Ugly Americans

Wednesday 10:30 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Mar 17, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • Let's save this show!!!

    Sign here, maybe with this petition the show will be renewed..

  • At least put it on Blu-Ray

    If the audience wasn't there, then the show had to be cancelled. But throw us a bone and put the whole thing on Blu-Ray - maybe with a final episode to wrap everything up.
  • I need a season 3

    Ugly Americans is one of my favorites show and if there's not a season 3 comedy central will suck

    So when the hell is Ugly Americans coming back?! It is a way better show than either Brickleberry or Bob's Burgers (I know some will disagree on that one). Watched Brickleberry thinking I'll try to get into it and didnt think it was funny at all, can't believe that its on TV and UA isnt. So does anyone know anything about when a 4th season might be? I literally joined this site because I thought I might be able to find the answer!
  • Where did this show go?

    I found Ugly Americans to be miles smarter comedy than Brickleberry, Tosh.0, or Workaholics. I hope it will be coming back for a third season this year
  • I will boycott all Comedy central shows if Ugly Americans does not get a third season.

    Through out the bulk of the 2000's, comedy central has produced very few respectable shows. Enter 2010 and comedy central began airing several new funny as hell shows. Tosh.0, Futurerama Workaholics and Ugly Americans. Now comedy central is considering dropping Ugly Americans. Ugly Americans "IMHO" is one of the funniest and most intelligent shows on television. Of all the cartoons for adults out there I would place Ugly Americans at the top of any list. If comedy central airs a second season of Brickle Berry and cancels Ugly Americans then It will be clear to me that I am not their demographic. If Comedy central cancels Ugly Americans, then I fear that Comedy Central may be entering another un-funny dry spell like the one we all saw during the bulk of the mid to late 2000's
  • one of the funniest shows.....

    on tv, the writing is insane, the characters...insane, its funny, unpredictable, sharp, and unapologetic! the episode where all the ball slinging birds... where all they can say is "s*ck my..." holy crap... i nearly pissed myself!!

    im a big fan of comedies, especially when the writing is good... and the writing is very good!!
  • Need for season3

    It's a great show! one of the best. More funnier and lovable than the new south park... I'm so hungry for a new episode.
  • Underrated Awesomeness

    With all the sensationalist BS on TV these days, this show would/could be TV's little slice of humility, making fun of everyone and everything, doing it in a gross vulgar way. This slowly became one of my favorite shows on Comedy Central and I am desperately hoping they renew for a 3rd season, and a 4th and a 5th. I thought most of the characters were instant classics, this show pokes fun at the Politically Correct Era we live in and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • 10
    Best Show of Life! I can't wait for the next season. I make all my friends in the dorm watch this show whenever it's on TV. Even if I'm out drinking I'll come home for the half an hour just to see the episode. Well, when they were still new that is. We are all excited and hoping for a new season. Please! Make another one soon, and a much longer one this time. Every episode shows something new and I absolutely love the whole concept. You take a bit from other common shows and movies and put a whole new spin on them that's just hilarious (like the vampire episode came from twilight, but was barley alike). I even love the original ones like treegasm, I think that's my favorite one. I have to say the best relationship is between Mark Lilly and Callie Maggotbone but his roommate and the drunken wizard are equally hilarious. Keep up the good work.
  • Different and interesting.

    I watched this show right after south park and I got to say that Ugly Americans is a O.K. show. The premire was interesting but it could of been more funny, very interesting though. I see this show becoming better in the season and a lot of people watching it. It's time is pretty good but it just has to be more catchy. Watch the premire but don't judge the show on it because I think that there is going to be way better episodes on the way. I hope that this show does good and I have a lot of confidence in it.
  • Good old-fashioned lazy viewing for people with a sense of humor.

    Ugly Americans isn't the smartest show on TV. It's not the best thing ever written, and the production value certainly isn't something to boast about. But if you lift up the rug of juvenile humor and lame sex jokes you'll find a little something that most adult cartoons these days have lacked: soul. There's a little something in Ugly Americans that keeps you watching and amused, and to tell you what that is would be exceedingly difficult, because I'm not quite sure. It could be the characters, or the insane alternate universe they live in, or the stories that mix in just enough wackyness with social commentary to make it watchable to people other than drunk frat pledges. Either way, if you want to keep yourself mindlessly entertained with easy viewing- tune in.
  • It's 'the life and times of tim' with something spicy on the side. It's futurama extended. It's contemporary and who doesn't like doing tequila shots off a 8-breasted alien? This is what you can expect when you tune in.

    You really have to wait to review the entire season, but from the pilot, I can tell that good things are coming. In the first episode, the subject of illegal immigration (of aliens), a contemporary and heatedly debated issue, is discussed. The comedy itself is about average; however, the plot is accentuated by freakish (in a good way) aliens, like the teller whose face is a hand with eyes on its fingers (trust me it looks better than it sounds). If you thought avatar was too heavy, tune in to this witty parody of aliens and humans in NY city.