UFO Robot Grendizer

(ended 1977)


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  • Season 1
    • It's only a Goodbye
      Duke finally destroys King Vega but he and Maria must return to planet Fleed.
    • For the Love of the Earth
      King Vega prepares to attack Earth but Duke and company are ready to stop him with the help of Grendizer and Spazers.
    • A Princess in Love
      A Princess in Love
      Episode 72
      Princess Rubina, Duke Fleed's fiancé comes to Earth to tell Duke that his planet is no longer polluted but dies after being shoot by one of Vega's generals.
    • The Best Friend
      The Best Friend
      Episode 71
      Moros, Duke's best friend from Freed was made to believe that Duke Freed destroyed Freed by Vega and now comes to Earth to kill Duke.
    • The Imposter
      The Imposter
      Episode 70
      Maria has a nightmare about her father being hostage. She goes to the cave where she saw her father in her dream along with Koji where she learns the truth.
    • Like Father, Like Son
      The son of Zouril,Zuril Jr. wants to fight Grendizer but Zouril doesn't want him to. Zuril Jr. sacrifice himself for his father in the end.
    • The Great Pain
      The Great Pain
      Episode 68
      A young man from Freed named Kane is a loyal soldier of the Vegans. He comes to Earth to fight. Maria tries to face him and they both crash. Soon she will realize that Kane was her childhood friend from Freed.
    • The Dived Operation
      General Zuril launches an attack on the Space Science Centre with air balloon bombs. Koji gets caught by the Vegans and held as hostage.
    • Death Comes from the Sea
      Maria in the Marine Spazer gets stuck in a giant seaweed trap and Koji swims to the bottom of the sea to help her.
    • A Big One
      A Big One
      Episode 65
      The Vegans fire a big group of missiles towards Tokyo. The Grendizer Team launches to destroy the missiles before they hit the city.
    • Five Minutes to Die
      The Vegans invent a bomb and General Gandal threatens to blow up Tokyo is Grendizer does not surrender.
    • The Polar Bear
      The Polar Bear
      Episode 63
      Kirika, a Vegan scientist, is sent to freeze with her new weapon Duke Fleed.
    • The Swans
      The Swans
      Episode 62
      Swans are implanted with Vegatron missiles for the next Vegan plan. Duke Freed is forced to kill the swans and must head to the city and face saucer beast "Go Go".
    • Pegasus
      Episode 61
      Toko 1, Toko 2, Toko 3, and Toko 4 are Vegan agents taking appearances of other people trying to distroy Space Science Centre.
    • The Rats
      The Rats
      Episode 60
      The Vegans attract a huge number of rats to use for their next mission. These rats are implanted with Vegatron bombs for the purpose of blowing up different targets in Tokyo.
    • The Commando
      The Commando
      Episode 59
      A group of Vegan kids come to Earth and hold hostages the people inside the observatory.
    • The Double
      The Double
      Episode 58
      The Vegans make a false Grendizer that attacked Earth people so the real Grendizer will be hated.
    • The Monster child
      The Monster child
      Episode 57
      Koji and Maria are on their vacation in Tokyo, they get into a fight as usual and split up.
    • The Lynx of Outer-Space
      Dr. Umon launches a satellite into space to track Vegan movements on Earth.
    • The Loch Ness Monster
      Vegans gather some fuel from an industrial island. General Zuril instructs General Gandal on what to do but he doesn't listen and he gets into trouble because his unilateral action revealed that the Vegans have a base on Earth.
    • The Snake
      The Snake
      Episode 54
      The Vegan built a base underwater knowing that Grendizer cannot withstand depths great than 400 meters.
    • The Beast
      The Beast
      Episode 53
      Duke Freed will go after Hikaru who is hostige on foot not using Grendizer and help her escape from the giant beast while Koji takes Grendizer back for repairs.
    • The Monsters Generation
      General Zuril orders a powerful attack with his latest saucer beast "Domo Domo" to defeat Grendizer before General Dantos gets the chance.
