UFO Robot Grendizer

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UFO Robot Grendizer

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Duke Fleed is the only survivor of the star civilization of Fleed. The Fleeds were a very scientifically advanced people who knew neither war nor subjugation. Then one day King Vega unleashed his merciless saucer squadrons against Fleed. Duke was the only one who survived. Vega imediately confiscated the fleed's comprehensive science logs and set about using the knowledge to create the ultimate battle robot. He called it Grandizer. Vega's plan was to use it to plunder the universe, but Duke was able to steal it. Then he comes to Earth and takes the name Daisuke Umon. Two years after the Vegans come to take over Earth and Duke has to protect the planet and his friends.
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  • One of the greatest animated shows.

    This is definately a personal favorite of mine.

    I have all the episodes on DVD (in French) and also have quiet some collectibles of this show, which here in Belgium is better now as Goldorak.

    I used to watch this as a kid on French television and was completely absorbed by it when it was on.

    OK, granted, the show is very repetetive, but who cares when you have all these cool things going on on the screen?!

    Together with Albator, Ulysse 31, Capitain Flam and Battle of the Planets my favorite amongst the Japanese animated series of the '70/'80s. Goldorak go!!!!moreless
  • The greatest anime to ever air on Arabic networks.

    One of my all time favorites! It was between the late 70's or the early 80's. A special cartoon show from Japan came out of nowhere and quickly won the hearts of Arab children everywhere, that show was Grendizer. From the mind of Mazinger Z and Devilman creator Go Nagai comes a story about Duke Freed, a prince from a now destroyed alien planet who lands on planet Earth and landed in Mount Fuji, Japan. Wounded, he was rescued by Dr. Umon of The Space Science Centre and took him in as his son under the name Daisuke Umon. He started to help out in a ranch near the Centre helping out Hikaru Makiba an ordinary girl who helps out in Shirakaba farm with her UFO obessed father Danbi Makiba and her little brother Goro. Duke Freed wanted to live a peaceful life, but when he realized that the Vegans, the same alien force that conquered his home planet have selected Earth as their next target, he is forced to use Grendizer, a robot built on planet Freed and which helped escape from his home planet to fight against the Vegan invasion. He isn't alone in his battle, joining him is Mazinger Z's Kouji Kabuto who unfortunatly doesn't use Mazinger in this show maybe because it was damaged or something, Hikaru joins in the fight and near the end he is joined by his long lost sister Maria Freed.

    If you're expecting this to be another campy Go Nagai super robot show, well prepare to be surprised, this 72 episode anime made in 1975 has a lot of great drama, wonderful character development and beautiful music score especially the ones used to give the perfect atmosphere for a tragic scene which occurs a lot in the show. One of the many why Grendizer became such an enourmous hit in Arabic speaking countries was because it was the first "Serious" cartoon Arabs have ever seen and something different to other cartoons that were shown at that time like Disney, Looney Toons, Popeye and Tom & Jerry.

    UFO Robot Grendizer could be seen as an Anti-War

    cartoons as it shows the horrors of wars (Not as shocking as Gundam shows or Ideon)as Duke Freed hates war, fighting, and destruction.

    Mazinger Z and Mazinkaiser fans would be dissapointed that Kouji isn't using Mazinger Z in his battle but he is still an important character, him and Daisuke started on the wrong foot but then became a reliable friend and has helped out Daisuke/Duke when he needed help. Hikaru started out as a usual damsell in distress type of role but with more character but then she becomes a member of the team and gets her own ship and is quite the fighter. Maria, Duke's lost sister appears in the later half of the show and joins the team and seemed to be a tough competition for Mazinger Z and Mazinkaiser's Aphrodite A pilot Sayaka of winning Kouji's heart.

    The other characters are great Umon and his crew at the centre serve as the men behind the gadgets as well as Umon plays something as a father figure to Daisuke. Hikaru's father Danbi serves as a great comic relief of the show, who started from UFO freak to a caring father who would do anything to save his family while still being the comic relief.

    The Vegan empire had a lot of great villans like Lord Vega who is your usual Galactic dictator, but not all of them are pure evil, some do it because of their loyality to their empire like General Zuril, while were forced to fight believing that Grendizer was an evil threat to their planet like in the episode when Vegan assigned a group of young Vegans mostly children who were trained to be fight and who were learnt to believe from Vega that Grendizer was an evil force bent on destroying the Galaxy. While did because they were either brainwashed or doing it to save their planets from an Vegan attack.

    Daisuke or Duke is a very special character. Duke Freed is the kindest, cleanest, and most humble character you are ever going to meet, particularly out of all of the super robot pilots. He never hurts anybody, he doesn't foolishly chase women, and he is never selfish. Duke Freed hates war, fighting, and destruction. He does not feel in any way proud of his machine and does not boast about his abilities like other characters such as Koji with Mazinger Z, or particularly Tetsuya with Great Mazinger. Duke also wanted to avenge what had happened to his planet and parents. What made the situation more complicated was the legendary Koji Kabuto who was not an ordinary person to deal with. Koji came to the Space Science Centre to research the UFO sightings that have been happening. Koji found Duke to be strange when he first saw him and they became friends and brothers after a bitter rivalry, and Koji found out Daisuke is Duke Freed.

    Duke Freed always watched Koji very closely. Duke learned that the former Mazinger Z pilot is an experienced fighter, but also one that takes a lot of risks. Duke knew that the Vegans are not an army to mess with, and he looked over and protected Koji as his younger brother.

    Duke Freed loves nature and is very kind to animals as one observes in the Grendizer series. He also gives special attention to children and tries to keep them happy as much as possible. Duke really enjoys working on Shirakaba farm for Danbi Makiba, and he will sit on quiet nights and play his planet Freed's theme on his guitar. Duke is generally a very quiet person with a plain look on his face.

    Duke Freed came to Earth to live a peaceful life, but when he realized that the Vegans' next target is Earth, he became very worried about the huge responsibility that was before him. He did not want this responsibility and his fear was that he might have to relive the nightmare on planet Freed. In the back of his mind, he knew that he had to fight the Vegans and protect the Earth and its greenery that he loves.

    This anime is a MUST SEE for Mecha, anime, cartoon and anti war fans. For more information go to this site UFO Robo Grendizer:


    This site is both English and Arabic.

  • A GREAT anime, way too good for it's time. While most were watching the Smurfs even Star Blazers couldn't touch this show!

    The Force Five version of Grandizer by Jim Terry Productions is the best show I can remember. I first saw it 24 years ago and have been trying deperately to find it again. Can't emohasize enough how much of a ride it was. There were morality plays, silly comic relief, solid characters, true and likable heroes and some of the best action this side of an 80's cop flick! Not to mention the extremely advanced animation. For the time when America was inundated with shows that were amusing for some I found literally sleep inducing because of the quality of Grandizer, Go Nagai simply produced genius!moreless

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