Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2009 on ABC

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  • OMg!!! I Absolutely Love This episode!! The twist beetween the pregnancy test result!!!OMG!!!

    OMg!!! I Absolutely Love This episode!! The twist beetween the pregnancy test result!!!OMG!!!

    !!!!!!!! its a shocking when Betty is pregnant!!! AND Its so excited when Matt Came and saw Betty holding the Pregnancy Test!!! Awww Matt is Just the sweatest!!! They're really make such awesome couple!! LOVE IT!!! And WOW mrs Meade son! I can't wait to see the story about two of em ^^ !!! Hopefully it turns out great!! More drama in the life! wohho! I Love the romance between Betty and matt too!! X)!!! hmm......... this is episode really want me to watch it agian and again!!! This show's getting better and better!!!
  • Excellent. Wilhelmina and Conner are amazing!!

    this episode was amazing. I really like Betty and Matt together because i think they are great together and he is really good for her. i just love Conner and Wilhelmina together. i think they make a great couple, he is very good for her and i hope to see for of them together and they bring a new breeze to the show. i think the show becomes better and better but i hope to see more of Wilhelmina and conner together because they are a great couple. i can't wait for January and the new episodes to see what they have instoured new for this show.
  • Fun, Festive, but a bit frustrating.

    Ugly Bettys comedy element was out in full force this episode, but that didn't make up for it unoriginality.

    I hate pregnancy storylines in any show, theres only so many routes the storyline can take and they've all been done, so as soon as it became obvious preganacies were going to be a key feature in this episode I was on a bit of a downer.

    What I'm going to refer to as 'the whole Jewish thing' was somewhat frustrating too. It was certainly the source of all the bad jokes and lines in the episode. I dont know why every American show gets Jew tourettes, but at some point they always spout out some awkward nonesense thats like a cheesy santised form of working mens club insult comedy.

    I can't say I'm buying Willies latest scheme with Connor. It is fabulously deceptive and so in the spirit of the show, but it feels somewhat lacking, I'll reserve judgement for now, but it betetr get more interesting!

    Hylda saved the episode. Despite disliking the pregnancy storyline it is good to see her current relationship end and for him to bow out fast leaving her with the new delicious bad boy! She was enjoyable to watch for sure.

    Claire Meades storyline was also a definate highlight. Shes my favorite chaecter and she can't do anything wrong! I think they are playing out her lost child storyline very well, and it was certaionly my favorite part of this episode.

    This was for me the weakest episode of the series so far and it has been dipping slowly for the last 2 or 3. The writers need to give us more scandal and intrigue, its all getting a bit to vanilla: theres to many fast and sugary resolutions, poor rivalry and no solid love to hate villian, these need to be regained fast if the show isn't to grind to a hault this season, which is very likely.
  • Quite good, and hilarious too!

    This was a delightful episode of Ugly Betty, and I feel it stepped up from last week's episode. This was ceratainly a very interesting one, and I loved the storyline!

    The scenes at the Drug Store were amazing, and that was absolutely hilarious! Well don! The scenes at the Suarez bathroom were also sensational, and just as incredible, and I was laughing a lot throughout this episode!

    Overall, I highly enjoyed it. Quite fgood storyline development, and downright hilarious! If it continues this way, I'm sure that it will end off with a bang! Doesn't deserve to be cnacelled, but I will enjoy it while it lasts, and I will highly recommend this show to anybody, as it is just so amazing!
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