Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on ABC

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  • Spa scene

    Betty in the mud bath and then getting a painful massage. OUCH!
  • good

    Alexis' shocking announcement causes great commotion at both Mode and the Meade home. Betty tries to maintain the peace and order at Mode, however, she is about to face her own personal turmoil when Henry asks her out on a date and Walter tells her he's got a big surprise in store. Meanwhile, Whilhelmina plots her next move to conquer Mode and Justin gets sent home from school for fighting. This is a very good episode. At first, Alexis seems like the bad guy, but as you get to know her later in the season, shes a lot nicer, and is a great character, she delivers some great lines. Alexis: Okay, let's just cut to it. They soften the jaw, slim the nose, lower the hairline, shave the adam's apple, and then there are the implants: cheeks, breasts, ass. I'll spare the more graphic details, but just to put a rumor to rest, they don't save it in a jar.
  • Goodbye walter

    thank god that little pip squeek has finally left our screens, I sincerely hope he never returns. Henry very fickle though dumping her before they even got started, silly boy. Though am shouting hurrrah at Walter's departer. he was just lame and an unconvincing character in real life. Big score thanks to his disappearence, though i kinda wish they killed him off so he cant make any surprise comebacks
  • So good

    We see more of Claire Meade this episode which is due and every interaction she has with Betty is hilarious especially at the spa; Alexis and Daniel fight; Bradford is in jail following Alex-is' announcement; Wilhelmina becomes Editor-in-Chief...for under an hour; and Betty and Walter break-up - THANK GOD. I couldn't stand him any longer.

    This was a jam-packed episode full of secrets, scheming, scandals, confrontations and more scheming. What more can you ask for from a great show. Fey Sommer's killer is revealed - to be Mrs Meade. Shocking. We see a good old brother/brother fight that leads to a make-up which is witnessed by Wilhelmina via camera.

    This was very moving and funny!
  • Daddy Meade is in prison for murdering Fay. His new daughter/oldest son behaves like he's had no home training. And Betty 'splains what it is that families do. We see there's nothing like a mother!

    A continuation of the dysfunctional family theme is accented in this episode. Sons and fathers, sister to sister, surrogate daughter to Mom, Moms and sons, brother to brother: yeah, it's all in there.

    Daddy's still in jail courtesy of the evidence provided by his loving son/daughter Alex and that scheming Wilhemina. There's major power struggles going on at the publishing house, and Daniel and Alex go at it as only loving brothers can. Mama tries to intervene, by taking the boys to Coney Island, but ultimately decides that self-medicating is a better choice. Poor Willy is left on the sidelines, watching the view on her OrchidCam, waiting to see how the power play ends. That's just pitiful. After all that danged work and scheming! Hilda attempts to cover her breasts and butt to save her son's face, but then decides she is who she is. And Justin is just fine with that. Henry comes clean with Betty about his girlfriend. I really like that boy. With all the trash-talking that goes on about men, who'd a thunk we find ourselves a cute, honest one? Mama Meade makes a big confession.

    I watched this episode with my jaw dropped for a good part of it, trying to decipher how these people got this way. Especially the Family Meade. How exactly did Alex get so mean and bitter? I do not know. But Amazon Becky does an outstanding job of portraying her!

    Fun lines: Daddy Meade to Daniel when he's asked how he's getting along in prison—"…Just like the club, except all the caddies carry shivs."

    Or when Henry and Betty, endearing as always, arrange to make a date–just as friends—"Great! Another friend. (but he so doesn't want it that way; poor Henry)

    And Betty and Daniel sharing philosophy of family dynamics with one another:
    Daniel: Betty, she fired me. What am I supposed to do?
    Betty: You forgive her. That's what families do. They forgive each other.
    Daniel: Then our families are very different!

    Truer words were never spoken; but all families have their issues, darling.

    But the best exchange of the episode is shared between Betty and Clare Meade when she comes to visit Daniel at the office—
    Claire: Who are you?
    Betty: Betty Suarez, Daniel Meade's assistant. Who are you?
    Claire: Claire Meade, Daniel Meade's mother. I win.

    And today's lesson comes courtesy of Daniel: face your relationship issues head on, cause "It's a lot harder avoiding people than facing them!"

