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  • Phonies

    "UFOLOGY" is nothing more than an update of the word "Mythology". There is NO proof what so ever that we are or ever have been visited by Aliens. This craze is due to the simple fact that 90% of the general public on this spec of dust haven't a clue what a solar system is let alone how big our rather ordinary Milky Way galaxy is or how big our Universe is. There is NO reason an Alien race would come here for resources because everything here CAN be found in abundance anywhere else in this Universe. To think Aliens came all this way to stack blocks for pyramids or doodle crop circles is absolute and unadulterated naivety. To think an Alien race would sneak up on us and forget to turn off all those flashing lights is absurd. I have no doubt life exists elsewhere but I also have no doubt it is NOT visiting us. It astounds me that people are foolish enough to believe in people like Bill Birnes or Georgio Tsoukalos. The term "UFO" is nothing more than an acronym describing an unidentified, flying object. It does NOT mean it is full of Aliens. I see UFO's every other day. That simply means I don't know what I am lookng at. Nothing more. Anyone who believes in the rampant speculation of people like Birnes and Tsoukalos lacks an education on the matter. When you see something you don't understand, it's purely and obviously anything from a kid flying an RC helicopter to a light aberration to an experimental aircraft. A race of Aliens intelligent enough to come here to take over the Earth would surely have the potential to kill us off before we knew what hit us. Those of you who believe in such folly only make fools of yourself. These shows are ONLY aired to gain viewer ratings and make more money PERIOD.
  • Astronauts and Pilots non credible witnesses???

    How is it that our Astronauts and pilots even police officers who see and report UFO's are debunked almost immediately, these people are the best of the if they report a ufo they lose their commercial pilots license or removed from the astronaut anyone else see something wrong here? Our Govt has taken eyewitnesses and made them look like idiots and then expect people to report sightings... I don't know about anyone else, but I am no so narrow minded as to think this little speck of a planet we live on is the only one that can sustain as WE know it, who's to say what can live where and in what conditions, just because we couldn't survive in certain places doesn't me another life form cannot. Personally I am tired of all the secrecy and lies, so please keep digging and get us informed.

  • ready for australian roswell episode

    Ive been finding as much info about the ufo incident in australia as i can ever since i watched the documentary about the 1966 case. Ive seen every ufo show that there is and think this is the most interesting story ive heard yet. Please do a show on it while most of the people involved are still alive. Thanx for your show, ive seen every one, and there all great.
  • Aliens,NO. Another life form,YES

    I would like to Challenge any UFO,Alien hunter that they are here and always been here on this been studing them for 3 years now. They are about 3 to 4 and the scary ones can fly and very looks like they all have some kind of body guard that I don't want to face or get it have Pictures and Video Recordings of know when your looking at then,cause they hide or blind in with the camera with a kind of setting will aloud you to see them if you know what to look CORNY or STUPIT try me,your choices. AND they areTranspair....
  • Camera operator

    I am truly sorry I must say this but being a camera person myself can the producers of this program PLEASE either get the camera operator some lessons on auto focus or pre-focus or replace the person with a camera operator. I would watch more if not all the episodes except I get a headache trying to follow the action. Thank you for your time and great investigations,I was just watching the show of the underwater research facility belonging to the Navy in Florida and had to come in and write this opine. Please keep up the good work and open all doors. Thank you, SteveB.
  • They need to spend more time in the field themselves.

    I had very high hopes for this show as well. I will have to say, that on many fronts it has met my expectations. This show takes what is already known by those who are serious about the phenomenon, and broadcasts it to the masses through the History Channel. I believe they have done a great job of bringing together some great video, as well as eyewitness evidence, and putting forth a solid story to the public. I feel they have done a great job raising interest in the subject, which is what we really need in order for Americans to make a tougher push to demand information. My main complaint about the program would be Bill. The man believes that anything and everything is extra-terrestrial. Their job is to gather evidence, and relay it as accurately as possible, rather than drawing radical conclusions. I've noticed the other two do a great job of this, but Bill is often a little too "out there" to take seriously. I say more than anything, they need more time and more resources. They need to get to these places where people are seeing things, and catch it on film themselves. Hopefully we see more of them in the coming seasons.
  • This show raises the curiousity in all our brains....do aliens and UFO's exist???

    I find it pretty amusing that they go over historical stories and peoples sightings and research them. Its truly interesting once you give it a chance. Some episodes were kinda so-so but for the most part, they were awesome. When I talk about the "So-So" part I was referring to the USO episodes...they were kinda whatever. Im a UFO fan myself and DO believe in them. So if your remotely interested in UFO's check it out. It can only raise curiousity (which is exciting)...whether it be totally military influenced UFO's out there or if there are truly aliens....

