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UFO Princess Valkyrie 2

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Valkyrie, the heroine of the series and the princess of Planet Vahalla, learned her father was planning a political arranged marriage for her without consent. She escapes from her home planet and crash lands on Kazuto Tokino's bath house on Earth. In order to save his life, she gives half her soul to Kazuto making him live, but reverting Valkyrie into a child-like 8-year-old body. Valkyrie is now stranded on Earth, unable to look after herself with the entire Solar System now looking for her. But in order to defeat these alien invaders she must kiss Kazuto to revert back to her normal body. The adventure begins.
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  • If a girl crashed her spaceship into your bathhouse, what would you do? If she mortally wounded you, would she apologize and give you half of her soul? And would the craziness that follows ensue?moreless

    I like "U.F.O. Ultramaiden Valkyrie" not just because it's animae;animae comes and goes, but this show has humor, pathos, romance, action and heavenly naked bodies(even though it's a "kid's show," I don't let my seven-year-old nephew watch it. I also watch it for the rich, deep pastel texture of the artwork, especially around dusk. I enjoy the usually upbeat facial expressions of Val, Sanada, and Kazuto, who must feel a lot of pressure in their situation. Mixed with the more serious expressions of themselves (sometimes) and others,it makes the momentary situations pop. I also like the modern "City" Kazuto and Rika live in, with a transit hub right inside the Airport/Spaceport, the "old city" where the kids wander about in the shops, and the intergalactic culture that makes their city look like I would want to live there. And finally, the characters themselves, a diverse collec-tion of oddballs from every corner of the galaxy, including the bath house customers, and the local women who Sanada turns into her "Army of Cat-Girl maids." And the little white alien guys who urge other customers to follow the rules.

    Well, I've only seen three episodes on "Free Anime Network on Demand," and disagree with my older Nephew (age 18) about my tastes in "bad aninae", because I've been watching it since before he was even born. But this Sci-Fi love story right here is just as watchable as "The Simpsons", "Chowder", or "Spongebob Squarepants." And, it's humor is more tactful than "Family Guy" or "Beavis and Butt-Head", even though a lot of what Valkyrie, in her child-state, says gets misinterpeted. All in all, even a Joe Six-pack who doesn't regularly watch stuff like this would enjoy it as I do-a guilty pleasure.moreless