Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 7

After Hours

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on ABC
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Betty takes a hard earned break from her escalating family troubles when she's assigned to review a posh new hotel. Meanwhile, Daniel is dismayed when Sofia Reyes and her team take up residence in the Mode conference room, and Wilhelmina goes a little bit country to woo a mega rich Texan to advertise his stores in MODE.moreless

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  • Betty goes to a newly opened hotel to write a review.

    I like watching this show. I have so much fun watching it, but there are some things about Betty that I still don't get. I know she says she's still a Queens girl, but come on! She's working at Mode, a very important magazine in the fashion world, and she doesn't learn how to dress or behave when she's in that kind of environment!

    This episode, for instance. Betty goes to a newly opened hotel to write an article about it. But, of course, she writes it from her point of view. Daniel rejected her review, since that's not what the readers want to see. Betty got upset. She should know it!moreless
  • Fab

    After Hours, the 7th episode of the first season of Ugly Betty continues to keep the standards high of this new, innovative and original TV show. Daniel decides to give Betty some more responsibility, so he lets her write a review of a fancy hotel, a place where she totally doesn't fit in. Walter wanted to date on the night Betty was staying at the posh hotel, so she's suprised to see Walter turn up at the hotel looking for her. Walter leaves after fun at the hotels expense. Meanwhile, Sofia Reyes tightens her grip on Daniel Meade's heart, moving up onto his floor.moreless
  • A truly great episode to a series that is very original. This show is just one of those television shows that is just special and unique and that is what makes it so great.moreless

    In this episode of Ugly Betty, the main character Betty Suarez is sent on her first real assignment while working at Mode magazine. This assignment is the review of a hotel in the local Manhattan area. Excited about the opportunity she completly forgets about her weekend she was supposed to spend with her boyfriend Walter. This sends Betty's emotions through a frenzy in which she has to decide what she is going to do. Betty tries to answer the problem with the famous saying kill two birds with one stone and she tries to do both however it does not go over as well as she planned and Betty has to struggle with who she is and who she wants to be. Meanwhile Betty's boss Daniel has his own trouble with not being able to think about anything but the new magazine director for Meade Publications Sofia Reyes. As there relationship begins to expand and grow, Sofia drops a bomb on Daniel telling him that she has a boyfriend crushing Daniel. Also Hilda has some trouble of her own when asking Santos, Justin's father, for money to help pay for Ignacio's lawyer. This comes at a high price for Hilda though and means she must let Santos back into her and Justin's life. Finally Wilhelmina Slater is asked to reel in a big money advertiser for the magazine and culture's clash when the fashion world meets southern charm. However, the two bond when they talk about Niko, Wilhelmina's daughter. Niko and Wilhelmina have a not so understanding relationship and Ted acknowledges that at least she is trying and that he admires that. Thus Wilhelmina lands the deal as well as a new friend in southern Ted. Overall it was a great episode espicailly with the ending in which Sofia admires Betty and her review of the hotel even though it is not to Mode's standards and the two begin to show a bond, adding another great ending to a great show.moreless
  • Betty takes a break from her family problems and does a review on a fancy hotel.

    Exciting! I think that Betty needs a better boyfriend than the guy she is with because he is annoying and not very cool but he is funny. He keeps complaing about the food which is just funny! I just started watching this episode a couple of weeks ago and I still don't know everyones names which can be a little annoying but I do watch like a billion other shows. Lol. Just kidding. But I do watch alot of other t.v. shows. This show is getting good and I am excited to see what happened even though I know a little about what will happen.moreless
  • Once again our heroine manages to combine a modest upbringing and chic living with hilarious consequences.

    Betty, Daniel's over burdened menial assistant, savours her first opportunity to sink her teeth into that most hallowed of magazine reviews, a weekend in the chic hotel. Seeing this as a great opportunity to advance her stuttering career at Mode magazine she spurns a weekend in Atlantic City, once again exposing fissures in her awkward relationship, and heads off to review the hotel. Besides the usual Betty like embarrassing moments, she is determined to give the hotel the review she feels it warrants and what Mode expects. However Walter's appearance and behaviour, at first, make her feel he is not quite up to her newly found status but soon has her realising she is a Queen's girl at heart, and Walter is where her heart is. She in turn submits a review as her true self, which impresses Daniel but not enough for him to publish it, leaving an unlikely Sofia to pick up the shattered pieces of Betty's confidence and publish her work.moreless
Brett Cullen

Brett Cullen

Ted LeBeau

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Darryl Stephens

Darryl Stephens


Guest Star

Holly Bonelli

Holly Bonelli


Guest Star

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Sofia Reyes

Recurring Role

Kevin Alejandro

Kevin Alejandro


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Michael Urie

Michael Urie

Marc St. James

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Sofia and Betty are in the bathroom after Daniel rejects Betty's article, Sofia makes Betty say, "I am an attractive, intelligent, confident businesswoman" as this was a mantra evidently printed in Sofia's book. This was the same quote Betty says to herself before she goes to her first Mode staff meeting in the Pilot episode.

