UFC: Fight Night

Saturday 8:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Aug 06, 2005 Special





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  • WOW

    This may sound stupid however, since when have you seen real fighting that the cops haven't broken up? The awesome fights that happen in this show are not the stupid drunkard that stumbles out and hits a another drunk. That isn't fun to watch either. This is some of the best fighters in the world fighting on TV with easy access to watch it. Why hasn't this been thought of before. Wrestling yeah great fun but not exactly what I am looking for this show doesn't have a soap oprea to weight it down it is pure and utter wrip roaring fun to watch. I can't wait to see the next show. So that is why the review summary is just "WOW"
  • UFC Fight night has evolved into a huge success due to the large popularity of The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    As more and more top flight fighters move to the UFC these shows have gotten better and better. Most of the "top" fighters get featured on monthly pay-per-view fights, so UFC fight night is left to feature up and coming fighters. But as the UFC roster has become so stacked the Fight Night cards have gotten better and better. Some of the cards have been so good that the UFC could have sold them as PPV events. And in many ways the Fight Night cards end up being better than the PPV events. Mostly due to the fact that everyone on the card is fighting desperately to make it to the top part of the roster. It is so fun and exciting to watch these young fighters "fight for their lives" on these shows with the hope of making a name for themselves.
  • mixed martial arts/free-style fighting in an octagon chain-linked ring, occasional celebrity sit ins

    This is the show that Arizona Senator John McCain was trying to shut down. I support the guy, but this is something that I didn't agree with. This show can have some fast matches! Fortunately they have tape replays and repeat episodes. Tapping Out/Submission Holds are what keeps this sport from getting too bloody and inhumane. The show has softened quite a bit since its inception, but still entertaining.