    Stay open minded to all things.
  • Shame on you Craig and Tom, SHAME ON YOU !!

    The producers of GH and GHI apparently thought this was a brilliant idea. I never had the patience to watch an entire episode (maybe tonight I will) but the entire idea behind this "reality show" is embarrassing. Now I'm not one to say UFO's don't exist or even Aliens for that matter but if this team had caught any viable proof news stations and bloggers would be on it like flies on a cow patty. Not that my belief matters or not but I do believe in space beings I just think this show is a whole lot of horse hockey.
  • The UFO's that DO exist are ahead of their time!

    I will more than likely be ridiculed for my words and thoughts but... I Totally Believe In Unidentified Flying Objects! So much evidence points to their existence and who is to say that we are the only people in this or other universes? Sometimes yes it is a collection of balloons or an airplane, but not all the time! O_o As for the show, they bring great evidence to light on the subject. and they focus on one story each time, which is good. And it is not just a guy narrated a past event adding pictures and Hollywood made footage.
  • Great Show! These people are working very hard to find the truth! Give them a chance...

    To much has been seen by to many people around the World, Astronauts, Airline Pilots, Police Officers, Priests, Military Pilots, and Common Everyday People!

    They have seen extraordinary things in the sky... not to say they are ALL ufo's, but what if only ONE is?

    Many skeptics say they do not exist, it's weather phenomenon, swamp gas, birds, reflections, weather balloons, military test flights, etc.

    What if only one is the real thing?

    All the skeptics in the world would run for cover!
    They would not be able to handle the fact that we are not alone! Many sightings have been documented by very credible people, photo's have been taken, some are fakes for sure, but what if only one is real?
  • UFO Hunters is anything but original, and is in fact both disappointing, and to a certain degree, misleading. In the opening scenes of each show, it attempts to convince the viewer that it will offer some powerful truths, but then leaves one empty-handed.

    While mildly interesting, UFO Hunters is anything but original, and is in fact both disappointing, and to a certain degree, misleading. In the opening scenes of each show, it attempts to convince the viewer that it will offer some powerful truths, but then for the most part, it leaves one empty-handed.

    The biggest detraction to the show is Bill Birnes himself, the publisher of UFO Magazine. Without fail, Mr. Birnes takes the evidence offered in each episode, and then attempts to purposely twist it, in order to make it say what he wants it to say. It is quite evident that he is a man with a mission, but he clearly overreaches each time, which only makes the show all the less convincing. Mr. Birnes comes across as being both plastic and forced.

    The most credible person on the show is Ted Acworth, who for the most part plays the skeptic and the Devil's Advocate. He carefully weighs and balances all "evidence" presented in each episode against scientific scrutiny, and then reaches sound conclusions, which are sometimes at odds with what Mr. Birnes is trying to convince us to believe.

    In between Mr. Birnes and Mr. Acworth is Pat Uskert. Pat reminds me a lot of Fox Mulder from the X-Files. He is an open-minded man who wants to believe, and quite often he does.

    Overall, rather than come across as a serious endeavor to uncover the truth regarding the alien and UFO phenomenon, UFO Hunters exposes itself as being nothing more than a cleverly-crafted piece of entertainment which offers no real answers. I will continue to watch it if it sees a second season, but without much expectation of learning anything new.
  • What originally was recommended by a friend of mine, I must admit I do have a healthy fascination about UFOs. Though, this show is misleading and quite fake. Every episodes starts with a WOW WE GOT IT kind of a feeling. But then, the crew just flops!

    Alright, where do I being?

    First of all, the main character "leader" the old man with the sunglasses and cap, is very annoying. To be more credible, it doesn't help having him covering his eyes in every episode. I don't care if he's got Turrets, if he wants us to believe him, he better start chucking those shades. Ok, as you can see the show is off to a bad start, because it is. The first few episodes were to say the least, uninteresting. Then it picked up with very interesting materials only to mess it up to the point where the viewer becomes agitated that they use so much time on trying to prove something in the most ridicules ways, sometimes.

    When one says he doesn't think it's a UFO, the leader more or less says, WELL YOU CAN'T DISPROVE that is it isn't. Hence in his brain, it is a UFO (saucer from another world).