    • In the promos for this episode when Betty turn's on the tv in her hotel room they show Grey's Anatomy another ABC hit series playing on tv. And Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday's after Ugly Betty.

    • When Ignacio is making himself a sandwich, between scenes it shows him buttering the bread to putting a tomato on it, to buttering it again.

    • When Wilhelmina is in the closet looking for something to wear, a pink sweater on the rack alternates from the left to the right between takes.

    • Goof: At the hotel she's reviewing, Betty decides to wear her prom dress to dinner. But in a previous episode, Betty mentioned that on prom night she stayed home.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Sofia: Why do you think I'm a tease?
      Daniel: Why do you think I'm a sex-a-holic?

    • (Daniel notices Sofia touching another woman's boobs)
      Daniel: You know, I didn't get my invite to the slumber party. I miss the pillow fight?

    • Betty: (lying on the bed of the hotel) I'm in heaven!
      Wilhelmina: (at a wardrobe) I'm in Hell!

    • Marc: Apologies galore for Friday night - there's something about drinking out of body parts that makes me feel kind of puke-y. I assume you landed the account...
      Wilhelmina: Among other things.
      Marc: You must have had some weekend - a straight man bought you shoes! Nice ones! I peeked... and maybe tried them on...

    • Hilda: I have a big surprise for you - guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner?
      Justin: Martha Stewart? I won the contest?!

    • (after trying the complimentary appetizer)
      Betty: Hm. Would you say that that "ravished your inquisitive palate", or "induced an orgasmic explosion of scintillating flavours on your taste buds"?
      Walter: It's like eating shaving cream.

    • (showing Wilhelmina a short black twinset)
      Christina: Oh, now I like this - this is perfect for your weekly meetings at the coven.

    • (Wilhemina answers the phone)
      Wilhelmina: Alright, Marc will come and escort Mr. Lebeau in.
      Marc: Aw, I wanted to watch him mosey...

    • Amanda: So, I hear Daniel gave you a big writing assignment.
      Betty: Yes, it's really exciting. It's my first one.
      Amanda: Well, word of advice - you may want to take the Betty-wear down just a notch. The human pinata look may be all the rage in Queens, but in SoHo they'll arrest you for crimes against humanity. Have fun!

    • Betty: Walter planned a romantic weekend for us in Atlantic City and he's really looking forward to it.
      Christina: Oh, you can go to Atlantic City anytime - all you need to do is find the nearest retirement home and get on the first bus that pulls up.
      Betty: I don't want to disappoint him.
      Christina: Well, invite Walter to go to the hotel with you. That way you still get to spend the weekend together, but just not surrounded by seafood buffets and ten dollar hookers.

    • Daniel: Be careful with those mock-ups! You're getting them all wet! Those have to go back exactly as they were.
      Sofia: Of course, of course! Cause you might forget which half-naked, emaciated woman you want for your cover! And your lead story? Just great - ten ways to lose thighs and get guys - so empowering...
      Daniel: Oh really, what's your cover story? Ten ways to treat a guy like dirt so you end up a lonely, desperate cat-lady?
      Sofia: Well, the title's a little long, but thanks for the story pitch. Bye!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Although credited, Becki Newton does not appear in this episode.

    • This episode was nominated for the 2007 ALMA Award for Outstanding Writing - Television Series, Mini-Series or Television Movie.

    • International Airdates:
      Norway: February 14, 2007 on TVNorge
      The Netherlands: October 1, 2007 on Net 5
      Bulgaria: October 29, 2007 on Nova TV
      Latin America: December 19, 2007 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Belgium: April 3, 2008 on VijfTV
      Greece: July 9, 2008 on ANT1

    • Featured Music:
      'Sharp Dressed Man' by ZZ Top
      'Magic' by Pilot
      'Latin Lover' by Lemon
      'Of The Ganges' by Matt Hirt


    • Betty accidentally plays a porno in the hotel room. The name of the movie is 'Ocean's 11 Inches', which is an allusion to the play and movie Ocean's 11.