UFO Hunters

Season 2 Episode 4

First Contact

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on The History Channel

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  • All the evidence was there.

    So a flying spacecraft made out of unknown metal,(tested 2008) was seen flying over Texas at a time when the airplane had not been invented yet. It crashed into a windmill near a well which since then has contaminated water. The Texans bury the victim, the pilot, and all UFO Hunters can do is find the grave plot. They are not allowed to dig it up. They use a picture to pinpoint relatively where the grave is, but use machinery to zero in on the right space. The machinery detects abnormalities in the soil, so the team flagged every abnormality the machine picked up. When they were finished the flags made the shape of a grave plot. (long rectangle) It lined up with the other plots as well. But they could not dig.