Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 3

Blue on Blue

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2009 on ABC

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  • Full steam ahead and it's going sooooo in the right direction!

    Some reviews back I made note of severals things I wanted Ugly Betty to do to bring it back to the core themes and features of the show that hooked an reeled us in though season 1. It's as if someone not only read my reviews but read my mind because Ugly Betty is oh so back in the zone!

    3 episodes into a season you cant expect much, and this episode by design wasn't an event. However Betty is well and truly reearning her underdog status after last weeks clever move to paralyse her from relying on her major ally, the Meade. (After insisting Daniel not get involed in her problems)

    Mark too is back to doing what he does best, and having redrawn the battlelines with Betty, for even more motivating reasons was totally the right thing to do. Relating to Mark also the backstabbing at Mode has finally come back to the fore in a huge a cunning way. It's so welcomed, and Im getting the vibe theres much more to come, bring it on!

    Amandas is surpring me this year theres something more to everything were not being told directly. She really looks troubled as if the lights are on but noones home. I'm liking that the show is making me want to crack that crust! There is a sense the something has gone off in her life you dont know about, or that she is far more depressed that what we can fully see. You know classic Amanda is still there, but I'm getting a positive feeling about what looks to be a new level of depth to her. I really enjoy how she is torn between Betty and Mark too. It's nice to know she has grown enough to acknoledge everything Betty has done for her despite how close she is to Mark. It would be the hieght of hilarity if this distressed looking & broken Amanda is due to her becoming a better person! I might be looking into this too much, but I get the vibe I'm supposed to be getting this vibe (eg the excessive thieving, which wasn't as comical as it noramally is - Has she gone Klepto? Are we to get a revelation later on of a an apartment overflowing with stolen goods?!)

    Two storys I thought might turn out to be cliche and dull were the aftermath of Betty and Matts relationship and him now working at mode - And - Daniels bereavment process. I'm glad to stay I am wrong, which is fortunate as it seems those themes won't be leaving just quite yet. My guess is the woman Daniel is getting to know is an undercover journalist! FYI, I LOVE that idea! Matts emotional revelation to Betty was fantastic, it really had resonance with me personally, and its a side to many of us we don't often hear being put as elegantly and honestly as that. Credit to the writers, its was written perfectly.

    This episode had some truly cringe worthy comedy in it too - By which I mean you 'can't look' because its so embarrising, but so funny at the same time. Honest to god I did have to blank a few bits out! Those scenes really captured the moment.

    To finish I now really am excited about this season. The show is ticking all the boxes once again and getting a few more points on top of that. Theres is more I think we need to see to get this show back to it's peak, (or to ensure its not a fluke) but the 3 episodes so far couldn't have done much more and I certainly didn't expect this much. You have to respect time being taken to show a logical progression They oviously cannot reset or forget aspects of charecter & story progression. With that in mind I think so far a lot of ground has been covered. I feel no sense of time being wasted things are being redirected and it's being smooth and fast. Theres really not much I can say wrong.
  • Good episode, but it didn't come across as one of my favorites.

    This was certainly an interesting episode. There was many interesting storylines that were explored, ad most were interesting, but some, not so much.

    I thought the Betty and Matt on 'dates' thing was hilarious, but it didn't seem original to me, and that took something away from it.; It certainly wasn't incredible or anything like that,.

    I also thought the Wilhelmina and Connor storyline was sensational, and I can't wait to see what eventuates and occurs there, in the coming weeks. I'm really looking forward to that!

    I also enjoyed Hilda as a waitress, which was quite funny!

    Overall, an episode that I wouldn't recommend as highly as some others, but still a very good one! Keep it up, Ugly Betty!