UFO Files

The History Channel (Mini-Series 2004)


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  • THIS IS HONESTLY A GREAT SHOW, I've watched every episode.

    I cannot wait for it to leave mini-series status and become a series. If that is affordable these days. I learned a lot from this show, especially about how gullible we as Americans can be, literally though we are most likely to far away to be in constant contact with an alien civilization. and humans are apes (apes unlike monkeys) apes go through bouts of emotion such as rage, love, happiness, and Frustration. we may be considered to hostile towards them, or they could consider themselves a danger to us. Most likely aliens are not carbon based, possibly the ones referred to as greys are silicon based, probably have either a much more complex/simplified gene structure, making it impossible to cross reference the genes or to inter mix the genes. for example our genes could cause dangerous mutations in their kind. in summary, I think the aliens with "grey skin" are just in some kind of suit to withstand our climate, even though I got off topic I still think this show is a great creation.