    • The Black Sar
      The Black Sar
      Episode 51
      Vegans plan a dead moon that is loaded with the poisonous Vegatron pollutant to come to Earth and cause a catastrophe. Grendizer launches to distroy the moon but is intercepted by "Gari Gari".
    • The Black Star
      The Black Star
      Episode 51
      The Vegan plan is to make this moon enter the Earth's atmosphere and cause a catastrophe. The battle between Vegans and Grendizer takes longer than anticipated and it is too late for Grendizer to fire the missile.
    • The Four-Headed Eagle
      Maria the new member on the team, is able to control Grendizer and Marine Spazer. She also has the ability to foresee events so she is able to save Koji from Vegans.
    • The Last Survivor
      The Last Survivor
      Episode 49
      Maria tries to kill Duke, thinking the person who pilots Grendizer is evil but during the fight Duke necklace falls and the siblings discover who each other is.
    • World in Fusion
      World in Fusion
      Episode 48
      Duke Freed unites with Koji and the Drill Spazer to chase a Vegan saucer beast. The Vegans make an acid swamp to sink the Space Science Centre.
    • The Ignited Lake
      The Ignited Lake
      Episode 47
      Danbi induces a race between Daisuke and Koji. Koji takes it to seriously. The group goes camping near a lake. Vegans begin to descent in the lake and then the Space Science Centre suddenly gets attacked by missiles from the near-by lake where the Vegans stay hidden.
    • The Ballet of Sharks
      Vegan robot sharks land one night and are hidden in a public pool for their next plan. Koji finds himself a hostage of the Vegans who tell him about their plans to take all of the people as hostages.
    • Ants and Men
      Ants and Men
      Episode 45
      With his telescope, Goro spots a meteor that splits in two with each piece landing in a different mountain. These actually contain eggs of the Vegan ants. When Goro tells everyone about it he is not taken seriously. Soon Grendizer and Drill Spazer will unite to face the new danger.
    • When Dogs are Loosened
      A young man by the name of Hiyoshi is very interested in searching for ancient evidence to prove that spacemen came to Earth in the past. He goes to look at walls in a near-by cave for ancient scripts to prove his theory, but the villagers think he is crazy. Hundreds of years ago, the Vegans had sent some of their people to Earth. There still is a metal on the wall that they used for landing, and this metal cannot be detected by the radar.moreless
    • The Victory of Eagles
      A strange meteor heads slowly towards Earth and Koji will go unilaterally and see what it's all about. After nearly getting blinded by a ray that came out of the meteor, Koji's Double Spazer begins to exit the Earth's atmosphere.
    • Peril in Abode
      Peril in Abode
      Episode 42
      Dr. Umon's Space Science Centre is undergoing some major changes to keep up with Vega's attacks. A super computer is installed in the base, and turning it on will be the final step. The Vegans plan to get rid of the base and leave Grendizer without a place to hide.
    • Baptism of Fire
      Baptism of Fire
      Episode 41
      Hikaru loses her consciousness during training and Duke Freed gets injured and his old wound gets worse. The Vegans begin their attack and Daisuke goes to the battle even though he is injured.
    • The Awakening of Volcanoes
      A series of explosions start to occur under the sea and General Zuril wastes no time in discovering that this is raw Uranium. Saucer beast "Boi Boi" is launched to go and get this energy as this saucer beast naturally collects Uranium. At the same time Dr. Umon is alerted by these explosions which are close to an island with a Uranium capsule.moreless
    • The Patrol of Eagles
      Danbi tells Daisuke that his daughter is outstanding and capable of helping him and Koji. Daisuke disagrees insisting that war and sport are two different things. Finally Daisuke will allow Hikaru to be part of the team after her vital help.
    • Darkness Makers
      Darkness Makers
      Episode 38
      Hikaru becomes a pilot. Duke Freed faces another Vegan saucer beast loaded with Vegatron rays, and Koji nearly gets captured by the Minifo after gathering the energy but manages to escape very injured.
    • A Star is Dead
      A Star is Dead
      Episode 37
      The Vegan plan is to steal a huge capsule full of Super Uranium from Earth. Vegan forces are dispatched immediately to do just that.
