Ugly Americans

Wednesday 10:30 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Mar 17, 2010 Between Seasons





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    Best Show of Life! I can't wait for the next season. I make all my friends in the dorm watch this show whenever it's on TV. Even if I'm out drinking I'll come home for the half an hour just to see the episode. Well, when they were still new that is. We are all excited and hoping for a new season. Please! Make another one soon, and a much longer one this time. Every episode shows something new and I absolutely love the whole concept. You take a bit from other common shows and movies and put a whole new spin on them that's just hilarious (like the vampire episode came from twilight, but was barley alike). I even love the original ones like treegasm, I think that's my favorite one. I have to say the best relationship is between Mark Lilly and Callie Maggotbone but his roommate and the drunken wizard are equally hilarious. Keep up the good work.