoy the show. Let's hope this one offers just as much of a feast for the fans as the last.moreless

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