    • The Invincible Cosmos
      Dr. Umon calls Daisuke and Koji to show them the way that Grendizer and Double Spazer can unite together and fly. The objective of this is to minimize the need for Grendizer to have to lock in and out of Spazer as these are Grendizer's weakest moments and he is helpless in them.moreless
    • The First Raid
      The First Raid
      Episode 35
      General Gandal assigns Commander Beetle with his saucer beast to attack the Space Science Centre from underground. Meanwhile, Koji Kabuto's new Double Spazer ship has just been completed and Koji is ready to be air-born again.
    • The Mercenary of Oppression
      Vega promised Commander Gos that if he kills Duke Freed then Vega would spare the Wolf Planet from Vegan brutality.
    • The Wings of Death
      The Wings of Death
      Episode 33
      The Vegans send a bird named "Zari Zari" to distroy Grendizer, but Duke remember a similar bird from his home planet Fleed and will use this knowledge to go and finish it off.
    • The Ghost Queen
      The Ghost Queen
      Episode 32
      The Vegans send a woman by the name of Marian who looks identical to Duke Freed's mother who passed away on planet Freed.
    • A Dreamer from Outer-Space
      The Boss, Koji, and Bunta go to the Boss Borot to begin their counterattack of the Vegan attack on them but will face some technical difficulties. Grendizer gets into some trouble while trying to help them but the Boss Borot will help Grendizer in the funniest way but will lose his Boss Spazer.moreless
    • The Lightning Rock
      The Lightning Rock
      Episode 30
      A strange rock full of radiation energy lands on Earth and Dr. Umon can't make much of this new phenomenon. At the same time, the Vegans discover this strong source of energy and put it to use in their next saucer beast.
    • The Fire Bird
      The Fire Bird
      Episode 29
      Vegans shrink the cells of the living body to make Harook become a young boy for a time so he can spy Space Science Centre. Harrok and Goro become friends but later the effects of the shrinking begin to wear off so Harook captures Goro.
    • The New Masters of Darkness
      General Zuril is a brilliant scientist who will try to find different ways of taking down Grendizer. Daisuke, Hikaru, and Goro are attacked by Vegans and Danbi puts on his gear and begins fighting them too.
    • Win or Perish
      Win or Perish
      Episode 27
      Grendizer's delicate weapon systems malfunction and he finds himself struggling against the enemy. The Vegans arrive and descend upon the Center. Hikaru and Daisuke must fix Grendizer and save the Center.
    • The Edges of the Abyss
      Dr. Umon sends Koji and Hayashi on a mission in outer space to build a satellite station. At the same time, the Space Science Centre is surrounded by a huge Minifo saucer squadron.
    • Fleed's Lovers
      Fleed's Lovers
      Episode 25
      Duke Freed's childhood friends Nayda, brainwashed by the Vegans, attempts to put a bomb on Grendizer but Duke stops her. Nayda accuses Duke of being a traitor. Koji attempts to pilot Grendizer but is almost killed.
    • The Enforcer
      The Enforcer
      Episode 24
      Commander Witer successfully sneaks into Earth as Dr. Space who is a well-known acquaintance of Dr. Umon and a reliable person so he can find Duke Fleed and kill him.
    • The Flood of the New Worlds
      The Vegans continue their attempts to discover Grendizer's secret hideout as they are sure that the Space Science Centre has something to do with it. Hikaru finds out who Daisuke really is.
    • The Slayers of the Sky
      The Vegans are planning to steal Dr. Chibana's new device so that they can use it to silence Duke Freed and his Grendizer.
    • The Submerged Continents
      The Vegans plan to melt ice in the North Pole. This will cause the sea level to rise with catastrophic results to the shores on Earth.
    • Earth in Danger
      Earth in Danger
      Episode 20
      Daisuke gets the suspicion that the Vegans may be planning to pull the moon down to Earth. Duke Freed launches Grendizer and follows Koji who already went to explore the area of Mount Kirofoki.
