Ugly Americans

Wednesday 10:30 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Mar 17, 2010 Between Seasons




  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • When Mark Goes to Hell and is in what looks like Times Square in NYC there are many stores and restaurants that we know with a Hellish Spin to their name except one, NBC! They include:

    Sin-a-Bon, Auntie Christs, Barnes and Evil, Hell Rock Cafe, Doomingdale's, Blood Bath & Beyond, and what looks like T.S.I.F. standing for Thank Satan Its Friday.

  • At the Dwayne Reede there is a homeless Man Fly sitting outside like with a cardboard sign which reads: Spiders Ate My Family

  • When Randall Calls Mark asking for help he tells Mark that he is at 24 East 14th st. When Mark shows up it's a Dwayne Reede. In NYC there is an actual Duane Reade at the exact address, however it is not on a corner as depicted in this episode.

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interspecies love affair, dumb friends, light science fiction, city living, back from the dead