Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 18

A Mother of a Problem

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on ABC

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  • That woman is so up herself!

    This wasn't one of the better episodes of the season, but it was still quite interesting. The idea of Betty meeting Matt's mom was a good one, in my opinion, but I absolutely hated that woman.

    The episode seemed a little too long for me, and in my opinion, it focused too much on the events with the mother, which could've been squeezed into just half an episode, or perhaps less.

    I also thought that the humour levels were down on the last few weeks, and I didn't laugh much during the episode.

    I don't recommend this episode, and it's not as interesting as any other ones this season, but still, it's worthwhile.
  • Ugly Betty still continues to provide high quality entertainment and this episode is no exception.

    Ugly Betty still continues to provide high quality entertainment and this episode is no exception. Betty meets Matt's mother, Victoria, who is every bit the unpleasant snob you expect her to be. Matt comes good though and Betty is more than capable of looking after herself. There were also some great comedic moments with Wilhelmina and Marc (one of my favourite characters!) when they try to raise money to help keep Mode going by selling off some of her possessions and economising on snacks (almonds and soda water instead of champagne and caviar). There was also a brilliant moment when Suzuki St. Pierre spilled the beans on this on fashion TV. Great stuff!
  • Season 3, Episode 18.

    Betty comes face to face with Matt's mother. - Amazing storyline. I liked it. I haven't seen must of Ugly Betty this season. I liked the whole mushroom cap thing, and Matt was awesome for taking the blame for it. Cute couple.

    Wilhelmina devises a way to make money fast whilst Daniel deals with Molly. -- I liked the Wilhelmina storyline. I liked when she was showing off that she had an afternoon champagne and caviar and then she got almonds and Seltzer. LOL!

    The Suarez family attempt to set Hilda and Archie up on a date. -- Hilda is hot! I loved her during the dinner!

    Good episode overall! :)