    • The Crushed Town
      The Crushed Town
      Episode 19
      A huge meteor is headed straight gives order to fire on the meteor and change its course to head for the planet Earth. The meteors are detected and Grendizer launches to intercept them before they hit land.
    • The New Time of the Caves
      Dr. Umon made a project so that Grendizer is able to launch without revealing his whereabouts to the enemy. Kabuto is control by the Vegans and fights Duke.
    • The Infernal Ride
      The Infernal Ride
      Episode 17
      The Vegans begin building a base for their operations on Earth. The saucer "Giba Giba" begins to attack but Grendizer comes to save the day by saving a town and a mountain.
    • The Fiancé of Death
      A Vegan pilot lands near the Space Science Centre and makes Mr. Hayashi's fiancé, Kaori, a spy for him. She takes Dr. Umon as a hostage.
    • Red Akerae
      Red Akerae
      Episode 15
      Commander Yara is forced to create a mecha that creates earthquakes and use it on the city Kanto.
    • The Day of the Rising Sun
      Boss, Nuké, and Mocha are in this episode. They are visiting their old friend Koji Kabuto. The Vegans keep their eye on a mysterious orange robot that is found skiing near-by. Commander Blacki orders the Minifo to follow it and investigate.
    • By Iron and by Fire
      A new Vegan mecha comes to destroy Earth. It sucks power from the sun and burns everything in its path. Grendizer is damaged by it and has to withdraw. As the mecha attacks again Grendizer has to go to battle weaponless.
    • Blood on Snow
      Blood on Snow
      Episode 12
      Daisuke and Kogi are sent to investigate an avalanche and to find survivors. They find a girl named Mirana who lost her memory. Back at Space Science Centre she begins to remember how a saucer destroyed her home.
    • The Day when the Sun will Stop
      The Vegans plan is to bring Grendizer to the shadow of the moon during the eclipse because Grendizer's systems will shut down temporarily under it and then destroy it.
    • Vega's Spy
      Vega's Spy
      Episode 10
      An inhabitant of the planet Rubi is contacted by Vega to explode the UFO carrier of Grendizer. The mission fails because of Duke Fleed and the Vegans try to kill the Rubinian. But Duke Fleed flies to his help.
    • The Black Moon Camp
      Koji is captured with his UFO by the Vegans. Grendizer attacks the camp of the black Moon to save him.
    • The Radars are Off
      Blaki sets a trap to Grendizer by hiding mines in a cloud of spatial dust. Koji falls in the trap. Fortunately Duke Fleed helps him and destroys the Golgoth 8.
    • The Feast of the Wolves
      Janus, from the fearsome Ruins' Division, attacks Grendizer that is powerless in front of the brutality and the agility of his enemy.
    • Attack on Perlepolis
      Hikaro leaves for Perlepolis with Bunta. Their bus is attacked by a monster of Vega. Koji distracts the monster the time that Duke Fleed arrives (Grendizer has trouble to start up in winter).
    • The Pitfall of Death
      Koji, Hikaro, Goro and Bunta are taken in hostage. Actarus interrupts his siesta to free them.
    • The Island of Fear
      Gandal wants to discover the hiding place of Grendizer. So he launches a massive attack. Koji tries to confront the enemies alone, but he only succeeds to crush himself on a deserted island. Finally Duke Fleed makes it there and saves the day.
    • The Tragic Fiesta
      Dampee Makeeba organizes a party at the ranch and invites Koji and Duke Fleed. The latter has no time to eat anything because Vega attacks. Will he have the time to make it to Grendizer before the earth is ravaged? All bets are open...
    • Prince of the Other World
      Koji discovers the identity of the Duke Fleed, but has no time to ask questions because Vega attacks. Duke Fleed and Koji unite their power and push back the enemy.
    • Brothers of the Universe
      Koji Kaboto tries his OVT that he made with pieces of mecano. When flying, he is attacked by the UFOs of Vega. Fortunately Duke Fleed arrives on time to save the day (but not too quickly nonetheless). Koji does not actually know that Duke Fleed is the prince of Fleed.
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