Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 4

Betty Suarez Land

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2008 on ABC

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  • A good episode overall.

    I thought this episode was a small step back from the first three in this season. This episode was nowhere near as funny as those other three, and the drama in this one was kept at a premium.

    However, it was still a pivotal episode in more ways that one. The events between Hilda and Coach Diaz were very significant, as were the events with Daniel Junior and Alexis Meade.

    I also loved the connection between Betty and Gio in this episode, and I loved the banning order he put on her.

    I think this show still has a lot of potential, and I hope it moves forward from here.
  • A great episode.

    And so we bid farewell to transsexual Alexis Meade. Its a shame because Rebecca Rominj is fabulous and really fits into the world of Ugly Betty. Oh well, the good news is she is pregnant in real life. Gio is back - hooray! But he's being nasty to Betty! Boo-hiss! At least at the end the pair are able to part on friendly terms, after they both receive a wake up call in their lives. Daniel and little Daniel must also say goodbye to each other, which is a little sad too. Hilda and the coach also say goodbye to each other - this episode is just full of goodbyes!
  • Gio's back! That's probably the highlight of the episode!

    Gio's finally back! I hope he'll stay in this show for a longer time. He's great!
    This episode wasn't as good as the previous one but it was ok. Seems like we will not see Alexis for a long time. I read somewhere that the actresses who plays Alexis (I don't know her name) is pregnant. So, we'll probably see her somewhere at the end of the season. I'm gonna miss her.
    So, Wilhelmina owns 50 % of the Meade Company now. She's getting more dangerous. Daniel Jr. will not be around either. He is going back to France with his grandparents since Daniel isn't his real father. Can't wait for another episode! :)
  • It's an end of an era in the Meade family as they lose 2 of their own, whilst a Suarez sister has her heart broken (again) as the other struggles with the annoying return of a "friend".

    It's an end of an era...

    Alexis and DJ are out for good. It was sad to see them both leave, though it was expected. Alexis - I expected more apologies from her to be entirely honest but she kinda earned my respect back when she said she'd rather do 100 years in prison than betray Daniel again.

    Daniel is a big boy now and is proving that more and more in every episode. The part where he hugs Alexis just shows how different he is to Alexis and everyone else, and how similar he is to Betty: forgiving. He doesn't hold a grudge, he moves on and his heart is set at the right place.

    Not too happy about Gio's return and the way he acted. And he didn't even apologise to Betty for his behaviour. She broke his heart, fine. Be a man about it and deal with it! One of the reasons that Betty didn't go with him is so that this wouldn't happen. So that she wouldn't give him false hope and end up breaking his heart. But as always, Gio is annoying, selfish and childish. And Betty was trying so hard to meet him half-way through. If he couldn't deal with it, he should just say: "I am sorry, I need to keep some distance", not "I hate you!" and all that.

    Claire steps in to save the day again - especially since it seems that there was another alternative. A dangerous move though, I don't know if Claire realises the entire risk there.

    Hilda has also been very brave and mature. What she did is something that Betty would do, but it just shows I guess that Hilda can be the bigger person too in this story. So sorry for her broken heart though, Hilda deserves either some time alone now or some happiness in her life for a change.

    Willy has been pure evil as usual. And that nutcase the DA! I wonder if any of those secondary characters which get played by Willy, will ever step up to her and say no. It seems that every doctor, lawyer, whatever-authority figure is out there, is easily corrupted by her.

    Amanda does deserve some more time btw. And whatever happened to her daddy storyline?
  • The return of Gio, and Daniel and Hilda make some tough choices.

    I really enjoyed this episode. A lot of questions were answered, some controversial story lines were tied up and there was plenty of emotion involved. Both Daniel and Hilda had to make some tough personal choices and some painful sacrifices were made. The episode wasn't all tears though. GIO'S BACK! Well, for one episode at least, and it wasn't until I saw him and Betty together did I realize how much I missed them together. Their arguing reminded me of the chemistry that was evident when they first met, and how he was the one person who managed to give her the pure unadulterated truth. When he said that he hated her, it was obvious why and I couldn't blame him. When they were at her apartment arguing and the truth about why he wanted to ban her from his life came out I did find myself hating Betty. I understand why she went off on her own, but I still hated her. I'm hoping and praying to any deity that will listen to me without requiring a blood sacrifice that Gio will come back for good. Great episode, can't wait for more.
  • A handful of storylines come to an end.

    In this fourth episode of the third season, many storylines reach their end, although I won't spoil which ones. It is a very touching episode with a lot- a LOT- of your typical sad Ugly Betty scenes. I shouldn't even call them typical, because they're very special; I thought this episode was the best one so far this season.

    There are also a lot of hilarious moments, involving Alexis telling Wilhelmina to go [beep] herself, among many others. And yes, fangirls rejoice, for Gio returns! And he's better than ever!

    All in all, a lot of storylines play a major role in this episode, and there is sadness and comedy galore, and yet all the while it doesn't even seem rushed at all! Quite awesome if you ask me.