    This was truly fun to watch; I look forward to more!
  • Alexis' announcement causes commotion at Mode and Meade home. Betty tries to maintain the peace and order at Mode, and Henry asks her out on a date. Whilhelmina plots her next move to conquer Mode and Justin gets sent home from school for fighting.

    Alexis' shocking announcement causes great commotion at both Mode and the Meade home. Betty tries to maintain the peace and order at Mode, however, she is about to face her own personal turmoil when Henry asks her out on a date and Walter tells her he's got a big surprise in store. Meanwhile, Whilhelmina plots her next move to conquer Mode and Justin gets sent home from school for fighting. another great episode!great alexis-daniel scenes ..everything was perfect! i loved every songle minute of it...
  • Henry and Betty 2gether, 4ever!

    Great episode. We learn a lot more about Daniel's brother Alex and his plot to take over the company, as well as the relationships within the Meade family. Betty and Henry seem to be getting closer, since she is finally coming to grips with Walter not being 'the one' , but the return of Henry's GF at the end of the show puts a crimp in their impending romance plans. Justin's father steps back into the picture, after Justin gets into a fight at school, and it seems he might be in his life to stay this time. Hilda might be finding her way in the workforce, as a hairstylist-but of course with her , you can never tell what will happen.In the meantime, Mama Meade makes the shocking confession that she was the one who killed Faye Summers, and not Papa Meade. Of course, she only made this admission to Betty, whonow has to figure out what to do with the info. This was a great episode because there was a lot going on for most of the characters.
  • Mama Meade steals the show...

    So I was proud of Justin for standing up for his mom and for what his mom taught him (be proud of who you are). Betty and Walter was predictable, Betty and Henry almost as predictable. The bumper car scene was cute in a silly kind of way. But the show stealer goes to Claire Meade. She was so funny in the spa thing, commenting on Walter and then bothering Betty walking around Naked. And she still managed to have a motherly instinct. She gave Betty some great advice and cared enough that she really wants to have her family back and her kids talking. I loved the drinking at the end, good old drunk mama meade. I did think it was a bit predictable her murdering F. Summers though.
  • Very funny show and character development!

    The show is getting better and better and no wonder
    It is already a hit. Betty tries to maintain both
    Law & order at home and at work but finds her
    Situation complicated as not one but two guys ask her out
    On a date. Meanwhile Alexis drops a bombshell that has about everyone on their heels.
    Justin gets sent home from fighting at school. What more can you ask for and to top it all off, Willihemenia plots to take over from Daniel.
  • It's a Man baby!

    Last week's announcement by Alexis that he used be be called Alex, has the shaken up Mode Magazine. Whilhelmina wants to fire those that she don't like, and she start doing so. Meanwhile a press confrence by Alexis is tuned into a confrontation between the two brother. Betty in the meantime is stuck in the middle of the feud between them. I'm glad that Judith Light is back as the mother of the two. I know she's old, but she is more sexy than ever and it may be up to her to settle the dispute between the two brothers.
  • Funny: )

    Fun start with the name of this episode. Brothers??? I start to think about who can have brother. I cant remember the previously episodes, cause in one of them Daniel told to Betty that he got a brother, who died in an accident. But after wilhemina call this beautiful lady alex meade I can understand something. He, sorry she is really beautiful and I think, with she this show can be more excited and fashionfull: )
  • I love this episode! it was hilarious and funny at the same time as being dramatic-ish.

    I love this episode! It was hilarious and funny at the same time as being dramatic-ish ish. The Meade family drama made it ten times more exciting... "Alexis" Meade is hilarious even though shes kind of vicious... The press conference was hilarious... "I cant hit a woman" "That's okay just hit yourself! (grabs Daniel's hand) stop hitting yourself.. stop hitting yourself... why are you hitting yourself!"

    that was priceless...

    I loved it soo much... and the Betty drama with Henry vs. Walter made it a lot better too! I personally like Henry i dont know why and im glad Betty broke up with Walter... she can do WAY better than him...

    With Hilda and Justin's drama it was hilarious about the reason Justin got into a fihgt... becuase of Hilda... so cute...

    I like Whilemina even though she is vicious like "Alexis" she is funny...

    but my all time favorite characters are:

    Drumroll please!

    Marc and Amanda....

    they are sooo funnY! i love themm and i'm excited to see where their story goes...

