Ugly Betty

Season 2 Episode 5

A League of Their Own

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Betty tries internet dating and she gets asked out; Marc attracts the attention of a photographer that Marc doesn't see as attractive; Wilhelmina tries to prove to the skeptical Daniel and Alexis that she can be part of the Meade family; Hilda is unaware that Justin has become a changed teen when he starts hanging with the wrong crowd and skips school.moreless

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  • Amanda: You and him? Marc: Why not? He's a 9, I'm an 8. Amanda: He's a 10, you're a 6. Marc: You're a b**** I'm a 7!

    Cliff is introduced in this episode and him and Marc are so unbelievably cute together. When Marc stands Cliff up it is so funny and you really feel for Cliff because he is such a sweet guy and would be so great for Marc. The model who is going out with is hilarious and the perfect example of a male model. Betty trying out internet dating is also really funny and when Amanda tries to 'help' it just gets funnier. In the end Marc learns his lesson about judging purely on looks and the beginning of his and Cliff's relationship is really great.moreless
  • Really interesting episode!

    One of the best episodes I have seen of the show as it shows character development I think. As Betty tries internet dating and sees about someone her own type. While Marc tries to see a photographer but that person isn't that attractive to him. Meanwhile, Justin has changed as he is skipping school and hanging out with the wrong kind of kids that get in hot water. Talk about being a teen. The woman that you love to hate Whilemenia, is trying to make a point to Alexis and poor Daniel, trying to recover from his car accident. That she can be part of the Mode magazine. Very funny as though I felt really bad for Justin turning out like this after a lot has happened to him.moreless
  • interesting episode

    This episode was another good installment in this season. Betty doing online dating was one of the most hilarious parts of the episode, I love how Amanda sent her messages from I love tacos, I love burritos, I love churros, ect. When Betty finally did get an invite and went on a date with a guy he ended up ditching her, I thought that was so sad, and then Henry showed up! Marc and the photographer was great, I loved their interactions. I really think they make a cute couple even though and maybe because they are so different. Christina was also hilarious this episode, when she brought the male models in 'to alter their underwear.' Also that was a big shocker when her husband found her online! I can't wait to see how that turns out. I think/ hope Hilda has finally seen how Justin is acting and is trying to bring things back to normal. Last but not least, Wilhelmina's attempts to screw up Daniel and Alexis were hilarious and I felt so bad for both Alexis and Daniel when their father was yelling at Daniel. All in all a great episode.moreless
  • Just Mode it!

    A dull week at the offices of Mode. Betty got the internet to fin a date. Marc falls for an underwear model and has to accept a date with a photographer. Wilhelmina is trying to get to know more of the kids of Meade, since she is going to mary their father. That won't be easy. Justin is hanging out with the wrong crowd. where's the old Justin? You know? the one that likes to sing broadway songs and dancing. I miss the old Justin. I hope he can get back to where he once belong next week. Next week, the November sweeps start. You know the drill.moreless
  • A recovery from last week's disaster; it was really great.

    Another great addition to the already great TV series, though I felt something lacking, I feel a very good road to a very good November Sweeps, which would already be next week!


    She decides to try internet dating with the help of Amanda and her Christina. Unfortunately, Christina takes a rather excellent picture of her that the guy who asked her out didn't completely know how she looked like, therefore he was very disappointed during the date, but no fear, Henry has come to save the day!

    Daniel, Alexis, Wilhelmina, Bradford and Claire:

    As Wilhelmina prepares to take down the magazine, Alexis seems to be getting back some of her old memories, and once she tells Daniel about them, goes into a wild outburst. Meanwhile, Claire receives and invitation to the wedding, and she completely spaces out. Ah, more drama to the family, I can't wait for the wedding day!


    Since she helped Betty with internet dating, she decided to try it for herself, but she meets someone who she never, ever considered.


    He finally decides to go out there and date, and gets lucky with an underwear model. Though some mediocre guy has interest in him and now he must choose between the two. Not much of a reaction to this plot yet, but it is going somewhere.