    So a lot of talking takes place at the end, only to confuse the viewer because most of what they were just watching wasn't really explained. They talk about cracking a case etc, but the truth is, that they don't do anything BUT, introduce it by re-interviewing witnesses and that's it. Some cases are legitimate and much more interesting than these guys can ever reproduce on tv, but sadly, the show is going nowhere fast. You WISH, that they'd talk about ONE thing and analyze the living daylights out of it but they don't. It's a very cheap show and worst of all, it's very badly edited, and ACTED! Yes, I say acted because most of the people in the show seem to be so painfully rehearsed that you can see that they are just acting out a so called natural event (such as meeting a person and asking questions). The idea isn't bad, but the crew happens to be a major disappointment. The old man with shades and a WINTER FUR coat in a desert where others are walking around in a t-shirt, the young intern of sorts who doesn't do anything but sound stupid. The strange lab guy who does a taaaaaaad too much in re-creating situations in his lab, only to show a dumb and very simple point, easily explained by using the common English language. The only two people who seem to be actually doing something in the show is the Dr. and the researcher. Those two are the only ones who actually contribute. But even those two are silenced at the end by their boss the old man. This show follows a sad and overused formula of reality TV, which just doesn't work anymore. Rather than just being honest about what they are doing, they keep throwing sentences and clips at the viewers that are totally out of context, making them believe that there's more to this episode than originally believed. Concept wise it's a good idea, I like it, even the crew might have been saved if only they had talented producers, editors and directors. It's sad but this show could have been MUCH better if only they took a different approach to an already dead formula. If you want a successful reality show, do something different... or do it as a traditional documentary rather than a hyped up ADHD fueled CGI mess of a program. It's viewable for those who don't know much about UFOs, they do touch on some relevant topics but they cheapen it by not explaining more about it and what they mean.
  • a ripoff/spinoff of ghost hunters.....

    yay!!! im the first review writer for ufo hunters woohoo!!!.
    well anyways this show is basically the same thing as ghost hunters. people tell stories of what they believe to be ufo experiences and the ufo hunters go to investigate. well just to be honest i only saw like 10 mins of this show and i fell asleep while i was watchin it because it just seemed boring to me. I mean hunting ghost is one thing but ufo hunters? i can just watch stuff about that on like travel channel or something. well the only reason i havent give this show a bad score is because the show is new and i really havent seen what they're all about yet. the show got a 9.7 on tv.com when it first came out(even though it has a 8.4 now) and and i forgot what the first episode got but it was also a good score. well im gonna give this show a chance and see what the future episodes are like. if the future episodes arent good then ill come bak again and write a real review. same thing for if the show is good.
  • What a load of waste!

    These guys are jokes and their "scientific methods" are laughable. For instance, when the guy checks the so called implant for RF with a broad range frequency counter and claims it is emitting RF on two different frequencies. Well I have one of those counters and I can hold it against ANY person or object and get a frequency lock of some kind on various frequencies. It is picking up harmonic noise!!

    The only way to have carried out that test would have been for everyone to remove all electronics and enter a Faraday cage. This would eliminate the ambient noise. Only thing left would be the internal harmonics of the counter which should be known and printed in its specifications. Just the fact there was a camera nearby invalidates the test instantly!

    And then when they get worked up over the implant "jumping around", good lord are they special or something?

    I cannot believe they are getting paid for this garbage!
    I am a UFO fanboy, but this show hurts UFOlogy with its idiocy...
  • The truth is out there but you won't find it on this show.

    UFO Hunters on the History Channel is horrible and it is giving the History Channel a bad name. The team grasps at straws through the entire episode. They gather very little feasible evidence and then at the end of the episode take the fragments they found and try to pass it off as "very well could be true." Birnes in the course of an episode comes up with all kinds of fanciful explanations often times later contradicting what he has said earlier in the episode. Such as when a hole at a crash site all of a sudden is a "burial site," "a hole to bury evidence," and later on "a mine shaft." Make up your mind.

    Many of the citations and so called "experts" they have on the show are just authors of UFO books or works which is basically like using no evidence as your evidence. It doesn't seem like the team is really invested in finding the "truth" about whatever UFO or alien based topic they are studying but rather trying to find any shred of hope which may prove the existence of UFO's or alien life.

    The show is very skewed towards their belief that aliens and UFO's are present here on earth. In one episode rather than calling the "fragment" in a mans leg just that they immediately refer to it as an "implant." When it is removed and appears to be nothing more than an iron fragment rather than leaving it at this they try to skew the perspective so that it "could" still be alien. In most cases their lack of proof appears to be proof enough for the team. I'd much rather see them trying to debunk the myths rather than grasping desperately at straws to find whatever shred of proof that may linger. Perhaps I should check out UFO Hunters on SciFi which is actually trying to disprove the evidence. Call me a skeptic. I just wish this show tried a bit harder to be too. I gave it a score of 2.0 just because we enjoyed making fun of the show and how absurd it was.