    I cant wait until the next episode! The drama... The comedy... the transexual! This show is the best!
  • The brothers battle, Willhemina schemes and the Betty love life gets more complicated.

    At first I thought having Rebecca Romijin as Alexis was a bit too "stunt." But she really does work here, especially as they're already elevating her from a sterotype villian. The argument at the park was great with her revelation that Bradford spent time with Alex not because he liked him so much but he wanted to "cure" him. It was an obvious eye-opener for Daniel, changing a lot of what he thought he knew of his father and brother's relationship and the comment that he's just like Bradford obviously effected him. Their truce is a nice twist to things and should be interesting to develop.

    The part of Hilda and Justin was good too with Justin pepping up his mother to just be herself. I also liked how Santos still is in denial over Justin's possible gayness, an interesting contrast with Bradford. Sigh. So they finally do the Betty dumping Walter bit and then throw in Henry's old flame? Hoped it'd rise better than this but next week does seem to put it in a new direction.

    But at least this show had the comedy as Judith Light is great as Daniels' mom, especially in the spa with Betty. The press conference with Alexis and Daniel was silly but I liked the running gag of Daniel still believing they went to "clothes museums" and Alexis disbelieving over how dumb his/her brother can be. The revelation over Fay is pretty cool which means the show is back on its groove which promises good times yet to come.
  • in this episode Alex " Alexsis " makes her first move to try and take over mode but is Delayed, and Betty and Mrs Meade try to bring Alexsis together.

    Over all this episode did a great job following up the last one. Alexsis finaly arrives at Mode to take over the company she tries , but Daniel finds a couple lupholes in the mode rulebook to delay her " takeing over " Mode. Betty must then bond with Mrs Meade and the two conspier to bring Alexsis and Daniel together by makeing Mrs Meade Disapear. Betty also has to deal with her relationship with walter. Justin is Brought home from school for fighting. Over all this was a great episode witch shows the brothers relationship so my winner for this episode is gotta be Justin cause he defended his mom the loser has got to be Wilhamena because im mean she really should have seen Alexsis'es double cross comeing , she has to play the game come on Wilhamena. and in the final minutes of the episode Mrs meade reveals that she murdered Fay Summers , but we should have seen that coming.
  • Dynamic, Animosity, Affection

    Ugly Betty, I am so amazed by this show each time I watch it, the family dynamics are phenomenal. The dynamics between Betty's family members were mesmerizing, however, we now have the dysfunction of Daniel's family coming into play. It's so great to see the animosity, as well as the clear portrayal of ingrained affection. The writers do an excellent job in balancing both the dramatic and the humorous. Wilhemena is apparently going to have to do some serious back-pedaling in order to maintain face in the company. Although I suspect that getting the issue out amongst all this family animosity will help her cause quite a bit. In any case, this eppy was very well written and well acted by all the characters. Job well done!!!
  • Another great episode!!

    Again I am simply amazed by this show. All sorts of things going on here. Justin looks like he gets beat up, and his dad thinks its because he is into "girl" stuff, not boy stuff. Turns out Justin was the one beating up another kid, when that kid talked poorly about Hilda. Daniels mother helps Betty realize that she isn't happy with Walter and needs to break up with him, which she does. Betty assumes that she is in the clear now to go on a date with Henry, but Henry's ex is back in town and he decides to get back together with her to see if they can work things out. POOR BETTY. I'd love to see her and Henry together. Alexis tries to take control of Mode, but Daniel uses his lawyers to stop her in her tracks. Wilhelmina is obviously disappointed by this seeing as she was supposed to be Editor and Chief of Mode. Finally Betty and Daniel's mother team up to get Alexis and Daniel to talk again. In the end they agree to work together, and Wilhelmina feels betrayed. The big shocker in this episode is at the end ( I suggest you stop reading if you do not want to ruin the surprise).... Daniel's mother reveals to Betty that she was the one who had Faye killed, not Mr. Meade. WHAT... thats some crazy stuff. I'm guessing Mr. Meade knows what his wife did, and has probably been trying to protect her this whole time. The only low point in the show is the ridiculous way Alexis and Daniel finally start talking. In freakin bumper cars.. Was it really necessary for them to be driving around bumping into each other while arguing?? I think not... but besides all that this was an awesome episode.
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