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Triangular UFO's

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    The "new guy", I apologize, I can't recall his name, made a comment on the show about triangular UFO's that really bothers me. They were all (Bill, Pat and the new guy) talking about their theories on what these things are. After Bill gave his theory concerning triangular UFO's and how they've only been recently witnessed, the new guy (John?) chimed in, saying that around 20 years ago, there were similar sightings but that it turned out to be the stealth bomber. Nothing could be further from the truth! What my Mom, brother and I witnessed 20-some years ago was DEFINITELY NOT a stealth bomber. It was MOST DEFINITELY a triangular UFO. I know. We stood directly under it as it FLOATED just above the treetops, silently! It was so low and so SLOW that we were amazed at how it could defy gravity! At first, when we saw it approaching, we thought the lights may be planes in formation. Boy, were we ever wrong! This thing was IMMENSE! It made my parents' house, a rather large house to hold a rather large family, look like a monopoly house! And we weren't the only people to witness it. According to the 11pm news, this UFO was seen from Virginia THRU NY State. It was only a few days later that the Stealth Bomber was introduced to the world. So, NO! YOU (new guy) believed the government when they blew off these sightings by saying that we were actually witnessing a Stealth Bomber. I saw a stealth bomber at an air show. The sighting we had was DEFINITELY NOT of a Stealth Bomber! Perhaps they'd like to check into THOSE sightiings? Maybe people like me, who saw but never reported the sightings of this UFO would come forward and tell what THEY saw.

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