    Justin, Hilda and Ignacio:

    Times have been hard for the three and each one seeks comfort. Justin continues to cause trouble, Hilda makes new friends while Ignacio help the two of them get back together. I'm glad their closing up the Santos story, it is time.

    Episode Quote: Mark: You don't think I'm in his league? I'm a 9, he's a 10. Amanda: You're a 6, he's a 10. Mark: You're a b*tch I'm a 7.moreless

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    • Kenny: I don't even think that porn and malt liquor can heal that damage that you have inflicted.

    • Christina: I'm going to put your profile on
      Betty: Internet dating? Why don't you just chop me into pieces yourself and cut out the middle man.

    • Marc: I'm seeing Gus tonight.
      Amanda: I don't believe you.
      Marc: It's true.
      Amanda: I want proof. Ooh, send me a dirty cellphone picture. Oh, but not your parts again, that was gross.

    • (Wilhelmina has asked Marc to supervise a photo shoot)
      Marc: Is this part of your plan to make the magazine suck?
      Wilhelmina: What do you care, there will be male models in underwear.
      Marc: Not if I have my way.

    • Amanda: Betty....internet dating...must...mock!

    • Amanda: You and him?
      Marc: Why not? He's a 9, I'm an 8.
      Amanda: He's a 10, you're a 6.
      Marc: You're a bitch, I'm a 7!

    • (Christina is chatting online)
      FISHANDCHICKS: You're not single.
      Christina: And you're a creepy stalker.
      FISHANDCHICKS: No I'm not. I'm your husband.
      Christina: (aloud) Bloody hell.

    • Betty: Henry, please. Stop...stop being so nice. You're not making this any easier.
      Henry: Well, what am I supposed to do?
      Betty: I don't know. Kick a puppy, or knock over a midget.
      Henry: I think the more considerate term is "little person."

    • Henry: I'm sorry, I'm a terrible liar.
      Betty: (sarcastically) His bird got sick? And you're on a bowling team called the Debitz?
      Henry: No, the Debitz are real. It just wasn't league night.

    • Kenny: Brace yourself. Bad news vis a vis your old lady
      Henry: Oh my God! My mom, did she fall again?
      Kenny: Nah! I'm talking about Betty.
      Henry: Oh my God! Did Betty fall again?
      Kenny: Worse. You know I'm all hooked up like Perez when it comes to gossip… I hear everything out.
      Henry: That's because you pee in the ladies room.
      Kenny: They're cleaner. Men are pigs. But this is something I heard… with my own eyes.

    • (Henry pulls out a chair for Betty)
      Betty: What are you doing?
      Henry: Oh! Oh... this is for me! Sucks to be you!
      (Henry sits down. Awkward pause. Henry stands up again)
      Henry: No, seriously, do you want to sit here?

    • Daniel: (to Betty) You've met my family. My mother was arrested for murder, and she's the nice one.

    • Betty: It's not like I'm writing "Betty loves Henry" all over my notebook.
      Daniel: (pointing to her notebook) Um . . .
      Betty: Shut up.

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    • Featured Music:
      'You Can't Have Me' by Clearlake
      'Left In The Dark' by The Leonards
      'Fantasy' by Julian Smith
      'Hot Sahara (Lenny B remix)' by Jimmy Century
      'As Time Goes By' by Bryan Ferry

    • This episode was nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Broadcast Program or Commercial.

    • International Airdates:
      United Kingdom: October 31, 2007 on E4
      Ireland: November 1, 2007 on RTÉ Two
      Portugal: November 25, 2007 on SIC
      Norway: February 6, 2008 on TVNorge
      The Netherlands: May 6, 2008 on Net 5
      Denmark: April 29, 2008 on TV2
      Greece: August 7, 2008 on ANT1
      Latin America: December 4, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television


    • The title "A League of Their Own" refers to the 1992 movie with the same name which stars Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Madonna about 2 sisters joining a female professional baseball team.

    • Amanda: Lose the glasses.
      Betty: Amanda, I wear glasses. I'm not going to lie.
      Amanda: Whatever, but guys don't make passes at girls who are fat.

      This is a rather cruel alteration of a quote from Dorothy Parker: "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses."